Growing Up & Moving Out

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There comes a time in every child’s life where living under the same roof as your parents & siblings becomes tedious. There’s too much noise, not enough space to shine, and the only thing to do is to fly the nest. To all of us on the team here, Terra Virtua is our child and as we move into the next phase of our growth, it’s time to give our key focus areas their own space.

Breaking out

The Terra Virtua ecosystem is made up of 3 essential elements; Art, Collectibles & our $TVK Token. All 3 areas are essential to each other yet they all deserve their own space to really shine. 

We want to be crypto-nerds and talk about staking, DeFi & the never-ending volatile fluctuations we see on cryptocurrency exchanges. But we also want to talk about insanely incredible artists or some super cool movie news that relates to the movie studio partnerships we are so very lucky to have. 

Yes, we are all human and if you are a Terra Virtua fan right now, you’ll likely be keen to know about each element, but if you’re here just for the Token you don’t want to know that we’ve signed another huge studio licensing deal that we’ll be releasing in March. Similarly, the fans of the TV show will want to hear about it, but they won’t get the Token side. 

And that’s ok. 

Our vision, realised

Terra Virtua’s raison d’etre is to revolutionize the collectables market. The way we see it, we’re developing an ecosystem where you can collect, connect, share, experience and also pass-on all of the things you love the most, from brands you adore in the easiest way possible. That’s why we are partnering with so many other incredible companies in the DeFi & Blockchain space and so many mainstream consumer brands. 

In bringing these two very different industries together it’s only natural that we will have two very different audiences and rather than trying to find a happy medium where each enthusiast gets an equal amount of space and air time, we feel it’s better to have 3 dedicated channels where we can geek-off to our heart’s content about everything we love.

Welcoming @TerraVirtuaHQ to the family

We will be unlocking the Terra Virtua Collectibles Twitter Profile from Friday 15 January 2021 and this will now be the channel for all of our licensing and product news as well as a ton of fun other bits and pieces. There will, of course, still be Token chatter because the Token is like our reward scheme and it will matter to those who are registered users on Terra Virtua, but the crypto chatter will reduce.

What this means then, is that over on the @Terra_Virtua channel, we’ll be able to get into the real techy side of our business and the crypto/blockchain industry and then over on @TVirtuaArt we will be all about art. 

When we have big news, this will be shared across all three channels. 

New channels, new icons

To make sure it’s easy to differentiate between our 3 channels, we’ll be rolling out two new icons as @TVCollectables takes ownership of the Terra Virtua sphere, and Art and the Token, get their own spheres:

One thing that we wanted to make sure of, during this journey, is that each side of the triangle was distinguishable from the others, but also, very much one and the same. 

Spread the news! 

This is a really brave step we’re taking as it means that the collectables side of our business now needs to grow a following, as does the art channel. All 24.4k followers of the current @Terra_Virtua account will stay right where they are and we’re starting from scratch. Again. 

We’ll be rolling out a marketing campaign across all three channels so please do follow, retweet and help us spread the word that we’re growing and spreading our wings. 

We’re really excited about this change and I couldn’t end this article without thanking every single one of our supporters, investors and fans, because, without you, we wouldn’t be embarking on this journey of a lifetime and we’re thrilled you’re on it with us. 

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