Scrapyard Episode 2, January 25th

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Today at Virtua, we will be summarising the 2nd episode of the Scrapyard podcast.

Scrapyard Episode 2 Summary


  • Your land emits resources everyday.
  • They’ll become claimable at midnight (12am UTC).
  • There’s also a total weekly amount of resources that could be claimed each week. Once these amounts are claimed, none of the lands will produce the resources until the next weekly reset.
  • Bots will increase your daily emission: You’re getting 10% more from every bot on your land each day.
  • Especially towards the end of the week as more plots are claimed, resources might become tighter; those bots might be a pretty beneficial tool for those who aren’t logging in all the time.

Q&A Segment

Q: The incoming chart will help the numbers nerds. Maybe on Spaces talk more about functionality, possibilities, use cases? For us non-data nerds.

A: The use cases for resources would be metaverse items you can craft, there would be NFTs you can craft, there could be special items, event tickets, entry tickets, could be a wide variety of different things and options. Remember, there is the Virtua marketplace where you all can trade those resources, and put them on JPGStore or OpenSea for other people that wanna craft. We wanna make this as functional as possible.

Q: How can I utilize a zoologist? What other perks I will need on my plot?

A: We would get to the zoologist bots, we will start dumping more information out on those use cases. Currently right now, Miner Bot is the only one we are releasing a bunch of info on. Looking at them from a Degen perspective, it could be things with animals, biology. There would be different utilities for different bots.

Q: When will the next Miner bot mint be?

A: February 6th will be the next Bot mint window. That would be 1666 miner bots to mint. February 7th would be the next claim window for people who own the full Summit NFTs set who did not get to claim their bots already. The full Summit set is going off the original snapshot still, for the first mint window. So if you were eligible back at the first window for a free bot and didn’t get the chance to claim them, this next window will be your chance!

Q: It would make sense if you have a good Miner Bot, you should be able to get a little more resources out of your land. Having them collect faster but still get the same as everyone else at the end of the week seems unbalanced. Doesn’t feel worth purchasing a Miner Bot if everyone can just cash in at the end of the week for the same amount?

A: No because you will be producing:
 1. 10% more resources everyday
 2. As we will hitting those resource limits, you are gonna be able to claim 10% more towards the land before runs out to the next person

Miner Bots are just not for Cardano Island. You will be able to use them in the Monster Zone. For example, If you have a Monster Zone plot (that is minted on Ethereum), you will need a Miner bot if you want those extra resources, extra utilities and perks.

Q: If the plots were claimed as soon as claim opened, have resources maxed out by now?

A: No. The resources that you are earning will be moved straight to your inventory, so they won’t count the storage cap because no one has the ability to claim the resources from the storage/inventory before the dashboard and all the management opens. We won’t max out.
It means you’ll be able to craft things faster, if you don’t wait. So, if you claim your land right away, you will have some reserve that you can start with crafting as soon as crafting is usable.

Q: Interesting to note that Cardonium has fallen to the 3rd most valuable resource after Aquions and aDNA. When other Islands are released, will there be a further devaluing of Cardonium in the greater Virtua economy? Also, gold took a hit and is less scarce than electro-rock?

A: Until we see what everything is going to be required, we cannot make these assumptions.
It’s up to the market to decide that. The market and holders will decide which it’s the most valuable resource.

Q: How much Cardonium and how much Aquions will I need to craft something legendary?

A: We need to know that all those items that would be craftable, will be on cap. Depends on how much Cardonium is gonna be needed. There is not a formula right now. It will be based item by item.

Q: Will resources on Monster Zone be interchangeable with resources on Cardano Island? Are all resources off-chain?

A: Resources on MZ and CI yes, because the resources are part of our resource dashboard marketplace. Also resources are off chain, they are all working in off chain, but we have the ability to mint bundles of resources.
When a user purchases that bundle you can bring it back to Virtua and that will be an off-chain resource.

Q: How do I attach my bot to the plot?

A: That’ll come with the Dashboard. You will attach your bot in the land management section, but it will have a cooldown period for when you detach any of your bots.

Q: What does ‘Stake a LandBot’ mean?

A: You can use the Landbots with the apes society. You can put/stake your LandBot into a frame and earn Society Token.

Mint Details

  • February 6th is the mint date of Miner bot
  • February 7th is the claim date. 1000 more Miner bots to claim
  • There’s going to be 1500 still yet to claim for all the Summit NFT’s full set holders

Superbot Event

  • February 12th is the event date
  • If you had a Bot in your wallet, you received a Super Bot Ball
    8 winners in each quarter, 4 squares
  • We will do some fun stuff during the Super bowl on Discord.
  • There’s 15% royalties and they’re going to go straight to other community events, prizes, giveaways, random games in our Discord.
  • If there’s a Snapshot right before, we will make sure it is well known and all the details.
  • We will be releasing more details about the other project prizes over in our Discord too.

When are you planning to start releasing the prizes?

Starting today, we will post our first prize and some information about the project and such. We probably do one per day or every other day.

You previously said not only NFT’s, what does that mean?

That means Tokens, D5 Tokens, project Tokens, we might have some prices for a group of tokens from a few different projects and some of them might be from the same one.

That is all from the 2nd episode of the Scrapyard podcast and I hope you folks enjoyed the read!

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