October 2021 – Development Update

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An update from our CTO Jawad Ashraf

Hi everyone! Time to touch base again — there’s been a long gap since our last update, and we have achieved so much in that time, including the holy grail of full interoperability of our NFTs with the outside world! 

Our roadmap is now very different, but in a good way, and in many ways we are going back to our roots. We have always had a vision of what we want to build, and this article is far more expansive than discussed in previous roadmaps. 

Terra Virtua Marketplace v2

Next steps, Terra Virtua Marketplace v3 and beyond

The Terra Virtua Marketplace v3

Terra Virtua White Labels based on v3

The Terra Virtua Mobile App

Terra Virtua Prestige

The Terra Virtua Metaverse — (or the Terraverse 😊 )

Updated Roadmap

And for all the people out there who never saw our original metaverse — here’s a little reminder of what we built previously


And now for the recap of what we have done specifically since the last developer update:

1: The Marketplace

i) Collections Module

ii) Dynamic Search

iii) Stacking

iv) Generation Cards

The System

2: ETH Payment for Secondary Sales

3: Polygon Integration

4: Blockchain Restructuring

i) Phase:2 — Event Based System — Existing Open

ii) Ethereum Interoperability

iii) Polygon Interoperability

Jawad Ashraf - Terra Virtua CTO

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