Cardano Island Crib Q&A

Virtua Cardano Island Crib Q&A
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If you have a question about our Cardano Island Cribs, this Q&A has you covered!

Following the launch of the Cardano Island Cribs, it’s been truly inspiring and exciting to see our community having fun and joining together as they set up their homes in the Virtua metaverse! From brand-new community spaces and clubs to members connecting with family and friends in their personal spaces, we’re really happy to see you enjoying your Cribs – and this is just the beginning!

After getting our community’s latest thoughts and feedback, we talked to our Dev Team and asked them some questions about the Cardano Island Cribs. To make your voice heard, head over to our Discord and chat to our friendly Community Team, who will do everything they can do help out!

We also recommend following Virtua on Twitter and YouTube – and subscribing to our mailing list – in order to stay up to date about everything we’re working on. For more information about our 2023 plans, you can see our full roadmap here.

I have a Cardano Island Land Plot – how can I claim a Crib on Cardano Island?

For full instructions on the Crib claiming process, check out the image below! 

You can access the Claim Portal by clicking here, and can also mint a Cardano Island Land Plot here.

Cardano Island Cribs How to Claim Instructions

How long will the Crib claim window be open for?

It’s open indefinitely.

If you have multiple Land Plots and at least one Summit NFT, can you use your Summit NFT(s) to claim one Summit Crib per Land Plot?

Even one Summit NFT can be used to claim Summit-themed Cribs across all of the Land Plots in the same wallet.

Do you need a full set of all 7 different Summit NFTs in order to claim a Summit-themed Crib?


Are the Summit themes assigned randomly? Or are they determined by which Summit NFTs someone has in their wallet? For example, if someone has a Flying Stingrays NFT, will they just get a Flying Stingrays-themed Crib, or something random?

The Summit themes are randomly assigned every time. There are four Summit themes (A, B, C, and D), and you’ll be assigned one randomly.

The Summit themes take inspiration from the Cardano Summit 2021 NFTs, and mix the designs of those NFTs together.

Do holders of all 7 different Summit NFTs get a special themed Crib? Is there any difference in the Summit-themed Crib if you hold all 7 different Summit NFTs?


If someone has a Summit NFT in the same wallet as their Land Plot, does that person get both the Starter (Virtua-themed) Crib AND the Summit-themed Crib when they claim?

They’ll get the Summit-themed Crib only, with a Summit-themed interior (which you can change if you prefer) and a themed exterior as well.

Can you use a Crib without a Land Plot?

Unfortunately not – you need to have claimed a Land Plot on Cardano Island (and then must attach your Crib to that Land Plot) in order to be able to use and access your Crib.

When will we be able to use VOIP in our Cribs?

We’ll be launching VOIP in the future – but we do have text chat right now.

Can I change the appearance of my Crib using resources?

We’re looking into this as a possibility for the future, as we’ll have items that you can craft from resources and that you could use to decorate your Crib.

Why can’t I see my Crib in my inventory? 

For technical queries, it’s best to contact our Support Team by emailing [email protected]

If you have an NFT listed for sale on JPG Store, this may cause it to not show up in your inventory (as one possible example). However, it is always best to contact our Support Team due to the number of possible technical issues that you might encounter with different wallets etc.

For bigger Land Plot sizes, can you place more than one Crib at the same time?

For now, you can only place one Crib at a time on your Land Plot. The size of the Crib you can place on your Land Plot depends on the size of that plot – so on a Small (Nano) Plot, for instance, you can only place a Small Crib.

However, if you have a Medium (Lot) Land Plot, you can place either a Small or Medium Crib.

If you have a Large (Acre) Land Plot, you can place your choice of a Small, Medium, or Large Crib – but you can still only place one Crib on your land.

If you list a Crib that is attached to a Land Plot on a secondary marketplace, will the Crib automatically detach from the Land Plot once it is sold?


If someone buys a Crib that’s attached to another Land Plot, can the buyer use the Crib?

The buyer can use the Crib as long as they also have a Land Plot (and the two are attached).

