Virtua News (July)

Virtua News July
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Introduction from our CEO, Jawad Ashraf

Hello again, and welcome to the Virtua monthly news blog! At this decisive moment in time, we are transitioning aspects of our lives into the metaverse, collectively taking the most significant step towards living in digital worlds. 

One aspect of this transition of particular interest to us at Virtua is the value associated with digital items, the “possessions” we will own and take into the metaverse, which will contribute to our evolving digital identities. That’s why we embarked on the Digital Ownership Report, to survey sentiment around digital items in the UK and the US in 2022, and to map out how those feelings will change in the future. 

The research has created some really exciting results, including:

  • 73% of those surveyed agree that they would prefer to own digital items than stream them. 
  • Over half of US consumers surveyed buy, sell, or trade digital items, with 62% of Gen Z consumers surveyed buying, selling, or trading digital items.
  • 71% of those surveyed agree that their digital items are part of who they are, and 75% of consumers surveyed said they agree that they are emotionally attached to their digital items.

We hope the results provide a unique insight into the value of digital items today, and a glimpse into the digital worlds of the future. We’re already working on Part Two of the report, which focuses specifically on digital ownership in the metaverse. You can read more about the report through the button below, and also check out this article by TechCrunch, which presents our findings from an interesting perspective.

Virtua CEO Founder Jawad Ashraf NFT Metaverse Blockchain Crypto Web3
Cardano Island Virtua Metaverse NFTs

Virtua News: The Cardano Island Land Sale Started This Month!

We’ve officially started selling land plots and condos on Cardano Island – the Cardano community’s true home in the metaverse! Large land plots and condos have already sold out, while our medium and small plots are selling fast.

To say a huge thank you to our amazing community for supporting Cardano Island, we’ve also been running some epic promotions featuring FREE NFTs that you’ve never seen before! Join our Discord for the latest updates using the button below, and we’ll see you in the metaverse!

Virtua News: We’ve Joined the Yorkshire County Cricket Club as Official Metaverse Partners

Our exclusive partnership will enable YCCC to enter the metaverse, and provide unique NFT collections to its fans.

Virtua Yorkshire County Cricket Club Official Metaverse Partners
Image © Meta

Industry News: Facebook Has Begun Testing NFTs in the US

Facebook is continuing to make progress with its NFT integration project, rolling out digital collectible functions to selected content creators. Augmented reality (AR) functionality and Instagram cross-posting are still to come, but Facebook is clearly committed to supporting NFTs and their creators. As Facebook has become increasingly popular with older generations, millions of pre-Millennial users could experience their first direct exposure to NFTs and Web3 through a traditional Web2 social media platform.

Virtua News: Legendary Horror Artist Nick Percival Summoned the ‘Forces of Nature’

After browsing through ‘Forces of Nature’, you might want to hide in your house, lock the door forever, and cancel that trip to the countryside! But if you love horror art, you won’t want to miss out on this exclusive collection of 1/1 NFTs – including a particularly unsettling black-and-white piece…

Nick Percival Forces of Nature NFT Art Collection Virtua Featured Image
Snapchat NFTs
Image ©

Industry News: NFTs Will Soon Become Snapchat Filters!

As a platform famous for its endlessly entertaining AR filters, Snapchat will be a natural fit for NFT fans who want to express themselves in fun and creative ways. It looks like our social timelines will soon be filled with NFT-related content, turning digital collectible experiences into a truly mainstream form of entertainment. Imagine all the things you’ll be able to do with the huge range of NFTs you can find in the Virtua NFT Marketplace

Virtua News: John Hanley’s New NFT Art Collection Explored and Questioned Morality

The world has historically been divided into two camps on the morality debate. Fundamentally speaking, are humans good or bad? Through this pair of exceptional animated NFT artworks, the legendary fine artist John Hanley seeks the truth…

John Hanley Wings NFT Art Collection Virtua
Rafael Pharra Maireles NFT Art Collection Features of My Mind

Virtua News: Rafael “Pharra” Maireles Brought the Power of Street Art Into the Metaverse

Created by the amazing Spanish street artist Rafael “Pharra” Maireles, ‘Features of My Mind’ is a unique, powerful, thought-provoking, real, and honest NFT art collection that beautifully depicts the world we live in today.

Industry News: Mojo Vision Has Developed an AR Contact Lens

In order to enter the metaverse in a fully immersive way, we’ll need some kind of wearable tech. We’re already very familiar with VR helmets and augmented reality smartphone apps, but Mojo Vision have gone even further, and created an AR-enabled contact lens! The phrase “Blink and you’ll miss it” may soon become a thing of the past…

Mojo Vision AR Contact Lens
Image © Mojo Vision /
Vampirella Year One NFT comic book by Christopher Priest Ergun Gunduz Collette Turner Lucio Parrillo Derrick Chew Guillem March Cosplay Rachel Hollon Dynamite Entertainment Virtua Featured Image

Virtua News: More Dynamite Entertainment NFT Comic Books Dropped Into Our Marketplace!

Our huge range of Dynamite NFT comic books expanded even further this month, and now includes more issues and volumes featuring Vampirella, Red Sonja, and a collection of one-off Savage Tales!

What’s Next?

The Cardano Island land sale is still ongoing, and we’ll soon be moving on to the next stage of our metaverse launch! We also have a lot of IP and art drops on the horizon – so make sure you join our Discord, follow us on your favourite social media platforms using the buttons below, and click here to subscribe to the official Virtua mailing list!

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