vFlect Weekly, Episode 32, Summary

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This is a summary for the 32nd episode of vFlect weekly, hope you enjoy!

Updates for Battle For Virtua Prime

  • In terms of development right now, it is still in a slow down phase. We reached the alpha which it’s currently sitting , but no major development at the moment.
  • We are currently doing in terms of alpha Virtua Prime, it’s now polishing the launch plans of how we want to roll out the characters, what would be the playable characters for the game, and building out the framework of how we want that work (how’s minting and pricing going to work, which blockchain is going to work).
  • We want to make sure that we are launching something functionality that fits with the micro environment.

Updates for the Jetpack

  • We are still currently working on building up functionality within the game.
  • We are working on polishing in terms of characters and the animations.
  • We’ve upped the quality of the animation and the quality of the VFLECTS, we’ve rendered them.
  • The videos are still in a very development stage.
  • We have all the attention to small details that we want to fix and go through before we launch.

Website Update

How’s the vFlect website progressing and will be seeing all the vFlects ever created? 

  • vFlect website was ready to launch as well, but now the company has focused on what we wanna do in the metaverse, so the website has been pulled back and for that. It is still currently going on.
  • Not every vFlect that has been created, but we could bring kind of like a repository of all the different vFlects.
  • We’re gonna suggest having a beta version of the website.
  • Lore is part of the website.
  • We want to expand the utility of the vFlect before continuing to give out more families.
  • As soon as these top 10 things will be integrated, the next thing will be 3D assets from Cardano to be integrated in the Cribs.
  • Pug vFlects will come in February and is going to be a small quantity.

Will there be an evil vFlect that exists in the metaverse? Not the dFlect, but an evil vFlect instead which you can use as avatars. Specifically into an evil vFlect antagonist for the vFlects themselves

  • We haven’t discussed that, but that is a cool idea to bring up to the team.

That is all for this week of vFlect Weekly, hope you enjoyed reading this summary, and you can listen to it on Spotify as well now!

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