Kenji Sasaki Invests in Metaverse Platform Virtua

Virtua Generic Image Virtua Prime Metaverse NFTs
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Blockchain consultancy group Next Chymia adds Virtua to a portfolio which also includes industry-leading blockchain network, Cardano

London, September 2022: Next Chymia has invested in Virtua, and is backing the platform ahead of its metaverse launch.

The consultancy and investment group has got behind many well-known projects in the blockchain space, including Cardano and its parent company IOHK. Next Chymia’s mission is to make the world a better place through blockchain technology as an ethical investor. 

Next Chymia CEO Kenji Sasaki was an early-stage investor and a founder of the Cardano network, which through the leadership of Charles Hoskinson has become one of the top five blockchain networks globally. 

The investment in Virtua will enable it to continue its work in creating a multi-purpose gamified metaverse that is open to all. Virtua recently completed the successful land deed sale for Cardano Island and is soon to launch Virtua Prime, its home planet in the metaverse. 

Virtua CEO Jawad Ashraf said: “Sasaki San has an incredible reputation in the industry as a founder of the Cardano network, and Next Chymia has worked with some of the most significant names in the space. Its consultancy and investment in our project will create huge opportunities, and we can’t wait to work with Sasaki San and the Next Chymia team.”

Next Chymia CEO Kenji Sasaki said: “The metaverse is the next frontier for social interaction through blockchain technology. We see Virtua as a leader in the space and we are delighted that the project is now part of our portfolio.”

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