Terra Virtua raises $2.5M to create the first mass-market NFT Ecosystem

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The private round was supported by leading funds including Woodstock, Hashed, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, Twin Apex Ventures amongst others.

The Terra Virtua team is excited to announce that they have raised $2.5 million in funding to further development of the first mass market NFT Ecosystem. The investment was supported by leading funds including Woodstock, Hashed, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, YBB foundation, AU21 Capital, Twin Apex Ventures, Amplifi.vc, Moonrock Capital and Rarestone Capital.

The team is also proud to be supported by valued brands including Unreal, Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures and our great partners at Matic. The support from these leaders in their respective sectors is an incredibly important element that plays an important role in the ongoing success of Terra Virtua.

“After three rollercoaster years of sacrifices, mixed emotions, frustrations, elations and celebrations we now have a war chest that enables us to complete the vision we have believed in for so long. Tributes to the amazing team that makes up Terra Virtua who have steadfastly held on to the belief for this long and are now seeing the materialisation of this disruptive and exciting platform. Timing in any business is critical and we are finding ourselves in exactly the right time and sector to launch our token, the Kolect, which we feel will prove a key disruptor and driver for the future of Terra Virtua. The journey continues but the commitment and passion we have for this business are stronger than ever.” — Gary Bracey, CEO and Cofounder of Terra Virtua

Our Purpose

We believe everyone is a fan of something.

Our mass-market NFT ecosystem will allow engagement through interaction across multiple platforms, bringing together Social, Gamification, 3D, AR and the innovations we have seen in the NFT and DeFi spaces.

Our goal is to make the term digital collectibles synonymous with Terra Virtua. Whether you are a collector of art, a fan of sports, an influencer, a movie lover, Terra Virtua will be the place for you to engage with the brands you love.

Our Mission

The NFT space will truly disrupt traditional collecting and merchandising, allowing fans and collectors to engage with their fandom and exciting ways.

With our management team coming primarily from the videogame space since its inception, the Terra Virtua team understand what it takes to bring new technology to wide user adoption. Great user interfaces, low friction, engaging experiences, a sense of community will all drive wider adoption of NFTs as Digital collectibles.

“With the Terra Virtua team’s strong network to partner with top IP holders, we believe Terra Virtua has the potential to bring new fans into crypto and the ecosystem which they are making.” — Ethan Kim , Hashed

Reimagining Collecting and Merch

Currently the collectibles and merchandise market is worth $62 billion, not including art. We believe this space is ripe for disruption, as digital ownership becomes increasingly normal. The scarcity and rarity that blockchain provides, combined with the engagement of a true fan-based social ecosystem creates many new opportunities.

“Imagine exclusive Game of Thrones finale merchandise available only during the episode. If you could grab exclusive team merchandise when a player hits a home run. Merchandise that becomes available at a concert during specific performances. Owning action figures that come to life — these are the types of things you will experience from Terra Virtua ” — Jawad Ashraf , CTO and Cofounder of Terra Virtua

Our marketplace, 3D Fancave and Terradome are already live, with a 3D Art gallery gearing up for public launch. So you can acquire a collectible, share and showcase it in your own customisable spaces, and create content with them using your mobile device in AR! We already have VR on our roadmap with working prototypes (its awesome!)

Working with top IP

A key part of our strategy is to work with great brands all over the world. We have already have signed a number of exciting brands including The Godfather, Top Gun, World War Z, Lost in Space, Top Gun (+ sequel!) and Pacific Rim. We have lots more to come in the music, sports, fashion and influencer spaces.


Some of the Brands already working with Terra Virtua

“Within the vibrant NFT ecosystem across Digital Art and collectibles, Gaming and Metaverse etc, the Digital collectibles category has seen the highest traction till now. The Terra Virtua team comes with a strong experience in working with top brands and franchises, and the licenses the team has secured already are a clear sign to us that Terra Virtua is extremely well positioned to capture a massive chunk of this emerging market, and introduce millions of fans and new users to the NFT and blockchain ecosystem.” — Himanshu Yadav, Co-Founder, Woodstock Fund

Building Community and Creativity

Terra Virtua is built around social. Sharing and community is part of who we are and we want our users to bring this passion to the platform. We will have innovations in governance, voting and more, with users being able to influence the direction of aspects of the platform. They will be able to curate artwork and collectibles for massive social exhibitions in shared Terra Virtua spaces and get rewarded for participation. The ‘Terra Virtua Prestige’ Club will enable users to enjoy discounts, early access, rewards, preview events, unique collectibles and more.

Looking Forward

As we look forward to the upcoming launch of our Kolect token (TVK), which will bring with it exciting uses and engagement on Terra Virtua, we encourage brands, creators, influencers and artists to reach out, we’d love to have a conversation. We also welcome feedback on our beta – join our Discord #Feedback channel. We look forward to engaging in community discussion!

And We Are Hiring!

We are excited to tackle the next phase of our product roadmap and are actively looking to build our team. We are also committed to building an inclusive environment for people from every background. If you are like our vision and want to join our journey we would love to talk to you.

Please message us on on any of our social channels or check out our current job postings to learn more about the team.

About Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is the first mass market NFT Digital Collectibles Ecosystem, spanning multiple platforms and has partnerships with many of the world’s leading entertainment brands. They are on a journey to disrupt fandom and collecting. The Terra Virtua token is called Kolect (TVK)

Learn more about Terra Virtua at www.terravirtua.io

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