Terra Virtua Prestige, month three rewards

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Your monthly update for Prestige, the official staking club that lets users earn more from their Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) tokens. Take a look at what's next...

Back in medieval times, a very wise person said, ‘Rome was not built in a day’… and it is certainly true that to create great things takes time. And once again we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all Prestige Members for your continued patience. Good things will come to those who wait (another great saying!).

One thing’s for sure… you can be certain that you will not miss out on anything that we have said you will be getting. Not only that – we will make up for any timing slips by offering you your choice of FREE NFT without the need for you to spend ANY of your points. PLUS this month, as well as offering you a free NFT, we are gifting you a surprise VFLECT as an extra bonus and thank you!

Terra Virtua’s November Highlights

One of the things that excites us most is working with new IPs and brands that we think collectors are going to love.

During November, as well as welcoming new Dynamite characters on to Terra Virtua (NYX, Evil Ernie, and Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood to name just three), we have welcomed three fantastic new IPs and they couldn’t be more diverse! From Bored Apes to football to Elvis. 

Hero ISL Official Digital Collectibles

Hero Indian Super League – the top division in Indian football – has become the country’s first sports property to launch an NFT collectibles series for their fans – Hero ISL Official Digital Collectibles. We’re thrilled to be able to bring the world of football to Terra Virtua and have a lot of great new collectibles planned.

Trading cards have to be one of the most fun and affordable sports collectibles of all time and every fan loves a good team poster, so this is where our collection starts.

Gary Bracey says: “This is a big day for the future of Indian and international sport. The partnership signals a fundamental shift in the way sports fans will be able to engage with their favourite sports teams going forward, allowing them to collect and trade interactive player merchandise and dynamic digital memorabilia with fellow fans.”

Bored Apes VFLECTS

Launched in April this year by Yuga Labs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs of disinterested Apes with randomly generated traits and accessories. The Bored Apes caught the imagination of the internet – it’s fair to say they took it by storm! Back in September, we asked the Bored Apes community if they wanted the opportunity to license the Bored Apes they own to have a Terra Virtua VFLECT made in their honour. And many of them said YES!

Our team of designers got to work straight away, modelling each chosen Ape’s unique features and personality into VFLECT form. Released in troops of five in a limited edition, the first two groups are already running riot in the Marketplace and soon they’ll be joined by more Bored friends all in their shiny new 3D-animated robot form. 


We love that our VFLECTS are enjoyed so much by collectors and we are particularly proud of our themed limited editions. So we were over the moon to partner with Authentic Brands Group for a limited-edition range of Elvis-themed bots.

We launched with two incredible animated editions, Blue Hawaii and Jailhouse rock and have more to come in this fabulous series. Each animated VFLECT is modelled on an important moment in the life and career of this meteoric star. Elvis really does live… in VFLECT form!

The next Town Hall…

There’s so much going on behind the scenes we’ve stored up our Town Hall announcements this month so we can bring you some real celebrations for the end of the year. We’ll be releasing more news about our not-to-be-missed December event soon…

Prestige – Month 3 Rewards

This month, you can choose your NFT reward from a wider range than we’ve offered before. And you won’t need to use any of your Prestige points – this month’s reward is free as a thank you, so your points will roll over once more.

Below you will find two, specially picked, brand-new NFTs, which you can choose your reward from. As usual, these will not be available in the Marketplace because we want you to have the exclusive. If you prefer, you can choose instead from all the rewards we’ve offered you before. The choice is yours!

In addition, as our special extra bonus gift to you, we will select one of the following VFLECTs to add to your collection.

Depending on your stake and Prestige tier you’ll be rewarded accordingly: 

Platinum 125,000 Mythical 1,499.99
Gold 25,000 Legendary 299.99
Silver 10,000 Special 59.99
Bronze 5,000 Uncommon 29.99

Brand-new rewards! You can choose one of these…

Pacific Rim The Black NFT Boy Hooded
Scylla NFT from Godzilla vs Kong

Boy Hooded from Pacific Rim: The Black

Scylla from Godzilla vs. Kong

… OR if you prefer, choose one of these from our previous rewards

Taylor Drift 3D Model from Pacific Rim: The Black

Hayley Drift 3D Model from Pacific Rim: The Black

Guardian Bravo from Pacific Rim: Uprising

Acid Quill from Pacific Rim: The Black

As an EXTRA BONUS we will add one of these VFLECTS to your collection

One of these VFLECTS will be yours when you claim this month’s rewards. Will you receive Ringmaster John, Bronze Berserker, Frankie Underdog or Sal Goodbot? Soon you will find out.


How to get your rewards

If you’ve verified your account last month, then head to this form and choose your reward now.

Not verified yet? Please head to this form https://forms.gle/VdmizQBpngkZsfco7  and fill out your details. From here we’ll link up your Terra Virtua account with the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. 

Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. 

Prestige FAQs

I’ve not received my last reward, what do I do?

There may be an issue with your verification. Please contact [email protected] and put “Prestige Reward” in the subject header. We have a dedicated team looking after enquiries who will come back to you asap. 

If you have been verified, then your reward will be on it’s way. Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. Rewards are issued after each month staking.  

I’ve verified but not received my TVK exchange amount back. When will I receive this?

This should have been returned to you straight away. Please contact [email protected] who’ll be able to issue these back to you. 

I’ve not been added to the Prestige Discord channel. When will I be added?

We’ve added all valid Discord accounts to the Prestige channel. If you’ve not been added, there may be an issue with your privacy setting OR you may not be a member of the open Terra Virtua Discord.

Please check your security or visibility settings on Discord. Please then make sure you are on the regular Terra Virtua Discord and drop a message to our community managers there to add you to Prestige. 

When will the Prestige Marketplace be available?

The marketplace will be ready in December. We’ll share an update to Prestige members next month on Discord. 

When will I start earning Prestige Points?

Your Prestige points will be on your account in November. As mentioned, any points from September onwards will be rolled over. 

The Prestige Marketplace will be live in December so you can spend you points and collect member exclusive collectibles.  

I’m not signed up to Prestige. How can I become a member?

To become a member you need to stake your TVK. Find out more about our membership and how to join here: https://terravirtua.io/prestige

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