The Infectibots – Gen2 vFlects

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Name: Infectibot

SET: Ghouls & Ghosts

TYPE: Fantasy

1: Infectibot

Due to strange occurrences in their internal structures and circuits…some of the Terraborgs began to malfunction and become corrupt. When sent for repairs, one such Bot began to rebel, screaming and fighting, claiming it was a new, superior breed…known as Infectibot!

2: Scarbot

Scarbot doesn’t require stories or tell tales to scare people. His very image is enough to bring fear into any bot. No need for words, the scars do all the talking.

3: Contamidroid

Once an ordinary Bot, Contamidroid accidentally fell into a pit of toxic waste, corrupting his processors and covering his body in dark patches. No one knows what Contamidroid’s real name was.

4: Creepy Eye Joe

Creepy Eye Joe was born with a rare deformity, giving him three eyes in one. His creepy persona often scared other Bots, and he was cast away from his hometown. Now he wanders the globe, searching for a cure.

5: Surge 3000

The Surge 3000 did not get this appearance by accident. Designed to be an electrical weapon, Surge 3000 can cause power surges across entire cities. It is not certain who created Surge 3000, but one thing is for sure: He doesn’t plan on stopping.

6: The Abomination

Science Bot experiments don’t always go so well…sometimes they result in menacing creatures…much like “The Abomination”. Not even a name to itself, he is a plain and simple killer, on the run from the lab in which it was created…in search for answers regarding his origins.

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