Terra Virtua Prestige, one month in

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An update for all our community on Terra Virtua Prestige, the official staking club that lets users earn more from their Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) tokens, and news on our first member REWARDS

As announced last month, we’ve launched Prestige, a new club that allows you to stake your TVK in return for a world of exclusive benefits. 

We’ve had a great response from our community so firstly – thank you for joining us! It’s great to have you on board and part of the family. Over 6.5 million TVK is staked already. 

This month we’ll be sending you an exclusive collectible not available on our marketplace. And as a thanks for joining so early, this one is on us! You won’t need to use any of your Prestige points to redeem it, so they’ll roll over into next month for you to use. 

The burning question…. What do I get this month?

You have the power! You can pick your collectible from our two options.

Feeling heroic? Choose the epic Guardian Bravo from Pacific Rim Uprising

Want to take a walk on the dark side? Enter Kaiju country with Acid Quill 

Depending on your stake and Prestige tier you’ll be rewarded accordingly: 





















How do I claim it? 

This month we are going manual! The team are working on the automatic process but we don’t want you to miss out. 

Please head to this form and fill out your details. From here we’ll link up your Terra Virtua account with the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date.  

Head to the form and make your choice: https://forms.gle/VdmizQBpngkZsfco7 


An update our other Prestige exclusive benefits:  

  • For the first 2 months only we’re giving all new members a super-exclusive, Founders VFlect based on membership tier. If you’ve signed up already, you’ll receive this after the 2 month early adopters period has ended. 
  • Prestige Discord Channel access  – fill out your details in the reward form above and we’ll add you to our exclusive channels. Once you’re added, we’ll also share the exclusive discord role for prestige members. 
  • Monthly Town Hall access  – allowing members to hear what’s happening in Terra Virtua directly from the Founders.  Our next town hall is going to be Thursday 14th October at 4PM BST, held in the prestige Discord Channel with CEO Gary Bracey and CTO Jawad Ashraf
  • We will be reaching out to our platinum members soon to let them know the procedure for creating your own custom vFlect!

Not signed up to Prestige?

Find out more about our membership and how to join here: https://terravirtua.io/prestige

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