Terra Virtua Prestige, month two rewards

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It's been an exciting first month for Prestige, the official staking club that lets users earn more from their Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) tokens. We take a look at what's next....

Firstly, we want to say a big shout out to everyone who signed up and verified their account – thanks for bearing with us on this process. Hopefully now you’re all set up and have received your first Collectible reward! No surprise here, the giant robot won the battle for votes….  Jaeger 1. Kaiju 0.  


We also have a growing Discord community where all our major Prestige updates will be shared, plus a hangout channel where you can all get to know each other better. This month, we held our inaugural Member-only Town Hall with founders Gary Bracey and Jawad Ashraf, speaking direct to the community on the latest in Terra Virtua’s development roadmap, partnerships and a chance to ask questions directly to the team. For those of you who missed it, we’ve included a few snippets of the session below. The next town hall will be announced on Discord.  

Prestige Town Hall October - Q&A Highlights

When are you announcing new licences and IPS coming to Terra Virtua?

GARY: We’ve always made it a policy that we don’t pre-announce anything. It sets expectations in the community and lots of speculation. For instance if we say we’re about to announce a large movie licence, everyone is going to expect that it’s something like Star Wars, and if it’s not will be disappointed. We want to avoid that. The silence doesn’t mean we don’t have anything, quite the contrary, but we don’t want to announce anything until we and our partners are ready. For instance, if we announce something today and we weren’t dropping it for 6 months, it gets stale very quickly. When the drops happen, people will think it’s old as they heard about it 6 months ago. Holding the news ensures its kept fresh.

We do have a number of signed entertainment licences that we’re very excited about. This is across a range of sectors from Sports, TV, Movies, comic books, games and of course music. All we ask is that you stay patient with us. We know you’re dying to know. We’re dying to announce them! But the time has got to be right.

What plans do you have to expand Prestige in the future?

JAWAD: The idea behind Prestige was to reward TVK holders with different benefits – including NFT rewards and Prestige Points. The Prestige Point itself is a token (ERC token) and that means we get a tonne of utility in the future. For example as it’s a token, it means we can work with other crypto companies for other benefits – we are having active conversations with companies right now.

In the future, the Prestige Membership will mean access to special events, drops and early access to new assets – for example VIP gallery screenings similar to a cocktail event before the general public see a collection.

We have also been contacted by people who hold 100s of NFTS and we want to reward them too. I envision a Prestige membership in the future where you can stake your NFT collection for rewards.

What’s next for VFLECT?

GARY: VFLECT are one of our big differentiators and we want to make sure we can scale this up. We’ve got a whole family of VFLECTs coming out that are licenced. Our first example of this was the Vampirella VFLECTs with Dynamite Entertainment but we’ve got a whole lot more in the pipeline.We’ve seen some sneak previews and some amazing 3D models from things like The BOYS and we’ll still be launching characters from these comics in the coming months. There are so many exciting products in the pipeline.

There are so many products in line. How many developers does Terra Virtua have and are you thinking about open source libraries, tools or products (i.e. Opensea)?

JAWAD: In house we have about 50 developers which cover multiple areas such as front end, blockchain, UX, UI, etc. On the second part, ultimately the blockchain technology is open sourced and all public. In terms of the new Terra Virtua platform, it’s going to be proprietary and allow us to spin out white labelled versions. Rather than people building things themselves, we’ll be able to provide this as a service. It’s not just about having somewhere to sell, it’s about having a curated experience for people to really engage with the brand. That’s missing right now and a lot of companies are struggling with this. We’re looking forward to launching this next year. 

Prestige - Month 2 Rewards

As mentioned in the town hall, Prestige points will be added to your account in November, and our Prestige Marketplace will be live in December. This month, we’re gifting you another free NFT reward. As before, you won’t need to use any of your Prestige points to redeem it, so they’ll roll over into next month for you to use. 



Like their parents before them, Taylor and Hayley strive to fend off the Kaiju and save humanity. Co-pilots of the impressive Jaeger ATLAS DESTROYER, this brother and sister duo are the heroes of Pacific Rim: The Black. Collect these never-before seen 3D Character Models, exclusive to Terra Virtua Prestige members.  

Want to collect the rest of the characters? We’ll be dropping Mei and Boy on the Marketplace in November.  

Depending on your stake and Prestige tier you’ll be rewarded accordingly: 





















How do I get my reward?

If you’ve verified your account last month, then head to this form and place your vote now: https://forms.gle/DdAAWbFLGxLmPSkD9 

Not verified yet? Please head to this form https://forms.gle/VdmizQBpngkZsfco7  and fill out your details. From here we’ll link up your Terra Virtua account with the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. 

Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. 

Prestige FAQs

There may be an issue with your verification. Please contact [email protected] and put “Prestige Reward” in the subject header. We have a dedicated team looking after enquiries who will come back to you asap. 

If you have been verified, then your reward will be on it’s way. Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. Rewards are issued after each month staking.  

This should have been returned to you straight away. Please contact [email protected] who’ll be able to issue these back to you. 

We’ve added all valid Discord accounts to the Prestige channel. If you’ve not been added, there may be an issue with your privacy setting OR you may not be a member of the open Terra Virtua Discord.

Please check your security or visibility settings on Discord. Please then make sure you are on the regular Terra Virtua Discord and drop a message to our community managers there to add you to Prestige. 

The marketplace will be ready in December. We’ll share an update to Prestige members next month on Discord. 

Your Prestige points will be on your account in November. As mentioned, any points from September onwards will be rolled over. 

The Prestige Marketplace will be live in December so you can spend you points and collect member exclusive collectibles.  

To become a member you need to stake your TVK. Find out more about our membership and how to join here: https://terravirtua.io/prestige

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