January 2021 Marketing Update

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So, 2021 has kicked off much the same as 2020 ended with the pandemic still putting normality on hold for many of us. Christmas, for me at least, was far quieter than normal, but also a lot of fun too with group video calls with grandparents trying to work out FaceTime, or family quizzes with teams from Brighton, UK to Seattle, USA.* The one area of my world that hasn’t quietened down, however, is the incredibly exciting and ever-expanding world of Terra Virtua.
A quick recap

December 2020 saw the launch of our $TVK token and we’ve announced a ton of awesome new partnerships in the last month too with platforms such as utrustMatic and IGGalaxy.

On the product side, we released our first-ever fully animated 3D figure complete with sound effects, which made the experience so much more immersive. We also held our first live-streamed art exhibition featuring a collection by Gabby Dizon and rolled out some pretty awesome updates to the FanCave.

What’s ahead

We’re already 6 days into January 2021, and while we’ve been putting some finishing touches to our Q1 plan, we announced yesterday, 5 January 2021, a huge partnership with Elrond which is super exciting. The whole vision of Terra Virtua is about creating an ecosystem that thrives whatever your currency or blockchain and this partnership helps propel us into this vision being realised.

Pacific Rim Uprising

Just like the Jaegers in the movie, the suite of digital collectibles our production team has created for Pacific Rim Uprising fans is pretty huge and while we launched the range last month, there is still plenty to come.

In January 2021, we’ll be focusing on 2 Jaegers; Drone Jaeger and Obsidian Fury. These power-house Jaegers are so impressive and the amount of detail you can see when exploring the 3D figures is crazy.

The collection we will be launching this month includes 2D Jaeger Motifs, 3D scaled figures, 3DA animated poses and of course, the life-size, fully animated figures. And I have to say, having seen the fully animated 3D Drone Jaeger figure yesterday, I think it’s my favourite.

Drone Jaeger ready for action

Lost in Space

Lost in Space was one of the first brands we released when we went live in May 2020 and while there are some collectibles that are all sold, there are still some awesome items available, which leads us into the next major brand activity in January 2021.

We’ll be revisiting all of our Lost in Space items throughout the first quarter of 2021 and I have to say, to anyone who hasn’t watched the Netflix series, watch it. Watch it now! I’m totally hooked and when you consider the longevity of the Lost in Space brand, considering it all started from a novel published in 1812, this is not an IP that will be going out of fashion any time soon.

For 209 years, generations have been fascinated by the story of the Robinsons, a family who were immigrating to a new life but gets shipwrecked along the way. And this is the most incredible part of buying a digital collectible from the Lost in Space series; it’ll still be here in another 209 years time!

That’s the beauty of NFTs and the world we live in now…something can last forever.

The Godfather

When I think of the Godfather I’m instantly taken back to walking down the stairs in my childhood house, passing a movie poster with the famous puppet string logo that my stepfather had. It hung next to a movie poster for Once Upon a Time in America. I can still see them now, just thinking about it!

Roll forward a few (too many) years, and seeing the incredible collection of 2D static and animated movie posters makes me feel super nostalgic. My personal favourite has to be the Moe Greene animated poster. It’s such a great representation of the scene where Moe is having a massage and gets shot in the eye. This one is most definitely going on my FanCave wall.

While we don’t have any new drops for the Godfather, we do still have a fantastic inventory available on our website, so you’ll see a lot more activity around this awesome movie as we roll out #MafiaMonday’s to celebrate all the awesome collectibles we have.


On December 9th 2020 we held our first-ever live art exhibition within our Gallery in the TerraVerse. Some of you may have noticed the addition to our social media profiles of a dedicated Art channel as this is an area of huge growth and importance for us.

In January 2021 we’ll be launching our Artist’s Marketplace and will be kicking this off with the launch of 6 incredible Cryptoartists as well as scheduling more awesome exhibitions.

The art scene is really picking up and ICYMI, the cryptoart crowd had a huge win yesterday as Sotheby’s commented on Pak’s The Gift 3/3 — One for Evolution tweet. Now, it’s no surprise to find out that Sotheby’s are following the cryptoart scene, but their reply gave us all an insight into what might be ahead.

We’ve also lined up some awesome collectors for our next live art exhibitions so make sure you follow us on Twitter @TVirtuaArt to make sure you get all our updates!

Looking forward

As we ramp up our marketing activity over the coming weeks, you’ll likely see a few changes to our brand and how we present the awesome brands we work with. We’ll also be introducing another social profile as we give each part of the business a voice. So keep an eye out for more on this over the coming weeks.

There’s not too much else I can say about what’s ahead in 2021 because I don’t want to give away any of the awesome IPs, Product Updates & Partnerships in the pipeline, but rest assured this year is going to be epic!

As always, thanks for being part of our journey.Image for post

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