Cardano Island Update: 30 September 2022

Cardano Island AMA Virtua Metaverse NFTs
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Welcome to the Metaverse!

Here at Virtua, we’re really excited about the ongoing launch of Cardano Island, the Cardano community’s true home in the metaverse! Our CEO, Jawad Ashraf, our CSO, Ash Mohammed, and our Head of Community, Jaka Kotnik, recently hosted a new Twitter Space (full audio here) to answer the Virtua community’s questions about Cardano Island – and you can check out their answers below.

If you already have a Cardano Island Land Deed, don’t forget to claim your Land Plot through the Cardano Island Claim Portal here!

Section 1: Development

Can you tell us what’s been happening over the past 14 days in the development department? We know you were there with the development team in Pakistan for the past 14 days. What was the biggest challenge?

Jawad: It was a big trip. We were reorganising a lot of stuff while we were there, because currently our development is broken into layers. So we’ve got Production, Art, Design, Backend API, multiple departments – and everything that we were doing was on a project basis. So all of the things that we’ve got running, like the Land Claim website, mobile application, metaverse spaces, everything we had was basically project-managed, and it was all taking resources from every single department.

So for this trip, we restructured everything around the product itself, to make every team completely autonomous. So the Metaverse Team has its own art people and its own QA, its own PMs and own developers, which are completely separate from the Mobile Team who have their own art and own devs and everything else. Then we separated out all our infrastructure and design and architecture as an overseeing body, because we’re doing so many pillars of the metaverse simultaneously.

We were actually having some bottlenecks being created, because different parts of the ecosystem were competing for the same resources. So I was out there reorganising everything, so every team had its own dedicated resources. It was a really deep dive.

When you were preparing for the Land Claim Event, did Cardano’s Vasil hard fork, which happened just recently, play any role in the development challenges?

Jawad: Yes – at the end of the day when something new happens like that, you’ve got to see the impact it has. And they were like ripples. A lot of the wallets started malfunctioning. We had to retest everything with the Anvil team and with the SDK. When we’re talking about test cases, we’re talking about around 1600 test cases of permutations for every sort of wallet, and trying to figure out if the glitches were on our side, or Anvil’s side, or something to do with a wallet or the hard fork.

So it added a layer of complexity that we just didn’t need. Two days ago we were having internal calls, and we were discussing if we should push the Land Claim Event by a couple of days. Now, we’re pretty satisfied. We’re in a good place. We’ve done all the work, and let’s just hope it goes smoothly.

How will the Virtuaverse make a dent in the universe, and how will it differentiate itself from the future metaverses that Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and others will work on or are working on?

Jawad: Decentralisation.

Ash: Yeah, that’s right. I mean, we always talk about agency. We always talk about how this is a metaverse that’s built with a new paradigm. It’s very user-centric, driven by NFTs, and Web3 is at its core. I think that the way in which we’re changing, and the approach we’re taking, is different to everyone else out there.

So what is Virtua? Virtua is a new form of social. It’s an extension to what people are already doing, with the next level of immersion and with a layer of gamification – so it sits kind of on its own. It’s not a game – but it has properties that we’ve taken from the gaming world.

We’re taking what we love from games. We’ve taken what we know about social, we’re taking from all our learnings, based around the interactions we’ve had with all the brands and what they’re looking for, and brought it all together. And what we’re seeing already, even before our metaverse is even live, is new communities being born.

We’re seeing people that are looking at different Virtua things. Some people are very up about what land they can own. Other people are thinking about resources, assets, and asking about games. Other people are forming communities. 

That’s why we think we’re gonna make a dent – because we’re doing something different. Right now, if you look at the Web3 metaverse landscape, we see games, we see completely user-governed spaces where people can build whatever they like, or you see hybrids that are low-poly, and that works as well. So we think that with higher fidelity for brand interaction, for fandom, for all those things, you know we’re going to be a really exciting place.

Brands generally live in the Web 2.0 space, and I often talk about this to them and I call it Web Two-and-a-Half. This isn’t going away. The metaverse isn’t going away, this space is not gonna go away, and everyone’s aligned on that. It’s just the shape it’s going to take, and who the people are that can offer something that speaks to both them and the Web3 community – and that’s what we hope this is going to be.

