Introducing Terra Virtua Tokenomics

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In November we announced the successful close of the Terra Virtua private raise. In the coming days we will be talking more about the Terra Virtua public sale and token generation event. Before we do that, we want to explain our tokenomics.

Sale Structure

We structured our raise so that long term supporters benefit. The seed round was accessible to long-term supporters, those who supported and incubated Terra Virtua over the last two years, and their close contacts. The private round was extended out to strategic investors in the crypto and collectibles ecosystems who would provide marketing support and open doors to help us grow the business. There will be a public round upon listing.

You can see above that we also had an equity round and 2018 round. The equity round has no unlock at TGE. The 2018 round was raised before the bear market and has a higher cost base than the 2020 rounds. We have worked with the 2018 investors to ensure an equitable arrangement and believe we have done the best possible by all parties. We expect the majority of 2018 investors to be long term supporters and don’t expect large dumps of their unlocked tokens.

Raise Summary

Based on the raise as well as tokens distributed to critical stakeholders on the TGE, the initial circulating token supply will be 85M TVK, with an initial market cap of $1.0M.

A further 17M tokens will be released at TGE for marketing, business development and ecosystem to support a successful first month of go-live for TVK with an additional 1.8M for rewards for early supporters.

Additional Distributions for TGE

TGE Release

How will the Tokens be Distributed?

Our tokens are distributed in a way that is unique to the Terra Virtua ecosystem. Approximately 37% goes to investors. 7% is for business development opportunities especially licenses that can be secured by TVK tokens. We have 20% as an ecosystem reserve, to incentivise users on the platform and 20% for marketing. The rest goes to the team and advisors.

What is the Vesting Schedule?

Our vesting schedule is standard with investors receiving some initial release and then daily distributions after the first month. Treasury tokens are locked and then distributed daily over 2+ years. Team and advisor tokens are locked for a year and then distributed daily over a year.

The release schedule is below, with the complete 1.2B TVK tokens released 45 months after the listing date.

Next Steps

Once we conclude our public sale and raise, you will see a packed schedule of product updates, announcements of partnerships with content creators and announcement of new licenses. We expect revenue to grow significantly and have a number of exciting uses of Terra Virtua Kolect or TVK, the ERC20 token that powers the Terra Virtua economy that will increase demand for the token in line with business growth driven by NFT sales.

The journey is just beginning!

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