Terra Virtua Prestige, month four rewards

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Your favorite official Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) staking club is back with another update for its amazing users! Let’s take a look at what’s next…

It’s been an outstanding year for Terra Virtua and its users. We couldn’t have asked for a better family than you! We wish all of our users a very Happy New Year!

We’ve got some big surprises and rewards in store for you guys this year. Due to your continuous support and unwavering love for Terra Virtua, we have grown stronger than ever before. We feel like we should do more for you like you’ve done for us! So without further ado let’s get into it… Oh, and keep earning those points because you WILL need to spend them in the NEAR FUTURE.

Terra Virtua’s December Update

We shared much of this in the Prestige Townhall earlier this week, however, we thought as we weren’t super coherent, it would be valuable to also put it into a written update for those who missed it!

Cardano Partnership

“Terra Virtua is a prime example of leading from the front in innovation. What they do in NFT, AR/VR, and their Metaverse is nothing short of forward-thinking. Working with Terra Virtua on a few projects together has been nothing but a pleasure, with their world-class team able to step up to any challenge. I really look forward to seeing what IOG, Cardano, and Terra Virtua bring to life in 2022!” Josh Miller, CSM Cardano

We are equally excited to be aligned closely with Cardano and we love their incisive vision and can-do attitude. We are working through the Cardano integration, we had to solve some interesting tech issues, and have managed to code up some Cardano firsts! The integration is mostly there — we are working through secondary sales scenarios now. As soon as it’s complete — we can mint the Cardano summit NFTs and support Cardano for any new brands or IP sets. Or if you are a play-to-earn project on this chain….come and talk to us!


Tezos is now integrated into Terra Virtua! The site now supports Tezos wallets, can mint Tezos NFTs and the marketplace is enabled. This feature will be activated if any brand or IP wants to release NFTs on our platform. If you are a Tezos-focused brand and want to create a metaverse experience — let’s have a conversation.

iOS App

The iOS app is still in submission but complete as a V1. There is some back and forth going on between us and Apple where we are asked questions — we respond, then again and again. Part of the challenge of being on the cutting edge of technology is that some of the questions they’re asking don’t have answers just yet — they are being figured out.

As soon as they approve, we will make it live. As it’s very different from the existing Android app, a new Android app will be published too in order to align the two products. This application will be in a state of constant innovation over the coming year and will form a central part of our strategy. We want it to be much more than anything else we see out there.


This has hit a number of roadblocks because of the development of the next version of our website — for when we launch it, EVERYTHING is changing in terms of the back end, front end — it’s a complete ground-up rewrite. We are creating a cutting-edge emissions engine for Prestige. The challenge has been keeping this, prestige and points emissions moving at the same time — as essentially we need to write it 2x, one for the old system (knowing it’s going to be gone in months) and the new platform. We are working to provide something with more utility in the interim but will continue to issue free NFT drops to all members without impacting your points balance at all (!).

We will be issuing points retroactively, with exciting utility across play to earn games, marketplace, and more for Prestige Points. We are truly excited about what Prestige will become. We thank you for your loyalty and patience on this one!

The rest is completely on track — and we are utterly excited about 2022!

One final point- you may have noticed that Gary has moved to the position of Chairman of Terra Virtua and Jawad has taken up the position of CEO. From the moment Gary and Jawad sat in a coffee shop and came up with the idea of Terra Virtua, Jawad was convinced that he had found a partner who could make this happen.

They’re proud of their product and each other’s leadership. What they have achieved in such a relatively short period of time is nothing short of extraordinary. As chairman, Gary will be dealing more with the partnerships and strategy and Jawad with the day-to-day tasks.

Prestige – Month 4 Rewards

Like last month, Terra Virtua brings you even more NFT rewards that you can choose from! Once again we are highly appreciative of your continuous support and patience and as a thank you, we have some rewards for you.

Below you will find two, specially picked, brand-new NFTs, which you can choose your reward from. As usual, these will not be available in the marketplace because we want you to have the exclusives! If you prefer, you can choose instead from all the rewards we’ve offered you before. The choice is yours!

In addition, as our special extra bonus gift to you, we will select one of the following VFLECTs to add to your collection.

Depending on your stake and Prestige tier you’ll be rewarded accordingly:

Platinum 125,000 Mythical 1,499.99
Gold 25,000 Legendary 299.99
Silver 10,000 Special 59.99
Bronze 5,000 Uncommon 29.99

Brand-new Rewards! You can choose one of these…


Bracer Phoenix from Pacific Rim: Uprising


Titanous Doug from Godzilla vs. Kong

… OR if you prefer, choose one of these from our previous rewards


Boy Hooded from Pacific Rim: The Black


Scylla from Godzilla vs. Kong


Taylor Drift 3D Model from Pacific Rim: The Black


Hayley Drift 3D Model from Pacific Rim: The Black


Guardian Bravo from Pacific Rim: Uprising


Acid Quill from Pacific Rim: The Black

As an EXTRA BONUS we will add one of these VFLECTS to your collection

One of these VFLECTS will be yours when you claim this month’s rewards. Will you receive Ringmaster John, Bronze Berserker, Frankie Underdog or Sal Goodbot? Soon you will find out.

How to get your rewards

If you’ve verified your account last month, then head over to this form and choose your reward now.

Not verified yet? Please head to this form https://forms.gle/VdmizQBpngkZsfco7  and fill out your details. From here we’ll link up your Terra Virtua account with the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. 

Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays – when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date.

Prestige FAQs

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