Yesterday, we released some sneak peeks at outside spaces. More will come in the coming days – but can you tell us if this is real in-world footage? And when do you expect users to be able to take their cars and other vehicles for a spin in the outside spaces?

Jawad: Our focus is inside spaces, but that is footage from the outside spaces. But if you look at the footage, you can see that you have the central Dome, which you’re gonna have right on Cardano Island and everywhere else, but it’s populated with towers now. Cardano Island is going to be relatively low-rise, and that tower view that you see there is what it could eventually become – but the topology will be different, because large plots will allow for those large towers. So it’s the same environment from the game engine itself – but as for the look and shape of that real city, I think you’ll have more low-rise buildings eventually becoming high-rise buildings over time, a bit like when you have physical real estate developed over time.

In terms of when people are going to be able to go outside and wander around and do all of those things, you’re going to be looking at next year for all of that. The focus this year and the first quarter of next year is going to be about making those inside spaces, those Hubs, those experiences, the facilities you’ve got in the Condos and in the Cribs, absolutely be world-class. That’s what we’re really focusing on.

And once we get that right, then we’re going to be focusing more on the outside – because most of what you’re gonna do in the metaverse is gonna be on the inside. The outside is gonna be when you’re using your planes and your boats and all of that. But rather than deliver a sort of mediocre experience on the inside and a mediocre experience on the outside, we’re doubling down on the inside spaces, teleportation, all the gamification pieces, claim portals, resources, crafting, all of those things, and giving people the ability to do more stuff, and then launching the outside stuff when it’s got utility, instead of just saying “Okay, well, here’s the outside, here’s the inside, and they’re pretty average on both sides.” 

We want the Hub to be the place you come to. There are experiences, you can watch games, you can do stuff, you can interact in different ways. You can exhibit your own things, even the Cribs, to show all your Cardano assets. Not just the ones from Virtua, but everything. So there’s tons that we need to do.

We’d rather go deep in functionality and experiences, and go deep again when we do the outside spaces. Those are the rough timelines, and that’s going to be the approach.

Section 2: Land Claim Event

What will happen to our Land Deeds when we claim a Land Plot? Will the Land Plot NFTs look the same as the Land Deeds, or is there any difference?

Ash: Yeah, there’s a visual difference because you can see your location. So it looks like a proper Deed, but it’s got your location on the map. That’s what it’s gonna be. It’s mapped.

Jawad: And it’ll be two images. The Deed is now two images, one which is the Deed card and the second which has got the circle and the actual image and the area on the plot which is highlighted.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first event of its kind on Cardano and in the Cardano NFT space. But what makes it different? How does the online interactive map work?

Jawad: The online interactive map is there to give people a proper flavour of what they’re getting, and where they’re getting it. It’s the first cutoff. It’s gonna get more advanced over time, and as we progress into a larger world I can imagine there being iterations, but we sort of want it to be like the Google Maps of the metaverse – but for our world.

So this is really about making it look far more interesting. Right now you’ve got the map, but the actual island image that the map’s on, I’m not thrilled with the way it looks. So we’re going to be applying upgrades to the topology and the way you can see stuff, the layout of the city. We’re also going to be improving the optimization, because right now the big caveat is that it’s on desktop. We need to get this thing working on mobile – but once you start zooming into the detail, basically the mobile browsers were crapping out. So we just stopped, but we need to move on to that as well.

It’s a unique thing, but it’s there to provide some convenience and also to give people a flavour of what they’re getting. Jaka was also involved in the zoning, to describe what these areas are, what we have in mind in terms of what they should be. But ultimately, the community is going to define what they are – and they’ll also end up creating their own neighbourhoods. So with anything like this, you’ve got to be visual. That’s what it was there for.

How are you planning to sell the remaining Land Deeds, and is there any plan to burn them? If that doesn’t happen, will minting be open during cNFTcon? 

