Terra Virtua Talks: Metaverse Gaming

Terra Virtua Talks Metaverse Interview Gary Bracey Jawad Ashraf NFTs Gaming VR AR Ocean Software
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If you're into gaming, NFTs, the metaverse, blockchain, and Web3 tech in general, you can't afford to miss this...

For this week’s episode of ‘Terra Virtua Talks’, our host Harry Cole sat down with gaming luminaries Doug Dyer (Terra Virtua Studios), Zaynab Tucker (Nitro League), and Neil Barnden (Stainless Games) to discuss the future of gaming in the metaverse!

Covering everything from NFTs to “play to earn” (P2E) games, blockchain technology, Terra Virtua’s upcoming VFLECT game, interoperability, and the impact the metaverse is already having on the gaming landscape, this talk is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about the video games industry.

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