Terra Virtua Prestige, Month Five Update

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Welcome to our official members' club update! The Terra Virtua Prestige programme helps you earn more from your Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) tokens - and this month, we have a very special reward for you...

2022 has already been super busy – and even more exciting – here at Terra Virtua. Our team are working non-stop to get several major projects ready for launch, and our NFT drop schedule has been packed with awesome new releases from digital art pioneer John Taylor Dismukes (Death Merchant), Dynamite Entertainment (Red SonjaVampirella, and more), the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, and the Godzilla vs. Kong MonsterVerse (courtesy of Legendary Entertainment). We even have a very special Valentine’s Day NFT collection from one of our favourite artists, Jim Wheat – it’s called ‘Love & Cherish’, and you can learn more about it here.

January has been very much a transitional month for us, and 2022 (predicted by many to be the year of NFTs and the metaverse) looks set to be truly transformative. We don’t like to make announcements about announcements, so we won’t do that here – but we can say that we’re more excited about the future than we’ve ever been before. Let’s go through a few more new developments, and welcome a new member into the Terra Virtua Prestige club…

Your Founders' VFLECT is here!

If you joined the Terra Virtua Prestige programme within the first two months, we promised you a super-exclusive Founders’ VFLECT, with a special design based on your membership tier. These rewards were distributed on January 31 – if you haven’t received yours yet, contact [email protected], put “Founders’ VFLECT” in the subject header, and our dedicated Prestige team will get back to you ASAP.

GamerHash x Terra Virtua

GamerHash enables over 680,000 users to mine crypto using their spare computing power, and even earn crypto by completing tasks and playing games. We’re working with GamerHash on new ways to bring together NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the Web3 digital economy. This partnership is still in its early stages – and with investment heavyweights like Grayscale highlighting the importance and value of blockchain gaming, NFTs, and Web3 in a recent report about the metaverse, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on future developments here.

The Terra Virtua iPhone / iOS app is coming soon!

Our iOS app is being reviewed by Apple, and we just need them to approve it in order to start bringing the Terra Virtua NFT experience to your iPhone! As we mentioned in our update last month, this waiting period is unfortunately part of being in the industry we’re in – it’s right on the edge of what’s possible in tech, with new possibilities being imagined all the time, and so it will take the more traditional technology world some time to catch up.

The good news is, we’re still early…

How to get your rewards

If you verified your account last month, then head over to this form and choose your reward now.

Not verified yet? Please use this form and fill out your details. Then we can link your Terra Virtua account to the corresponding Prestige registered wallet and verify you. 

Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays; when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date.

Prestige FAQs

I’ve not received my last reward – what do I do?

There may be an issue with your verification. Please contact [email protected] and put “Prestige Reward” in the subject header. We have a dedicated team looking after enquiries who will respond ASAP. 

If you have been verified, then your reward will be on its way. Our team will issue Prestige rewards on Wednesdays; when you receive it will depend on your initial sign-up date. Rewards are issued after each month of staking.  

I’m verified, but haven’t received my TVK exchange amount back. When will I receive this?

This should have been returned to you straight away. Please contact [email protected] – our team will be able to issue it back to you. 

I’ve not been added to the Prestige Discord channel. When will I be added?

We’ve added all valid Discord accounts to the Prestige channel. If you’ve not been added, there may be an issue with your privacy settings, or you may not be a member of the open Terra Virtua Discord.

Please check your security and visibility settings on Discord. Please make sure you are on the regular Terra Virtua Discord, and drop a message to our community managers there to add you to Prestige. 

I’m not signed up to Prestige. How can I become a member?

To become a Prestige member, you need to stake your TVK. Find out more about our membership and how to join here: https://terravirtua.io/prestige

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