Ash: We’re gonna keep opening mint windows. And we’re not gonna burn the Land Deeds, that’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna continue to sell them. We’re gonna keep opening mint windows – and to your point about cNFTcon, we’re gonna have a whole special event in and around that with some exciting announcements that are linked to it, and we’re going to have them open during that event as well.

Our view is, and we’ve always said this, this isn’t a collection, this isn’t a PFP-type project, this is a metaverse. It’s going to grow, we think that as more people are using it, there’s going to be even more demand for it. The people that came in early will be able to take advantage of that, and have a head start on everyone. So this is the start of a marathon. It’s not a sprint.

About cNFTcon, we’ve got a lot planned through that whole event. We’re going to have a lot going on. Definitely keep your ears, eyes, everything peeled for that – it’s going to be really, really exciting.

What was the reasoning behind doing the plot claim by Land Deed rarity? First it was maybe first-come-first-served, but we’ve listened to the community. But what was the reasoning behind the structure of the Land Claim Event?

Jawad: Well, the reasoning is a combination of technical and also feedback from the community. Basically, the rationale is to spread the event over 5 days and give the community and owners an option to form districts naturally. And also, it’s going to go over multiple days to prevent crashes and bugs. We slowly want to start populating the map with the first and the second and the third and the fourth and then the fifth wave. So every time the numbers increase, and that allows us to make sure it’s working properly.

But a lot of it was to allow people to slowly understand, look at what they’re doing, and just figure out exactly where they want to be, and form groupings of their own. So it was to make it far less of a crazy land grab, and more measured. That’s what we were aiming for, and we know that’s going to appeal to some people. We’re sort of finding our way – and to us, based on talking to the community, this seemed to be the fairest approach.

Will location determine any quantifiable game metrics like resource emission, access to market speeds, etc?

Ash: No, not really. What plays a role is the type of land that’s claimed in that particular location. That’s what’s exciting to us – this map is sort of going to evolve as people are claiming. So if a Legendary plot is claimed in a particular location, now that location has Cardonium on it. That’s the fun part about this whole thing – once it’s happened, it’s happened, and then it’s game on. All the other stuff begins.

Do you expect that any Legendary Land Deed owners will choose a Land Plot on any particular place on the map?

Ash: I think people can create their own narratives. That’s the fun part about it. You can create your own narrative about what it is, why it is, where it is. 

Jawad: If it was me, I’d like to be in the centre of town. You’ve got a major Hub, I’d like to just walk to it, if you know what I mean. Everyone’s gonna have different preferences.

Section 3: Land Bots

Tell us more about the Land Bots. What will they be? How much will they cost?

Ash: We’re looking at 2D characters. However, they’re going to create a lot of value for the entire Virtua community. They’ll add value to the experience. 

Bots have physical attributes, like a PFP collection might, so visually they look awesome. Each one is a 1/1, they’ll still be generative, and they all have their unique characteristics. We think that the community will determine which ones are more special than others from that perspective. 

But then the Bots have meta attributes as well; the legendary ones will have five, and it follows the same rarity as other stuff in Virtua. But again, it’s completely randomised – so you don’t actually know what it is you’re going to pull.

Then we’re going to use a mechanic where you’d be able to apply that and stake it for a certain period of time – and that affects the landowners, the rate of resource emission, and other exciting mechanics that we’re putting down and we’ll be releasing a wiki about it. 

There’s gonna be interesting stuff like auto-claiming, there’s gonna be different Bots that serve different functions. The first wave is going to be the Miner Bots, and all Miners increase resource production, then the different Miners will have other attributes as well which will impact different elements of the world in Virtua.

In terms of pricing, they’re not going to be crazy expensive. The price is yet to be fully locked down, but it’s not going to be less than 100 ADA – but it’s not going to be a silly number either. 

And we need to say again that the owners of all seven Cardano Summit NFTs get it for free, right?

Ash: Yes, they’re gonna get it for free. In fact, I showed them to one company who wanted to make them as toys. It’s important to note, I don’t want anyone to think that these are like 3D FBX models at day one. They’re not going to be that. If we had to do that for 10,000 characters or 8,000 or whatever it would be a massive undertaking. But visually maybe I’m biased, but I think it looks better than any art we’ve had in the entire Cardano space.

