The Endless Possibilities of VR

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My time at EA told me one certain thing, Players have an insatiable appetite for high quality, desirable content. Back in the day of course, this content was largely a solitary experience and of course high quality now also means content needs to have a social element too.

Players congregate in different places, whether that’s an eSports arena, community forum or multiplayer hangout. It is clear these places provide a valuable point for people to come together to share their love of games as well as play and compete.

VR was embryonic during my EA career and Mixed Reality was a term that was only just being talked about. VR has taken a long time to come to fruition and still has a little way to go. Hardware will become more accessible physically as headsets get smaller and wireless while more brands become involved. Retail prices are reducing which of course will, over a short time, make this much more of a mass market entertainment proposition than the core offering that it is today. This journey most certainly has begun and momentum is building, with VR Industry forecasts averaging to be $11bn by 2021.

From a content perspective the Indie VR games development community is vibrant and the larger content houses are now getting involved. Film and TV companies have been looking at this for a while with some Industry notables taking some major leaps.

At Terra Virtua we are building a VR blockchain backed platform that will allow a player to access all games content for a monthly Netflix style subscription. We anticipate the launch to be early 2019. I think we have that timing about right given the anticipated growth of the VR market, the amount of games content coming available plus the non-games content we can bring to the platform.

Imagine an entertainment hub for players to explore, create and engage with all types of VR games and then eSports, Cinematic, Brand experiences, Mixed Reality when it comes and other forms of entertainment we haven’t thought of yet?

Keith Ramsdale, Chief Commercial Officer

Terra Virtua

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