Virtua News (August)

Virtua News August NFT Metaverse
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Introduction from our CEO, Jawad Ashraf

Hello, and welcome to Virtua’s monthly news blog!

The metaverse will be an exciting and highly diverse place where people can represent and reinvent themselves in a way that truly reflects who they are. Here at Virtua, we’re really thrilled to be pioneering new ways for everyone to explore different aspects of their identities and personalities, socialise with a fantastic and like-minded community, and make a home for themselves in a completely new reality.

Our recent Digital Ownership Report is part of our ongoing mission to deliver a metaverse experience that people really love – and I was incredibly honoured to be featured amongst a number of leaders in the Web3 and metaverse industry in a recent article by Cointelegraph, which discusses digital identity and highlights our research findings.

You can read the full article by clicking the button below, and you can also check out a previous article published by TechCrunch, which focuses on the desire to own digital items rather than stream them. For even more fascinating results, you can read the full report through this blog post – and I’ll see you next month with more of our latest updates!

Virtua CEO Founder Jawad Ashraf NFT Metaverse Blockchain Crypto Web3
Hero ISL 2022 Summer Phase Football NFTs Virtua Featured Image Metaverse

Virtua News: Hero ISL Returned to the Virtua NFT Marketplace!

Our brand-new Hero ISL football NFT collections include a wide range of Video Moments that celebrate memorable plays from the ISL 2021-2022 season. From award-winning displays of athleticism to hat-tricks, milestone goals, and jaw-dropping performances, these NFTs are the perfect addition to any football fan’s collection!

Industry News: Instagram Expanded NFT Support to 100 Countries

We’ve been closely following the emergence of NFTs on Instagram and Facebook in recent months – and their parent company Meta is now introducing NFT functionality on Instagram to 100 countries worldwide! Facebook is also beginning to enable users to share digital collectibles, with a view towards additional functionality in the future. Web3 is slowly merging with the world of social media, and it’s just a matter of time before NFTs become as mainstream as status updates, food pics, and Instagram Stories…

Instagram Facebook NFTs Virtua Metaverse
Image © Meta
Mr Dripping Pixelated Drip NFT Art Collection Virtua Featured Image

Virtua News: Mr. Dripping Dropped His Exclusive Limited Edition ‘Pixelated Drip’ NFT Art Collection

The artistic virtuoso and cultural superstar Mr. Dripping reimagines five iconic masterpieces in this stunning, brand-new, and exclusive collection of NFT artworks…

Industry News: Ukraine’s NFT Sales Will Fund the Restoration of the Country's Cultural Institutions

As Ukraine continues to endure Russia’s ongoing invasion, the government-supported Meta History Museum of War platform is raising money to restore the country’s cultural institutions through NFT sales. The extensive list of institutions damaged or destroyed includes monuments, libraries, religious sites, museums, historic buildings, and key cultural centres. Ukraine’s crypto donation programme has also raised over $100m, which is being used for military and humanitarian purposes.

Ukraine Russia Invasion NFTs Metaverse
Image © Cointelegraph
Red Sonja Fairy Tales One Shot NFT comic book by Jordan Clark Andres Labrada Lesley Leirix Li Cover Soo Lee Sebastian Piriz Dynamite Entertainment Virtua Featured Image

Virtua News: We Dropped Some Truly Special Dynamite NFT Comic Books!

If you’re a big fan of comic books, you can’t afford to miss our weekly Dynamite NFT comic book drops. This month’s lineup included the epic ‘Vampirella vs. Dracula’; the first issue of a new series starring Lady Hel; fairy tales starring Red Sonja and Vampirella; and even a new collection of 3DA Vampirella statues!

Virtua News: Jim Wheat Added More Celebrities to His Amazing ‘Heroes and Villains’ NFT Art Collection

The legendary Jim Wheat is back with another addition to his ‘Heroes and Villains’ collection, featuring Sugar Ray Leonard, Oprah Winfrey, Andy Warhol, and Elvis Presley!

Jim Wheat Heroes Villains NFT Art Collection Virtua Oprah Elvis Andy Warhol Sugar Ray Leonard Metaverse

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to prepare for the next stage of our Cardano Island metaverse launch (including the Land Claim Event), and we’re also looking forward to sharing some awesome new IP and art projects!

To keep up to date and stay in touch, don’t forget to follow us on your favourite social platforms (especially Discord) using the buttons at the bottom of this page, and click here to subscribe to our official mailing list!

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