Will the Bots act like NPCs, or will I be able to interact with them?

Jawad: Right now with the Bots, you can effectively think of them like cards. And these cards are gonna provide you with extra multiplier values in the meta-game that is Cardano Island. Initially that’s their functionality, but over time, they’re going to evolve.

But right now, they are like a card, you can stock them against the land. They’re all unique and beautiful, and they’ll act as resource multipliers and provide extra functionality for you being on the land. It’s more about the utility of what they provide to start with.

Ash: I look at it as this really exciting hybrid collection concept, where if you want to use a Bot as a PFP then you can, and if you’re a landowner you can use it for utility in the Virtua metaverse. But if you’re not a landowner, you can still use it to craft. So everyone’s going to be able to benefit from them in some way or another.

Jawad: And again, you can see that it’s going to mean different things to different people. I’ve got a firm idea where it is, but the whole point is that it’s going to provide a lot of interesting options to people.

When did the idea of Land Bots appear? How long have you been working on them?

Ash: From the beginning. From the very start of Virtua, It’s always been about gamification and it has to be at the core of this.

We’ve always been fans of Magic: The Gathering, we’ve always been fans of a lot of this stuff, and we really wanted that element to be brought into this.

Virtua Prime is all about metaverse Web3 technology, so we thought of having this sort of layer that we could add in, and giving it features that are on-chain, and then having certain benefits off-chain. It’s something really cool, and we’ve got a really fantastic designer called Vlad who specialises in bots, and we’ve talked about it with him and then it’s been a bit of a labour of love since.

Jawad: I wanted to add that it was quite interesting because what underpins Virtua, fundamentally, is one of our main IPs – the VFLECTs, our robots.

The VFLECTs will have a narrative in our entire metaverse, but they are going to be a type of robot – so it was like, should the Land Bots be a form of VFLECT or should they have their own identity, because we work on the lore as well. And we came to the conclusion now with the VFLECTs themselves, they’re almost like the “world builders”, so they’re very different to what the Land Bots are – and then the challenge for Ash was “Okay, we want bots, but they can’t be anything like the VFLECTs.”

So that was sort of what he had to go and run with, and it does feel like an eternity that he’s been working on them. It’s probably been about five months.

Are the Land Bots a PFP project, or are they a metaverse asset?

Jawad and Ash: Both.

If the Land Bots are some sort of hybrid, what will the metadata look like? What will be the difference maker?

Ash: So you’ve got the visual traits, and you can see them. If I give an OpenSea analogy, if you go to the Bored Apes, you can see the visual traits and then you have some meta traits that you can’t see. So the Land Bots will operate in the same fashion. The visible traits, like if a Bot has a reactor, an armed tool, a gadget, a chest piece on him, a different type of head, that’s all mapped out and those have their own rarities. So even if you took away all the metadata pieces, it’s a really cool collection, it looks awesome, and it has that rarity. 

But then in the metadata, you’ll see these attributes, so you’ll see stuff like primary skill, if it’s a Miner it’s a Miner. And then you have other features, like some of them upgrade the storage on your land if you’re a landowner; other features might be that some of them might be able to do scrapping, and turn resources once you’ve crafted but before you minted it, you might be able to go backwards down the production chain as well. You’re able to click down and you’ll see those traits as well – so you’ll see stuff like primary skill, auto-claim, storage, scrapping, and a few more.

Jawad: And also special events that they can be involved in.

Do we have an approximate ETA for the Land Bots?

Ash: Soon, I think we had a discussion about this. I’m not sure if it’s before or after the Crib Event.

Jawad: It’s sort of around the same time. It really comes down to the tech. I mean the robots, and this as a whole, they’re ready, but the Crib Event is also something I think is quite important. Basically, they’ll probably be running sort of in parallel to be either directly after or directly before.

Ash: Yeah, because the thing is that they’re ready, they’re done, they’re designed and everything’s done. It’s just a case of the when and making sure it fits into the cadence. You don’t want too many messages out there at once.

