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Introduction from our CEO, Jawad Ashraf

Hello, and welcome to the Terra Virtua news blog! It’s been a really exciting month for us on many fronts, especially with regard to our soon-to-launch metaverse platform.

We’ve been working on our metaverse since the launch of Terra Virtua at a BAFTA screening of Ready Player One, back in 2017. For some, that may not seem too long ago – but in the world of Web3, it’s been a lifetime.

At that stage, we were already prepared to launch our metaverse concept – but the world simply wasn’t ready. So we took a step back and focused on building a market-leading NFT marketplace, as we knew that NFTs would be the building blocks of the metaverse. 

Fast-forward to 2022, and we’re back to where we originally began – building in the metaverse – but this time, the world is ready. We’ll soon be launching our metaverse platform, and can’t wait for you to join us in our stunning and interactive virtual worlds.

I recently caught up with NFT Evening, and went into our story in much more detail. My favourite quote: “I want us to be fully cemented into the metaverse…to be viewed as the metaverse company.” You can read the full article by clicking the button below, and I’ll see you soon with more updates!

Virtua CEO Founder Jawad Ashraf NFT Metaverse Blockchain Crypto Web3
Terra Virtua Cardano Summit NFTs Now Live Q&A Video Walkthrough How to Claim How Much Cost Price Buy IOG IOHK Charles Hoskinson Jawad Ashraf

Terra Virtua News: Our Integration With Cardano Is Now Complete

We’re always looking for new ways to make Terra Virtua more sustainable – so our new partnership with Cardano is particularly exciting. We officially began minting Cardano Summit NFTs on April 25, and we have a lot more Cardano-related projects in the pipeline. Our CEO Jawad Ashraf also took part in an in-depth Twitter Spaces conversation with Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, discussing the Terra Virtua x Cardano partnership and future plans, which you can listen to in full here.

If you attended the Cardano Summit and would like to claim your NFTs, simply click the button below for a full guide to the minting process.

Terra Virtua News: We’ve Partnered With the Incredible Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands is an anime-inspired play-to-earn (P2E) game with over 10,000 daily players, and its team are also developing the foundations of a fully fledged anime metaverse platform. Our partnership will provide players with a seamless experience using the Terra Virtua ecosystem while trading Kawaii Islands’ NFTs. Click the button below to check out our full press release:

Terra Virtua Kawaii Islands Partnership NFT NFTs Metaverse Anime
Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week
Image © Decentraland

Industry News: Decentraland Hosts First Official Metaverse Fashion Week

Digital identity is a key aspect of life in the metaverse – we all want to express our own personalities, and fashion choices enable us to do just that. As we mentioned in our February news blog, the metaverse already caused a stir at New York Fashion Week – and Decentraland recently hosted the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, featuring the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Philip Plein, and even a performance by the experimental musician Grimes in collaboration with metaverse-native luxury fashion house Auroboros. Journalists from top-level publications like Vogue and Forbes were on hand to cover every virtual event, and their verdicts were highly promising for the future of fashion in virtual environments.

Industry News: Hyundai Becomes the First Car Manufacturer to Release Its Own Community NFTs

Cars are essential assets for billions of people around the world, transporting us to any roadworthy destination and demonstrating our personal style to everyone we drive past. Luxury automakers such as McLaren and Ferrari have already begun exploring the world of NFTs – but Hyundai recently became the first manufacturer to drop NFTs enabling owners to join a dedicated metaverse space, and be part of Hyundai’s new collaboration with the NFT brand Meta Kongz. With so many petrolheads indulging their passion across the world, Hyundai’s “metamobility universe” is a truly fascinating project, highlighting the powerful social opportunities made possible by metaverse technology.

Hyundai Community NFTs Metamobility Univese
Image © Hyundai
Nick Percival The Supernaturals NFT Art Piece Collection Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua News: The Prolific Nick Percival Drops a New Collection of Top-Tier NFT Artworks

Nick Percival is an award-winning and multi-talented artist with a long list of superstar credits, from Marvel and DC to 2000 AD, Games Workshop, Activision, Sony, Microsoft, Eidos, MTV, and many more. His latest collection, The Supernaturals, is a set of four unique 1/1 2D animated NFT artworks – and the fourth work, the Soul Stealer, also includes a signed bespoke wooden box containing the ashes of a physical version of the piece, painted on canvas and cremated by Nick himself.

Industry News: England’s National Gallery Presents a New Art Exhibition in Virtual Reality

The art world has been quick to embrace the potential of cutting-edge technologies, and London’s National Gallery recently recreated the Italian church of San Benedetto al Po in virtual reality, in order to present ​​Paolo Veronese’s painting ‘The Consecration of Saint Nicholas’ in its original setting. Much like Unit London’s blockchain-powered NFT exhibition (covered in last month’s Terra Virtua news blog), the “Virtual Veronese” experience showcases yet another way for cultural institutions to negate the limitations of our physical reality, which have historically limited the accessibility of artistic masterpieces to the general public.

Virtual Veronese National Gallery Virtual Reality NFT
Image © The National Gallery
Image © HM Treasury

Industry News: The British Treasury Announces a Brand-New NFT Created by the Royal Mint

Governments and blockchain technology have always been a controversial mix, but national experiments are an inevitable part of mainstream mass adoption. As Great Britain is one of the world’s major financial hubs, its Treasury has announced plans to create an NFT via the Royal Mint, which produces all of the country’s coins and has developed currencies for more than 60 other nations. Further details are yet to emerge, but the British government seems determined to plant the Union Jack firmly in the blockchain landscape.

Industry News: Coca Cola Releases New Drink on Metaverse Platform Fortnite Ahead of IRL Release

Zero Sugar Byte, a new drink from Coca Cola, has been promoted ahead of its release through a special collaboration with the gaming metaverse platform Fortnite. The promotion includes a dedicated metaverse island and mini-games within Fortnite, and an additional augmented reality (AR) game that can be accessed through the Coca Cola Creations website. Advertising within the metaverse has already begun, and this move by one of the world’s biggest brands is an early example that will certainly be expanded upon in the future.

Image © Game Rant
John Carter of Mars Issue 1 NFT comic book by Chuck Brown George Kambadais Dynamite Entertainment Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua News: We Launched Dynamite’s Latest John Carter of Mars Comic as an Exclusive NFT Drop Before Its General Release

Digital comics enable fans to access their favourite adventures using their personal devices, and Dynamite Entertainment have been quick to adapt to this new paradigm shift. We drop at least one new Dynamite NFT comic every week, and this month’s lineup included Project Superpowers, Red Sonja, Vampirella, and a very special John Carter of Mars comic, which dropped as an NFT ahead of its general release. If you’re a comic book fan (or just curious), you can’t afford to miss our weekly Dynamite drops!

What’s Next?

We’re putting the finishing touches to our new mobile app release, and our dev team is hard at work on our website and metaverse platform! Our newly expanded Art Team are gearing up to drop exclusive NFT artworks at a much faster pace, while our IP pipeline is looking very exciting indeed.

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