Scrapyard Episode 1 January 19th

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Today at Virtua, we'll be summarizing the first episode of the 'Scrapyard' podcast.

The Scrapyard Summary


  • The resources for the land, they have been collected in the backend when you selected your plot, for any plot, not your deed.
  • For the time you switch your deed into a plot, you are starting to earn your resources.
  • Those resources are gonna be used for overall different things: Metaverse items, In-game items, experiences, trading.
  • Resource emissions are capped weekly and released daily.
  • Resources are emitted daily at 12am UTC.
  • There is a cap on a week on the total amount of resources that can come out.
  • For those who are not actively collecting the resources, it will be collected in a storage inventory. It would run out eventually.
  • Earlier before the plots allow, it won’t happen but when all the plots are rolling and everything is going, if you’re not in the collection, your resources are not earning more in your inventory.

Total Supply Cap

  • There are things like with your bots that you can do, such as auto-claiming and stuff like that, allowing you to be a bit more passive.

Total Weekly Amount 

  • There’s 500,000 maximum of Sticky Goo, 300,000 wood, 300,000 iron, 100,000 Gold, 100,000 Electro Rocks and 50,000 Cardonium, available to be claimed weekly.
  • A large common plot will earn a 164 Sticky-Goo, an uncommon plot will give 197 Sticky-Goo (We will post a graphic with all the resources emissions).
  • Having a Miner Bot will net you a 10% increase in resources.
  • For storing resources, we have inventory and storage for it to be kept.


  • You’ll have a storage where resources are collected everyday and it will max out if you’re not moving them into your inventory.
  • There will be a way to increase the storage and make it bigger and better as we go, and it will require resources and upgrades.
  • There will be a storage capacity for every type of resource, once the capacity of the storage is full, the resource emission on that plot will stop.
  • You can stack bots: 1 bot = 10%, 2 bots = 20%, 3 bots = 30%, and so on. If you have multiple bot slots and you want all Miner Bots you can stack them for additional resources.
  • You will claim your resources from your storage and then it will be transferred to your inventory.
  • At the moment, your inventory can hold unlimited amount of resources, but this may change
  • There are many different ways to trade and use resources: they can be used for Crafting NFT items such as buildings, upgrades, vehicles, decorations, bots, in-game items, access to experiences like concert pass, gallery invites, auction tickets, etc.

Other ways to obtain resources

  • Neutral Mining Events: Limited-time quests where players and users can join an event and compete to collect raw resources.
  • Recycling: Players can recycle unwanted items (non-NFT), off-chain items to convert them into raw resources.
  • Marketplace: Raw resources can be bought and sold among players.
  • Scrap Piles: Scraps can be found scattered around the metaverse and can be converted into raw resources. Scrap piles will help to encourage to explore the metaverse.

Trading Resources 

  • You can block resources together to make a bundle (1000x Wood) and mint that into an NFT and you can put that on Jpg or OpenSea and when someone buys that bundle, they can take that to Virtua and break it down for those resources.
  • In-game trading, you can trade resources for resources (PtoP)

Cardano Island Resources 

  • Gold: for a small special plot (without your Bot Bonus) you’ll receive 59 Gold and on a small Legendary plot, that increases to 71 Gold. A medium plot will give you 118 Gold on a special and a Large you’ll get 237 Gold.
  • Cardonium: Small will give you 105 Cardonium, the medium gives 210 Cardonium and the large gives 420 Cardonium.
  • Sticky-goo: Small common will emit 41 Sticky-goo, a medium common plot gives 82 Sticky-goo, and a large common plot gives 164 Sticky-Goo.
  • With one bot on the Island, it will increase by 10%.

Miner Bot Cooldown

  • With the different bots that will come out, it is important to know that you won’t be able to freely change those bots, you won’t be able to equip a Miner Bot, collect your resources then equip your Zoologist Bot and then pull that one out and change it again, you’re going to have a cooldown period so you cannot freely interchange them.
  • You’re going to plan out when you want to do your functions with your Miner Bot and when you want to do your functions with your Zoologist Bot.
  • How you want to place them, like one Zoologist, one Mechanic or maybe multiple of one specific type.

Q&A Segment 

Q: If common plots don’t have any slots for Bots, am I still able to use them in my lands? Is it going to have any sort of benefits?

A: Yes, we got events for non-holders of lands, like events, quest and missions, and I cannot say too much about it, but there’s going to be some utilization with rentals and allowing people to use your Bots in certain Quest or missions. You’ll be able to send them out for some weeks for somebody to use it. There may or not be ways to upgrade a land in the future to fit a bot on the land or put a slot in it even if it’s common, but we’ll talk about this going forward.

Q: Talking about the dashboard, have you done Beta testing, is it something that is ready for the public?

A: The dashboard is off-chain, but you’ll be able to mint some items for it. All of the gamifications elements or you could say tree and all its several branches and everything, we got 80–90 pages about the Dashboard stuff.

Yes it is, but it’s not like smart contracts and a bunch of stuff along those lines, your Dashboard is kind of In-game web 2. It’s your typical game but giving you ownership of your assets and items, and you don’t have to turn them into NFT’s, but they’ll be used in-game. But if you want to take something like an item here and minted into an NFT and sell it or trade it with your friends.

Q: It sounds to me that Virtua has seen the future and it looks bright is that the case?

A: I mean, I know that it could feel slow from the outside, but I think whenever things come together, people will understand and be a lot happier, as a lot of stuff goes into everything and a lot of research goes into this stuff. You need a lot of gamification elements so it doesn’t feel negligible and playing out a million scenarios before everything is done.

IP for Bots

We’ve got some stuff coming up for gaming and we will be hearing it here too and I think they can be used in a lot of ways, not only they’re good looking pieces, but there’s an endless amount of opportunities and utility that can be really tied in with those, we got people from the community that are making comic based on Bots, Ash was speaking on wanting some type of cartoon or maybe a metaverse series.

That is all from the 1st episode, and for this summary, so I hope you enjoyed this read and have a good rest of your day!

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