Earn Rewards for Sharing the Metaverse and NFT Love as a Virtua Community Moderator / Brand Ambassador!

Virtua Ambassador Programme
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Are you obsessed with NFTs and the metaverse? Got some time to spare? Fancy earning some awesome rewards? Then we need you!

As a Virtua Community Moderator or Brand Ambassador, you’ll play a vital role in the future of Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse while earning amazing rewards!

Join the Virtua family!

As you might already know, we’re a sustainable metaverse and NFT platform, providing immersive social, gaming, digital collectible and creative experiences through our curated marketplace, interactive virtual environments, and exclusive brand partnerships.

Working in collaboration with major brand partners across entertainment, art, video games, music and sport, we create, sell, and market officially licensed NFTs and digital collectibles.

We’re also preparing to launch our metaverse platform in the near future, starting with Cardano Island – so we’re fast approaching the most important and exciting phase of our company’s history.

What we’re looking for

Our Junior Community Moderators hang out on our social channels, chatting with community members and answering questions while making sure everyone has a fun, safe, and positive experience. Meanwhile, our Brand Ambassadors create and share content through their own social profiles, helping to spread the word about everything we’re doing here at Virtua. We’re not a faceless collective of mysterious anons – Virtua is a public company with over 200 developers and additional staff, and we value, recognise, and appreciate everyone who works with us.

We’re incredibly proud of our Community Team, a tight-knit group of passionate and super-social people who are totally obsessed with everything Web3. At Virtua, we could all talk about the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, crypto, and the latest tech for days – and as a Junior Moderator or Brand Ambassador, your passion will officially become a new career path! As well as providing the perfect starting point for a career in Web3, we’ll also reward you in Virtua NFT Marketplace store credit or $TVK, and consider you for a part-time or full-time role at Virtua if a permanent vacancy opens that you’d be a great fit for.

Jaka Kotnik Heead of Community Virtua Headshot Circle Frame

Jaka Kotnik (Head of Community)

After discovering and enjoying everything that Virtua and their team has to offer in early 2020, Jaka first joined as an Ambassador before quickly becoming Virtua’s Community Manager, taking care of the company’s community channels on Discord and Telegram.

After Virtua’s rapid growth, the company needed to expand its community presence across all platforms. Jaka was soon promoted to Virtua’s Head of Community, managing over 30 full-time employees across all platforms and focusing on community strategy and growth.

You’ll always find Jaka engaging with the community through Virtua’s various social platforms, sharing his vision and communicating with community members.

No NFTs? No problem!

Our Junior Moderator and Brand Ambassador programme is accessible to everyone, so we don’t expect you to have a huge collection of NFTs already, and we definitely don’t expect you to spend your own money to be part of this programme. 

In fact, in addition to your monthly rewards, you’ll also gain access to a special Virtua account full of our NFTs for you to test out, play with, and use in your own social content! Here are a few examples, all made by our Community Team:

Join us!

To apply for a position as a Junior Moderator or Brand Ambassador, simply click the button below and fill out the application form.

If we think you’re a great fit, we’ll send you a follow-up email outlining the next steps of our application process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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