December at Terra Virtua

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This year has been one of the most bizarre years I think many of us have ever experienced and out of all this oddity, a lot of the world has moved to a more virtual existence.

Working from home is now the norm for many, we’re being asked to not use cash; contactless payment only. We’re to shop online, join virtual queues for a time slot to get into the grocery store…the shift in how we operate this year has been huge.

However, the virtual world isn’t just for the mundane everyday tasks we need to fulfil. It’s also one you can fully immerse yourself in and while gaming has been the key leader in VR and AR technology, new use cases are emerging every day. Last week I read an article on how VR is being used to help fast-track a vaccination for COVID, which is incredible and why I love advancements in technology, but this year has been tough, so I’d much rather focus on the fun you can have in the virtual world.

Welcome to Terra Virtua…

For those who don’t know, Terra Virtua is a virtual ecosystem where you can collect and be fully immersed in a world of digital items. Often referred to as NFTs (non-fungible tokens; a term used to describe unique items on the blockchain), the team at Terra Virtua have entirely evolved the world of collectables by taking it online.

Within the Terra Virtua ecosystem is the Fan Cave, the Terradome and soon to be released, Exhibition space. Each world is unique and caters for a wide variety of collectables from 2D stills and animated posters which you can hang in your fan cave, to giant characters from hugely popular movie and TV franchises that live in the Terradome due to their sheer size.

Robot — Inspecting, Lost in Space

The whole experience is incredible as it allows fans and collectors alike to interact with their items in a way never experienced before. Want to wear Maverick’s fighter pilot helmet? Done. Want to stand next to the robot from Lost In Space? Go ahead.

The opportunities are endless

So, what’s coming in December?

December has some really exciting drops coming up and if you follow us on social media you’ll see tons of activity as we gear up to a massive 1 of 1 drop on New Year’s Eve.

We’re kicking off the month with a brand new vFlect™️ family drop on 1st December. The vFlects™️ are our original 3D animated bots that are hugely popular within the crypto and NFT space.

Diabot vFlect™️ is dropping 1st December 2020

This month, we’re launching the Diabot family, as voted for by our awesome fans. Keep your eyes peeled for the story of vFlects™️ that’ll be arriving later this month.

In the first week of December, we’re dropping our final trio of Top Gun 3D, animated pilot helmets. Maverick, Hollywood & a Bogey’s helmets will be live and available on our site around 11 am EST. We’ve seen a surge over the last 3 weeks of activity on our site which just goes to show how popular this awesome 80’s movie is today.

We’ll also be releasing 5 more items from the incredible Nick Percival. These hugely popular pieces fly off our virtual shelves and we’re sure the Raising Hell series dropping in early December will be no exception to that.

Raising Hell art collection, Nick Percival

The 8th December is the 30th anniversary of The Godfather III, an occasion being marked by Paramount Pictures with a re-release of the movie on digital & Blu-ray and get this, they’ve changed the ending. Super excited about this one in general but in terms of what Terra Virtua is doing for it, we’ve got 3 incredible, yet to be released 2D posters from Godfather I for you to have on your Fan Cave wall. One of the posters has only 20 minted and will be listed as ‘rare’ so make sure you’re around to grab one of these.

Along with the Godfather pieces we’re dropping in the 2nd week of December, we’re launching Terra Virtua Exhibitions; a brand new space for your digital art collections to be housed in a beautiful virtual gallery that you can walk around. This is a perfect addition to our ecosystem and one I’m really excited about. We’ll be live-streaming the exhibition with the collector, Gabby Dizon and 4 featured artists on Twitch at 1 pm UK time. So, make sure you sync your lunch break, or if you’re in the US, set your alarm so you don’t miss this event!

Gypsy Avenger from Pacific Rim: Uprising

The 2nd week of December is going to be legendary as we’ll be also dropping the first of an incredible series of Pacific Rim: Uprising assets. I don’t want to give too much away yet but there will be weekly drops from the 10th December leading up to an incredible 1/1 fully animated item at the end of December.

In the middle of the month, we’ve got some more Top Gun assets dropping, a new festive themed release by Nick Percival and more Pacific Rim: Uprising will be going live too.

As we move into the 3rd week of December, we will see the final release from Nick Percival for 2020 with 6 new images to collect. Another Pacific Rim: Uprising drop which then leads to two exciting releases on Christmas day. These two I’m keeping secret (for now).

We’ll be rounding off what has been an incredible year for Terra Virtua in the last week of December, with a release of 6 official movie stills from Top Gun and ending the year on a massive high with our last Pacific Rim: Uprising drop.

Looking ahead to 2021

The new year is a matter of weeks away now and our planning has begun on what we’ll be bringing you in January, February and March, kick-starting the year with some exciting new partnerships. Keep your eyes on our social channels for more information as and when we can reveal who will be joining us on Terra Virtua.

All that remains, for now, is to wish everyone a happy December. It may well be an odd one this year, but one thing remains the same; Terra Virtua will be around and ready to welcome you with open virtual arms 24/7.

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