Farewell Gen 1 vFlects – It’s Been Fun!

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If you’ve been stalking the Terra Virtua marketplace on the hunt for our original vFlects, you may have spotted that they’ve all sold out.

Our funky friends from space have been super popular with the Terra Virtuan community, and no wonder – this cheeky squad of otherworldly robotic creatures are fun, interactive, and make a great addition to any digital collection. 

And while you can only get your hands on the original families through secondary sales at the moment, we are super excited to announce that very soon, you’ll be able to add a new family of vFlects to your collection. 

That’s right, on 1st April 2021 we are launching our second generation of vFlects on the Terra Virtua marketplace. These dope new vFlect families are sure to be just as popular as the generation that came before, so mark the date in your calendar if you want to nab one!

However, let’s not forget the guys, gals, reptoids and robots that led the path to Terra Virtua first. We wanted to pay proper respect to this group of adventurers and explorers, and what better way to show our appreciation than to immortalise them in art? And who better to honour them than the very first artist to be onboarded to the Terra Virtua platform: Aswa!

Aswa designs memorable pieces inspired by nature and the wonder of the world around her, and we think she’s a natural artistic partner for the original vFlect family. Her new collection showcases all 12 families of the Gen 1 vFlects in her unique artistic style, so you get to see your treasured vFlects as you’ve never seen them before. 

This brand new collection of stunning artwork is being released 23rd March at 7pm (GMT) and is sure to be a big hit. So show your favourite vFlect some love, and get your hands on an original piece by one of our top-selling artists at the same time. 

Farewell to our 1st Gen vFlects, it’s been an honour to have you on our marketplace. Have fun with your new Terra Virtua family (or wherever you end up)!

Black Fury

Black Fury vFlect

Count Vladimir

Count Vladimir vFlect


Diabot vFlect


Dingo vFlect


Francis vFlect

The Dark Eyes

The Dark Eyes vFlect

Joe Blitz

Joe Blitz vFlect


Santaborg vFlect


Susan vFlect

Von Hatchett

Von Hatchett vFlect


Tatiana vFlect

Gus Spacewalker

Gus Spacewalker vFlect

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