Meet the Bored Ape VFLECTs!

Bored Apes as Terra Virtua VFLECTS
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We’re transforming BORED APES into super-fun VFLECTs – Terra Virtua’s very own 3D-animated robots! Each limited edition just oozes with cool. Catch them while you can...

Available Now!

Another five brand-new Apes are making their way to the Terra Virtua Marketplace… in their own time. Noooo hurry – an Ape’s gotta do, what an Ape’s gotta do… 

When we asked the Bored Apes community if they wanted the opportunity to license the Bored Apes they own, and have a troop of Terra Virtua VFLECTs made in their honour, they said YES!

Our team of designers got to work straight away, modelling each Ape’s unique features and personality into VFLECT form. The first few intakes are already running riot in the Marketplace – and soon they’ll be joined by more Bored friends, all in their shiny new 3D-animated robot glory. 

Our popular robot VFLECT NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are native to Terra Virtua, where they can be found dressing up as a range of characters with a personality all of their own. Each limited edition VFLECT is a 3D-animated model, with a number of characteristics that make it stand apart from the rest. You can view and rotate your VFLECT around a full 360 degrees, and watch them go through a range of animated motions. You can even interact with them via augmented reality, using our app for Android phones.

Already in the Marketplace...

Each limited-edition Bored Ape VFLECT is available on the NFT Marketplace in six different rarities:

Rare – 150 minted at $99
Special – 50 minted at $300
Legendary – 25 minted at $600
Mythical – 15 minted at $1,000
Golden – 5 minted at $2,500
Platinum – 1 minted at $7,500

Meet the Bored Apes...

Bored Ape 51

A whole lotta red. Remnants of fashion tell the vague tale of this bionic Ape. Once chock-full of swagger, he’s now a mere slave to the rhythm.

Bored Ape 90 

Gone crazy this one! Had one too many funky bananas, and now he can’t keep his teeth in. And no, we have no idea where he got the Prussian helmet from.

Bored Ape 225

Yo, the halo is just for show. This Ape’s a lot of things, but trust us, a saint ain’t one of them. Leopard scarf and shades on, the Ape with the halo is off to party.

Bored Ape 1205

What wonders (or horrors) has this one seen? That glistening blue smile, topped with teary eyes. A mix of passion and wonder. What secrets does this Ape know?

Bored Ape 1476

This wanderlust-fuelled Ape has travelled the world, wearing whatever he could get his paws on. His hunting hat is from the deserts of Africa, but who knows what he’ll find next as the Yacht sails on!

Bored Ape 1693

Half robot, half Ape, all bored. Judging by his shirt, this Ape’s going to take his Yacht to somewhere tropical, where the sun shines bright and apes don’t fight.

Bored Ape 2041

Fur coat so fine even its own jaw dropped. The Yacht Club keeps getting bigger, the Apes keep getting crazier, and this one is no exception!

Bored Ape 2173 

Nothing adds up about this one, huh? Motorcycle helmet, earring, a ripped scarf and above all else, that giant pink bubble blown to perfection. Tell us your mysteries, oh weird Ape…

Bored Ape 2793

Break through the barriers that keep you from your freedom. From underwater submarines in the cold cold oceans to exquisite Yachts under sunny skies, with a cool embrace from the sea breeze.

Bored Ape 2861

Noir as it gets, inside and out, this suave and sophisticated Ape’s crazy spiral tie really catches the eye.

Bored Ape 2969

We’ve heard the expression “Taste the Rainbow”, but never like this. Colourful right down to the teeth, this Yacht Captain is ready to party with a capital P.

Bored Ape 2971 

Yachts are fun and all, but some Apes take them seriously. No time to shave, no time to party, this Ape has only one goal: to set sail, and smoke away.

Bored Ape 2996 

The only emperor you need to be is the emperor of your own mind. Peace, tranquility, and relaxation… paired with some wicked dance moves.

Bored Ape 3218

Drop on the Yacht’s deck and give me 20! This Ape doesn’t accept no excuses. Ex-military, living the life in the Yacht Club, hardened to perfection… some habits die hard.

Bored Ape 3600 

Cosy warm fur jacket, cool shades, and that classic captain’s hat – this Bored Ape was born to sail the ocean! A true member of the Yacht Club.

Bored Ape 4184

Old as they come, but dressed like a modern gentleman… minus the beanie though. Wise and full of experience, we’ll see this one enjoying a lifetime on the endless Yacht.

Bored Ape 4240

“I got money on my mind, AND on my eyes… quite literally.” With a pipe to fit the bill, topped off with a green green scarf, this Ape’s motto is clear: Live for the money, die for the money.

Bored Ape 4468 

Close your little Ape eyes, turn a blind eye to the worries of the world… A one, and a two, and… dance.

Bored Ape 4700 

Not everyone’s seen an easy life. Escaping icy war-torn realms, this Ape is now free and ready to party away from the cold winter blizzards. There’s only sunny skies and palm trees in this Ape’s future now.

Bored Ape 5060 

Visions of war are best forgotten, overcome and overrun by stunning 3D – and although this Ape still wears his greens, the troubles of old bother him no longer.

Bored Ape 6016 

Old and wise now, living the dream with all the other Apes. The hustle needed to live a better life has wiped the smile from its face – but as you know, that hustle never ends.

Bored Ape 6120 

Peace is best found within, and this Ape has truly found it. Eyes forever closed to the troubles of the world, only the sea breeze is to be felt.

Bored Ape 6800

Right punch! Huah! Left punch! Huah! Right leg! Oh… wait… nevermind. Not to worry though – with chop-chop skills like these, this Ape’s got a guaranteed seat in the Yacht Club.

Bored Ape 6812

Born into wealth, this expert adventurer and hunter is one of the most prestigious members of the Yacht Club. Just look at his composure, and admire his elegance!

Bored Ape 6912 

Just sit back and chill, bro. There’s always time to shave and wear fancy clothes – but for now, all this Ape wants to do is smoke some pipe and relax.

Bored Ape 7162

From big rigs to Yachts across the world, with moves like that, you can get any job you want!

Bored Ape 7326 

Ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax, grab a nice cool drink and enjoy the warm sun, for the Captain has arrived – and he’s got a whole new three-dimensional route to take.

Bored Ape 7513

Eyes all around for this Ape, flamboyant as ever with a third eye to spare, and the 3D glasses are just the cherry on top.

Bored Ape 7630

Dazed and confused in a world of torment, this Ape is finally free to sit back and relax. Though he may be blind, wonder is not seen – it is felt – and Lord knows what wonders await him.

Bored Ape 7840

Don’t mind the Ape with the military cap and silver hoop earring, just munching some pizza and chilling. No monkey business here, we swear…

Bored Ape 8724 

Leaving the jungles of war for the ancient shrines of wisdom, this Ape has found peace in life. With all his years of training in both war and peace, he is half warrior, half monk – and all Ape.

Bored Ape 8875

This ship can’t sail without some Southern charm. A hard-working bronco wrangler is just what you need on these perilous seas…

Bored Ape 8886

Taste the colours of life, and have them sprayed onto your teeth – because why not?! Jolly and in a total frenzy, the Yacht Club has gained another friendly face.

Bored Ape 9093 

Pink is the bubble, blue is the hat, and endless is the ocean of wonders upon which this Ape will sail, sporting a mysterious scarf, eyes gazing at the distant horizon.

Bored Ape 9870

Star-spangled helmet and a pink tank top, with a slow jam grooving on and on and on. Some Apes are just born to be wild…

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