Our step-by-step guide to getting set up on the Terra Virtua platform

Terra Account and Wallet How To
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How to register for your account and start collecting NFTs today!

Want to have access to unique collectables? Well, we have just what you’re looking for; art, comic books, movie characters, sports collectibles and more in NFT (non-fungible token) form, often for the very first time. Well, you’re in luck, by registering with Terra Virtua you can purchase these one of a kind pieces for yourself. Follow our steps below to register and to buy NFTs.

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Visit the page

Starting at the beginning (a very good place to start), head to your browser and type in www.terravirtua.io/register. There you go, nice and easy.

Step 2: Click 'create an account'
You’ll see a screen like the one below, underneath the sign in button you’ll see the option to create an account this is what you’ll want to click.
How to sign in
Step 3: Getting to know you
Here’s where you give us your soul (I mean details) so that we can get you set up. You’ll need to choose a username and let us know your email address.
How to Details
Step 4: Choose a secure password

Now it’s time to pick a password. Make sure you pick something that you’ll remember, but also one that’s not easy to guess. Also, let us know where you’re from – we’re all getting to know each other here.

How to passwords
Step 5: Welcome to the party!

Woo-hoo you’re one of us (one of us, ONE OF US). You can now choose your avatar and officially create your account.

How to - choose avatar
Step 6: Don't forget to confirm your account

Starting at the beginning (a very good place to start), head to your browser and type in www.terravirtua.io/register. There you go, nice and easy.

How to register Complete

Now, you’re all set up...but how do you actually buy things?

Ok, so how do you actually buy the cool collectables available? Here’s the lowdown:

Step 1: Getting logged in

First of all visit www.terravirtua.io/login and put in your username and password – easy peasy!

Step 2: Find your profile

Look to the top right-hand corner and you’ll see your avatar, click that and then a menu will appear. Choose ‘profile’ from that menu.

Step 3: Select create your Ethereum account

Click the link that will take you to a page where you can create an Ethereum account.

Step 4: Creating your account

Here you get two options, if you already have a Metamask account, you can click the button on the left, if you’re new to crypto that’s fine! You can sign up with us by clicking on the right.

Step 5: Agree to the terms and conditions

Take a read of the terms and conditions and make sure you read the small print – you don’t want to end up like Evil Ernie.

Step 6: Visit the Inventory

Head back to the avatar at the top right of the page, this time selecting Inventory from the menu. 

Step 7: Redeem

Once you are in inventory click REDEEM.

Step 8: Enter the Redemption/Giveaway Code you received from the Campaign provider.

Your NFT will arrive in 10 days!

There you have it, all the steps you need to start collecting NFTs with us. Want to see what’s available? Head over to the Marketplace now!


An NFT is a digital item created (minted) in a way that makes each and every one unique – so only you will ever own that exact item at the same time. It is made unique via its method of registration and tracking on a cloud-based ledger called the blockchain. These digital items can be minted in editions of varying number, from 1 to thousands, which gives them differing levels of rarity. 

When you buy an NFT on Terra Virtua, they are stored in your Terra Virtua account where you will have a number of given ways to interact with it, depending on how the NFT was created and the rights given to you in the contract which it comes with. In addition, Android users can use our apps to stage their NFTs in their very own Fan Cave, Terradome or Art Gallery, or bring them to life in augmented reality. You can find links to these apps on the Terra Virtua home page

This can happen, especially with our limited edition. NFTs are a fun new way to make collections on the things you are passionate about. Try to buy them when they first drop and you will get them at their original minted price. But when they’re gone, this is where auctions come in. You’ll always have another chance to buy if a current owner of the item you want decides to put it back on the Marketplace by putting it up for auction.

NFTs are a fascinating subject. You can find out lots more about them in our NFT Newbies section here on Terra Virtua.

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