Weekly Dev Update, January 26th, Summary

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This is summarizing the 2nd week of the 'Weekly Dev Update'!

Once again hosted by Jaka, our head of community, and this week, he is joined by our CTO Anis and our Lead Developer Nabeel to discuss crib updates in regards as to what is being improved, and answering more questions from the community.

You can listen to it on Spotify, but if you don’t have time to give it a good listen, here is a summary of what is talked about below.

Cribs Development Update

Multiplayer Module Improvements

  • Multiplayer tab minimization
  • Poor connectivity issue solved
  • Duplicate Avatar issue solved
  • Rubber banding reduced

Guest list improvement

  • Kick out functionality
  • Player joining mechanism
  • New player info on avatar head

Alert System

  • Session out
  • Kick out

Bug Fixes List

  • Downloading percentage added on inventory and settings
  • Visual Alignment improvement
  • Retain users login now
  • Wallet and inventory state syncing
  • Guest username login retain
  • Host and Guest theme estate synced
  • Theme list syncing
  • Reset rotation fixed

Control Improvement

  • Smoother camera control

Top Priorities (from the top 10 list last week)

  • We will work on the topmost priority, and that is to have the ability to have public cribs that can be viewable by anyone. We have even made a little mock up of the direction of the UI document thinking of as well. So that when users when they visit virtua.com, they will see a list of public cribs that they’re able to view.
  • Also discussed that are higher priorities. We’re looking at supporting a lot of the Cardano 3d models. That’s coming, the team are working on that.
  • Snap to object, allowing you to place stuff on walls easier on top of objects easier, because right now, it’s quite difficult to move stuff from one side of the room to the other side of the room.
  • Speaking of functionality, we’re also working on the condos as well

What to Expect Next Week

  • Sneak peek at the dashboard!

Q & A Segment

Q: Is there a way to create a visitor list that uses policy ID for NFT collections?
A: Right now, we’re just looking at public and private. But those sorts of features are absolutely a possibility down the road

Q: When will we be able to colour the floor or colour the roof? Is that something that you guys are working on? Or will that come later?
A: That will come later. On the floor, I would personally like is to have like different texture options, rather than just having the ability to change colour.

Q: Will Condo have the same functionality as Cribs?
A: Right. In those kinds of spaces people will be able to like view their NFTs. They will be able to customize everything basically all the functionalities that we have in the crib, the condo owners will get to experience those as well.

Q: Will each condo building have a common space where individuals can interact? Or will that only occur in the defined hubs on the island?
A: The common spaces that we have, those will be specifically in the virtual hub. The virtual lobby

Q: Will condos be larger than small cribs?
A: No. Condos are a bit smaller than small cribs.

Q: Where are you gonna make the small crib bigger? Is it going to be more wider, deeper, higher?
A: We will increase the crib in all directions. Make it bigger and all directions, Automatically, the space shape will stay the same, It will just become bigger. that means higher roof as well

Q: Will there be a max of invite to the condo space?
A: Yes, there’s going to be a max limit, otherwise your infrastructure will fall or you get a really bad experience.

Q: Will crib views be static, based on their location on the map? Or will crib owners be able to change the view from their window, similar to how they can change the wall colours, textures in the crib? For example, if I wanted a view of the galaxy out of my window, could I do that down the road?
A: Right now, we’re not thinking of changing them. However, that is definitely something that we can look for in the future.

Q: Will the window panoramas are according to the location of our land plots?
A: Not gonna be on version 1, but later down the road. Yes. We will.

Q: Will we have any type of function like a twitch or a steam type like streaming function where that could come down the road where users could click a button and start streaming from within their crib for something, or is there any possible way to do that down the road?
A: If you have OBS, it allows you to stream to various, different ways. So that’s something that you can just download OBS and use it right away at this very moment. So not looking at in-build twitch features at the moment

Q: How far are we, from the how far? Are we for the fix for out of memory when listing items in the inventory?
A: That is currently we are debugging that. And hopefully in the next release, we will have that fixed. We will give to it once we’re done fixing it.

Q: Are we going to have SSO now?
A: Not right now, but we are looking into that in the future.

That is all for the 2nd weekly developer updates, so please do give it a listen on Spotify if you have time, and hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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