VFLECT Weekly Update #1

Terra Virtua VFLECT Weekly Update Featured Image NFT Metaverse TVK
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Your VFLECT-related questions get answered LIVE by our hosts, Danny and Jaka!

Welcome to our first-ever VFLECT Weekly blog post! Every Wednesday at 4pm UK time (currently BST), all of your VFLECT-related questions will be answered live by our Product Manager, Danny, and our Head of Community, Jaka – and VFLECT-focused blog updates will be posted here the following week.

For this inaugural voyage into the mysterious world of the VFLECTs, Danny and Jaka spent some time hanging out with the Terra Virtua community on Discord, shedding some light on our plans to expand the VFLECTs’ background and lore, and discussing our upcoming VFLECT games!

You can listen to the entire chat through the audio player below – and don’t forget to follow us on DiscordTwitter, and/or Telegram to stay up to date about our future sessions! We’ll be sharing the latest VFLECT info every week (including exclusive news that you’ll hear directly from Danny and Jaka before we announce it anywhere else), and answering your questions live on the air. If you’re reading this, you’re already a member of the Terra Virtua community, and you’re more than welcome to join the conversation as we develop one of our biggest projects ever…

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