Cribs will automatically detach from Land Plots when Cribs are sold via secondary marketplaces.

If you sell a Land Plot that has a Crib attached (but you don’t sell the Crib), can you still use the Crib? Or claim another Crib?

The Crib will get detached from the Land Plot when the Land Plot is sold – and you’ll need to attach your Crib to another Land Plot in order to use the Crib.

If you only have a Crib, but no Land Plot to attach the Crib to, you won’t be able to access the Crib.

Land Plots purchased on secondary marketplaces cannot be used to claim new Cribs.

How could someone detach a Crib from a Land Plot that is no longer theirs?

The Crib will be automatically detached from the Land Plot when it is sold.

It may take some time for the Crib to be detached (due to the speed limitations of blockchain technology), but the detachment will take place automatically.

If you sell a Land Plot with a Crib attached, will the buyer also receive that Crib?

Cribs and Land Plots will be automatically detached when either the Crib or Land Plot is sold on a secondary marketplace.

In this instance, the buyer will only receive the Land Plot that they’ve purchased – and the Crib would be automatically detached.

Can you move the walls of a Crib?

Not at the moment.

Are there any internal differences between Cribs on rectangular or square Land Plots? 

There are no internal differences at the moment. As we move on to other Crib designs in the future, there may be some variations between new Cribs that become available specifically for either rectangular or square Land Plots.

Can I have my Crib and a Skyscraper on the same Large Land Plot?

Skyscrapers are coming in the future, and we’ll provide more info when that info becomes available.

It’s important to also note that Condo Towers (which are only available on Gigaplots in the Monster Zone on Virtua Island) are not the same as Skyscrapers (which will be available on Large Plots on Cardano Island).

When will the Condo experience event take place?

This will happen sometime in January.

On JPG Store, how would people know whether or not a Crib is already attached to a Land Plot?

If a Crib is attached to a Land Plot, and either one is sold on a secondary marketplace, both NFTs (the Crib and the Land Plot) will be automatically detached from each other – and the buyer will only receive the Land Plot or Crib that they purchased, not both the Land Plot and the Crib together.

Therefore, Land Plots and attached Cribs cannot be sold together at once.

Additionally, it’s important to note that Land Plots purchased on secondary marketplaces cannot be used to claim new Cribs.

Can a Crib that contains a collection of collectible NFTs be bundled and sold as one NFT?

Not as one NFT and not as multiple NFTs that are attached to each other – at the point of sale, all of the collectible NFTs would be detached from the Crib (and it’s important to remember that the Crib is a separate NFT in itself).

It will not be possible to buy or sell a Crib that contains NFTs in precisely the same arrangement chosen by the original owner. After purchasing a Crib, the buyer will need to re-furnish it and place their NFTs in the Crib from scratch.

In other words, when you first get a Crib (whether through a claiming or purchase process), it will always be “unfurnished” when you access it for the first time. You will then be able to furnish your Crib as you prefer.

When will you be able to use Cardano NFTs in your Crib?

For now, you’ll be able to use all Virtua and non-Virtua 2D Cardano NFTs in your Crib, as well as NFTs purchased from the Virtua Marketplace (which can be accessed through your Virtua account inventory).

3D Cardano NFTs (including Virtua’s 3D model rewards, such as Cardano Island Vehicles, and also non-Virtua 3D model CNFTs) will come in the future, as there are some fundamental compatibility factors that need to be addressed in order to provide a high-quality and high-fidelity metaverse experience.

Can we have access to Crib patch notes on every update, so we can follow the bug fixes and new features?

We’ll work to provide these notes in our metaverse UI build in a user-friendly way in the future.

I have a question that wasn’t mentioned here – help!

For technical queries, it’s best to contact our Support Team by emailing [email protected]

For general questions, feedback, and to keep up to date with the latest news and discussions within our awesome community, head over to the Virtua Discord and chat with a member of our Community Team!

We also recommend following the Virtua Twitter and YouTube accounts, and subscribing to our mailing list here.

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