NEWS JUST IN! You have only got until the 22nd of August to own a first-generation Terra Virtua collectible, because ‘when they’re gone, they’re gone!’

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The countdown has begun! Ten days is all you have to grab one of our first-gen digital collectibles. So, if you’ve been checking something out – now’s the time!

Maybe you’d like to get Lost in Space with a 3DA Will Robinson – danger, Will Robinson, you’re about to sell out! Ahhh, couldn’t resist… Stand with Kong, gazing upon his kingdom – just don’t make eye contact! Or experience a roaring Godzilla performing a spiked-tale twist? Now that is most impressive. 

For Pacific Rim Uprising fans the 2DA Pose NFTs for Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo, Valor Omega and Titan Redeemer are all pretty cool! While Pacific Rim: The Black aficionados get the choice of several Apex Massacre forms in menacing 3D.

And of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning our very own vFlects. So hard to choose just one – as each feels like part of the family!

What happens next? More value for collectors…

On August 23rd all our remaining first-gens will be permanently removed. This is a good thing for collectors, as it will add to the rarity value of their purchase.

And we hope you’ll find what we tell you next to be just as exciting as we think it is.

We are about to move away from the Ethereum platform and on to Polygon, which will enable us to mint  greener NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

This is a significant step for Terra Virtua and we hope that our collectors will appreciate the change and the benefits that come with it. In the meantime, here’s a fact you might enjoy…

Minting an NFT on Ethereum used the same amount of energy required to publish 83 paperback books. On Polygon, it will be the equivalent of sending just two emails!

Amazing stuff! And we for one are looking forward to our greener future.

Don’t miss out! The countdown has already started

So don’t just sit there, take a wander over to our Marketplace – or check out our new Collections feature – and see if there’s any first-generation editions you wanted to get your hands on. Right now is your best chance to buy – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Complete one of our favourite collections and you’ll get a reward!

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