Elvis Is a VFLECT? Uh-Huh-Huh!

Elvis Vflect Birthday NFT Digital Collectible
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Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, takes centre stage once more in an exclusive collection of animated VFLECTs. Get to the front of the crowd to secure yours now!

Available Now!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome two brand-new Elvis VFLECTs making their way to the Terra Virtua Marketplace… keep back please and let the King through… no pushing!

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:

Common – 500 minted at $25
Rare – 200 minted at $50
Legendary – 50 minted at $100
Golden – 10 minted at $250
Platinum – 1 minted at $1,000

One of the most loved entertainers of all time, Elvis Presley needs no introduction! He commanded the stage like no other, winning hearts and minds across the globe and his music continues to influence to this day.

Elvis joins us on Terra Virtua, reimagined in a series of brand-new VFLECTs that pays homage to key moments in his meteoric career. Yes… Elvis has joined the Metaverse as a series of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Our popular robot VFLECTs are native to Terra Virtua, where they can be found dressing up as a range of characters with a personality all of their own. Each limited-edition VFLECT is an expertly sculpted and beautifully lit 3D model with a number of characteristics that makes it stand out on its own. 

You can view and rotate them around a full 360 degrees and watch them go through a range of animated motions. You can even interact with them via augmented reality using our app.

The Special Anniversary ELVIS VFLECT Collection

The Special Anniversary ELVIS VFLECT Collection consists of six rocking VFLECTs, Blue Hawaii, The King, U.S. Sergeant, Jailhouse Rock, ’57 Gold Leaf Suit and ’68 Comeback.

Each Elvis VFLECT is available in a range of NFT rarities, starting at just $25 for Common, $100 for Legendary up to $1,000 for Platinum.

Meet the Elvis VFLECTS...

'57 Gold Leaf Suit Elvis VFLECT

Possibly the most iconic rock outfit of all time, Elvis Presley’s 1957 gold lame suit was designed to cut a dash and add some sparkle.

No need to head to Graceland to admire the shiny gold threads, your sharp-dressed ’57 Gold Leaf Suit VFLECT will have you reaching for your sunglasses with his dazzling moves!


Elvis spent most of the 70s sporting a huge variety of bespoke jumpsuits in original designs. No-one could rock that look quite like the King of Rock n’ Roll!

In pure white with high collar and bejewelled all over, The King Elvis VFLECT looks like the rock royalty that he truly is. All hail the King!

'68 Comeback Elvis VFLECT

Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback TV Special was a wildly successful return to live performing after a seven year absence. And boy did the King reclaim his crown!

Clad from head to toe in black leather, ’68 Comeback Elvis shows he’s still got it. Watch as your legendary VFLECT sends the fans wild like he’s never been away!

U.S. Sergeant Elvis VFLECT

Elvis was drafted into the United States Army in 1957 and spent 2 years serving his country in Germany.

Our U.S. Sergeant Elvis VFLECT swaps leather for a smartly-pressed khaki uniform, but that doesn’t stop the King from parading his military moves. Attention!

Blue Hawaii Elvis VFLECT

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the movie that came to cinemas on November 22nd 1961, here is Blue Hawaii!

In his floral shirt and fresh-flower lei, Blue Hawaii loves nothing more rocking up to the beach and strumming his guitar. Watch as your VFLECT goes through the motions, singing a song in his head – maybe you can sing along.

Jailhouse Rock Elvis VFLECT

Released in 1957, Jailhouse Rock was Elvis’ third screen role and one of his most-loved songs.

Our Jailhouse Rock VFLECT has stolen his clothes and all his moves – let’s hope he doesn’t get locked up. Uh-huh.

ELVIS™ and ELVIS PRESLEY™ are trademarks of ABG EPE IP LLC Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: Elvis Presley Enterprises, LLC © 2022

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