Jawad, you mentioned the Crib Event. What is a Crib and what is the Crib Event?

Jawad: OK. Basically what we’re doing is that, rather than just say “Okay guys, here’s the Land Deed, and you’ve picked a Land Plot and thank you very much – we’re going to talk about inside spaces, but there aren’t any,” we thought “Okay, why don’t we have an event after this?” 

If you come into Cardano island, you’ve got the land. Now you’ve got to the point where you’ve picked exactly where you want to be – and depending on if you got a Small, Medium, or Large plot and you know the size of it and if it’s rectangular or square, let’s give you your starter Villas, which are your Cribs. That’s what we’re calling them.

They’re single-storey Villas of different designs, and the Crib Event will be where you’re going to be just dropped, we’re working on the best mechanism where if you own land and on that date there’ll be a snapshot and you’ll be given a Villa and the Villa itself is going to be an NFT that can then be linked to your land.

Now you’ve got your space, and that’s a space immediately depending on whether it’s Small, Medium, or Large, that you’ll be able to go into and you can start populating it. You can bring all your Cardano NFTs into it, you can bring in the 3D models that we’ve given to you, you can take whatever you have and decorate and theme your room and put it in there. Then we’ll start layering more and more utility, teleportation, moving around your places, have all the social features to make it work in different ways, and we’ll start with the Web GL to give maximum accessibility.

But basically everyone gets those for nothing. That’s the point, right? You’ll get your Villa NFTs, and then we’re gonna have more NFTs people can buy, so you can upgrade, change your Villa, and that again will lead on to the projects that we’re partnering with – because they will be able to have their own Villas with their own exteriors and interior themes, and that’s all going to come off the Crib Event. The Crib event is the point where you can start using the metaverse, living in your Villa, inviting people, all of those things, all the cool stuff we’re talking about. This is the first stage. That’s the Crib Event.

Are they going to be for free? Or are they going to be for sale? You just mentioned that this is going to be for free…

Jawad: Exactly that. The upgraded Villas and new designs or whatever, people can buy and trade. It’ll be an NFT asset class – but when you start off, you’ve got land and you’re getting your first Villa for free.

Are the Villas going to be all the same?

Jawad: We’re gonna have Cardano Summit Villas, and they’ll be themed in a different way. There’ll be some different theming, but I think we’re going to have a few different styles that people will be able to have, and they’ll be more random, but then people will be able to intertrade. But they all look great. They’re really nice styles to start with.

So the Villas are gonna be NFTs, right? You said that each will be an NFT, so this applies also as well. For the buildings coming later, they are gonna be NFTs, each building is gonna be its own NFT?

Jawad: Yeah, because you can trade them, you can upgrade them. Eventually you’ll be able to, for example, let’s say that you’ve got a single-floor Villa – you’ll be able to trade it out for maybe a four-floor Villa or a two-floor Villa with different features and structures. Right now we’re starting off with a single-room Villa, three different sizes, three different spaces, fully customizable, but we’re working towards multi-room code generated with different variations and configurations.

The first thing is come into the metaverse, look at your high-fidelity space, theme it, change it, make it yours, invite your friends. Look at it on your mobile phone, look at it on your web browser, and start living in that metaverse. And then we’ll start layering experiences and all the other good stuff we’re talking about. 

But the main point is that it moves from “Here’s a map, here’s a Land Deed, and here’s an NFT” to you being in your metaverse space.

Can you put a banner or ad on the top of your skyscraper for an upcoming or already established NFT project, and get revenue from that in the future?

Jawad: Absolutely, that’s the point, right? There’ll be a level of city planning which we’ll probably do in some sort of DAO fashion, because it’s a bit like if you’re here in Dubai, they don’t really want everyone hanging their washing off the balconies and rolling down their own posters. But ultimately, if you own the building and you’ve got your own towers, you should be able to do whatever you want. 

There should be some ordinances to make the city not look like it completely sucks, but you’ll have tons of freedom. I mean, that’s the whole point of the metaverse, the decentralisation. You own it, and you do what you want. 

