They’re heeere….Gen 2 vFlects have landed

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You’ve waited patiently, and now we’re delighted to announce that our second generation vFlects have landed at Terra Virtua.

We’re insanely excited to welcome the Octulypto family of vFlects to Terra Virtua. 

In the new Octulypo family you’ll meet a host of mind bending bots, ready to make your life way more fun. We’ve got mind readers, mind controllers, and mind benders waiting for you to snap them up. 

So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to this bold new squad of robotic explorers from space:

1: Oculypto

The torch bearer of Gen 2 vFlects, blessed with the power to read minds and control machines, Oculypto is both wise and knowledgeable. However, her power comes at a cost, for she is unable to sleep. In constant stress, Oculypto spends her life searching for a cure to her ailment.

2: Darlene Dark

Born with the unexplainable power to read the minds of other Bots, Darlene Dark finds it hard to sleep at night, as her mind is bombarded with thoughts of all the Bots around her. Her wish is to one day find a cure and mute all thoughts.

3: Harriet Hypno 

At a young age, Harriet realized she could visit the dreams of sleeping Bots. Make sure you’re on her good side, otherwise all kinds of nightmares await you.

4: Captain Cranial

Cranial was very young when she was zapped by a lightning bolt, which fried her circuits. After a long time in recovery, she realized he could partially control the minds of other Bots. Cranial wishes to one day become a famous superhero.

5: Mystico

Mystico is an ancient Bot with the ability to read and control minds. With the knowledge of countless Bots at her disposal, she is a worthy foe.

6: Psy-creation

Prepared in a lab by using the foundation code of Oculypto, the Psy-creation is a “controlled” mind reading robot. Created primarily for “experimental” purposes by various secret organizations…one begins to wonder, is she really under control?

This dope new batch of troublesome space adventurers will make a great addition to any collection, whether you’re brand new to the digital collectibles scene, or seasoned collector with 100s of vFlects in your fan cave. 

We’ve also got two new rarities – Gold and Mythical Dark Blue – in the mix, so if you’re a collector who likes the rarest of the rare, make sure you head over to our marketplace pronto and snap them up. 

And don’t forget to brag about it on the socials, and show off your new vFlect buds hanging out in your fan cave. 

We’re so excited for this launch, and can’t wait to see you all the fun and crazy things you’ll get up to with our next gen vFlects. 

Welcome to the Terra Virtua family Octulypos – we’re delighted to have you!

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