Terra Virtua Prestige, Month Six Update

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Welcome to our official members' club update! The Terra Virtua Prestige programme helps you earn more from your Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) tokens - and this month we have some amazing news to share, as well as another awesome reward...

Meet Frostine!

As the dedicated VFLECT host of the Terra Virtua Prestige rewards programme, Frostine will already be a familiar face. This month, she’s yours to collect, with reward rarities based on your membership tier!

Bag Yourself a Small Piece of History!

Terra Virtua caused a stir on prime-time US television by releasing a limited run of special NFTs of TV presenter Stephen Colbert, with all proceeds going to charity.

The host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had previously attempted to explain NFTs to his audience, by reading handwritten notes from the back of his brown paper lunch bag — which he referred to as an “AFT” (or “Actual ******* Thing”)! The bag was subsequently auctioned, raising $33,333 for the charity DonorsChoose, which provides educational materials for teachers and students in American public schools – and now, Terra Virtua has immortalised Colbert and his brown paper bag as a collectible 3D-animated VFLECT NFT robot.

These brand-new pieces of NFT history are officially available to buy on the Terra Virtua Marketplace, with all proceeds going to DonorsChoose.

Trailblazing Digital Artist Presents First-Ever NFT Collection

Acclaimed Hollywood artist John Taylor Dismukes brought his iconic Death Merchant to Terra Virtua as a unique NFT collection this month.

Dismukes’ original airbrush paintings have graced album covers and merchandise for rock legends including Steppenwolf, The Grateful Dead, Megadeth, and Foreigner. Working alongside Hollywood’s biggest studios, John has created logos, posters, and merchandise for blockbuster movies including Mad Max, Transformers, Jurassic Park, the original Terminator trailer, and Star Trek.

John’s arrival in the NFT space shows how artists in 2022 can give their fans a whole new way to own a piece of their favourite creator’s work.


Epic New Godzilla vs. Kong NFTs

This month, Godzilla vs. Kong fans were treated to the first of two sensational new drops on Terra Virtua, with a number of newly-minted NFTs arriving from the MonsterVerse.

We’re also relieved to confirm that no Wigan Athletic players were harmed during Kong’s impromptu pitch invasion during the team’s warm-up, thanks to the augmented reality viewer on Terra Virtua’s mobile app!

How to get your rewards

If you verified your account last month, then head over to this form and choose your reward now.

Not verified yet? Please use this form and fill out your details. Then we can link your Terra Virtua account to the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. 

Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays; when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date.

Prestige FAQs

I’ve not received my last reward – what do I do?

There may be an issue with your verification. Please contact [email protected] and put “Prestige Reward” in the subject header. We have a dedicated team looking after enquiries who will respond ASAP. 

If you have been verified, then your reward will be on its way. Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays; when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. Rewards are issued after each month of staking.  

I’m verified, but haven’t received my TVK exchange amount back. When will I receive this?

This should have been returned to you straight away. Please contact [email protected] – our team will be able to issue it back to you. 

I’ve not been added to the Prestige Discord channel. When will I be added?

We’ve added all valid Discord accounts to the Prestige channel. If you’ve not been added, there may be an issue with your privacy settings, or you may not be a member of the open Terra Virtua Discord.

Please check your security and visibility settings on Discord. Please make sure you are on the regular Terra Virtua Discord, and drop a message to our community managers there to add you to Prestige. 

I’m not signed up to Prestige. How can I become a member?

To become a Prestige member, you need to stake your TVK. Find out more about our membership and how to join here: https://terravirtua.io/prestige

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