Section 4: Resources

Will Wood, Sticky Goo, Electro Rock, and Gold be produced on other islands, besides Cardano Island?

Ash: So far, Cardonium is the only one that’s exclusive. We are talking a little bit about Electro Rock at the moment as well. Wood is something that should be produced everywhere because it’s going to be a base resource for a lot of stuff, as is Iron. The other ones, we’re not quite sure yet, we’re just focusing on the utility in and around the resources for Cardano Island. But what we really want to be able to happen in the ecosystem is we want people coming to Cardano Island from other places to get resources, and come into that community, and the other way around. So all of that needs to happen to make it a functioning ecosystem.

Jawad: Exactly – it’s a unique power source which is exclusive within the entire Virtua universe. So, that’s Cardonium. I can see it powering some really cool stuff, and the only place you can get it is on Cardano Island, from users who’ve got the right plots.

Now that you mentioned Cardonium will only be produced on Cardano Island, can you give us an example of what you will be able to produce from the resources, and what can Cardonium add?

Ash: The general point is that we’re allowing crafting to happen at all rarities, and then certain items will be Legendary items and you have to climb a resource tree to get there. So you need a combination of a certain Land Bot and a certain resource to get that thing, but loads of other items are going to be able to be crafted by everybody. 

But an example I could give is that there might be for example a particular Shelby, that you can only get which has a very specific skin to it and a very specific visual link to it because it’s got Cardonium in it. So what we’re going to enable is the crafting of exclusive NFTs that might have a lot of prestige and a lot of rarity linked to them, because you’ll be able to craft it from that resource crafting event.

Can resources, since they are off-chain, be shared across other Virtua islands?

Ash: Yes, they can. You’ll need a Virtua account for that, but once you’re connected as a user and that resource is linked to you, because it’s off-chain it’s got its own sort of market that you can begin to work across the entire metaverse. That’s the whole point.

It’s about the rising tide, raising all the boats and raising all the ships. It’s the same thing as on Virtua Island and Virtua Prime, and we want the different areas of the community to come together. And if I want to do something, but I need something from someone that’s got Cardonium, then absolutely I’ll be able to trade that with you. Absolutely.

Jawad: When you start getting down the multi-chain rabbit hole, you really need to have some standardised ways for people to be able to do microtransactions. You want resources across the whole metaverse to be very easily tradeable, but if everything is on-chain for that part it gets tricky. Plus, and one of the thing about linking to a Virtua account, a lot of what you have in your rooms, in your spaces and your Cribs, they’re going to be things which are NFTs, but we’re going to be providing tons of stuff for these spaces which aren’t NFTs, like different items of furniture, themes, all of those things, and they’ll be served out by the servers. That’s why a Virtua account helps you to get the most out of your Crib, because we’ll be providing lots of off-chain assets that you can use as well in your spaces.

Can you tell us what other resources will be produced on other islands? Can you give us some hints?

Ash: There’s radioactive dust, and primal bone that we’re going to discover…

Can we know more details about how the Land Plots will generate resources, and how can we create or craft any of these from them?

Ash: Yeah, so there’s a formula. I mean, there’s a resource that has a limit every month. So of that pool, based upon what you have, it produces according to a formula. That formula does get increased, based in and around if you have a Mining Bot attached to your land or not. 

What is important to note is it doesn’t matter if visually a Miner Bot is Legendary or if it’s Common – they have an equal amount of mining boost, because we really want to stay away from pay to win. We don’t really like that as a mechanic. Just because somebody pays more, it shouldn’t allow them to win.

We’ve basically stayed away from that, and land generates resources based upon a predefined formula. You’ll see that in the Claim Portal, you’re able to claim it. We didn’t want a system where people might own land and they just leave everything and their land keeps generating resources, so it tops out after a set period of time, and you have to claim it – and it doesn’t keep going up if you don’t claim it. So that means you have to come back, unless you have a Land Bot that has an auto-claim feature which will automate that process for you as well. 

And then when you’ve got any type of resource, you’ll be able to craft Common items very easily. And anyone who’s got a Land Bot can craft Common items – even people who don’t own land – but people who don’t own land are going to need resources to do it. So they’ll be coming to landowners, and they’ll be coming to that marketplace, to buy those resources and be able to craft.

And then you’ll be able to clearly see what are the Common items that I can craft from these resources. Some might be functional, and others structural. 

Section 5: Roadmap for Cardano Island and Virtua Prime

What growth trajectory is Virtua on in the coming one to three years?

Jawad: A lot is coming. So using the roadmap for the next eight months where everyone is really knuckling down, we’ve created all our project teams that can work on different areas. But in terms of growth, we’re going to be rolling out different areas of our world.

We’re going to be opening up our new initiatives as well within the metaverse over the next year. You’re going to see Virtua Commerce, you’re going to see Virtua Education, Virtua Wellness, all appearing for different parts of the metaverse, utilities and areas, you’re going to see the Resource Portals come up. You’re going to see the metaverse standing on its own two feet. 

You’re going to see outside spaces; you’re going to see really cool avatar builders. Also, you’re going to see a lot more utility with the things that we have, and you’re gonna see the unlocking of really cool experiences with the brand partnerships we’ve got going on.

You’re going to see major movie stars, you’ll see fashion brands, you’re gonna see pop activations, all of that stuff. So right now, we’re balancing out the Brand Hubs, the Brand Zones, the new utility for the users of the metaverse spaces, and that’s why we do the Dev Updates now on a regular basis from the studio.

So we’re going to constantly keep everyone clued in on what we’re doing next, and what to expect over the next few months, and we know these things evolve. I’m right now looking at our roadmap just for the next few months, and I’m going to section it on metaverse structures and into silos, minds, breathing, building structures, games, Hubs, Brand Hubs, your resources, gamification activities, the various types of Land Sales, the types of drops we’re going to be doing across different brands.

This is just a ton of stuff – but what we’ll probably do is after we go through our Crib Event and our Condo Event, and we do the Land Bots, and we launch into the next phase of our rollout, we’ll probably publish the next two years’ roadmap as well, and do an interview talking around the roadmap instead of just dropping it on Medium. We’ll have a whole Q&A around it.

When can we expect the Condo Claim Event?

Jawad: The Condo Claim Event will sort of happen around the same time as the Crib Event, but they sort of operate differently because you’ll be able to claim your condo. The Crib Event itself is different from the Condo Claim Event. The Crib Event is where everyone’s going to be getting the Villas, and the Condo Event is where you’re just going to be claiming your Condo and you’ll have access to it straight away. 

Then we’ve got a Deed Event, and then a Claim Event where you choose your plot, and then the next event will be where you get your Crib – but for the Condos it’s going to be different, in that you choose a tower and you’ll be given your Condo and you’ll be able to use it immediately. It’s not like we can drop in a Crib NFT to you. You’ll have your metaverse space which is a Condo which you’re going to use, and because that’s going to work in a different way, it’ll probably happen after the Crib Event.

What can we expect to happen on Cardano Island after the events in 2023? How do you see this progressing?

Jawad: It’s going to see more and more features, the outside spaces which we’re going to put a lot of emphasis on. You’re going to see a lot of brand experiences launching on the island. You’ll see games experiences, you’ll be seeing stuff developed in conjunction with the Cardano projects that we’ve announced, you’ll see the Foundation stuff appear as well. 

You’ll see lots of impact projects appearing, because we’ve said people will get land and facilities to use those. I just expect it to start maturing. Right now it’s very early, it’s baby steps – but then we’re going to start walking and we’re going to start running.

Ash: We’ve been speaking to a really exciting project that’s coming to Cardano from one of the biggest global names in fashion. That’s all going to be coming to this space. And we’re going to be working closely with them for their metaverse activations. They have a really forward-thinking team, native to Cardano. So that’s going to be really big as well.

So that will catapult the Cardano space. It’ll really be a great project for empowerment, inclusiveness, as large as anything that we’ve seen on other blockchains as well. So that’s going to be coming. And from that will be a whole fashion district. So yeah, lots on the brand side, lots and lots of areas. Excellent stuff.

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