Terra Virtua Teams up with Binance for Merry Cryptmas Event: Win up to $450,000 in Metaverse Tokens & Festive Mystery Boxes!

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Join us for a Metaverse-themed Christmas and win dazzling prizes, festive Mystery Boxes and $450,000 in Metaverse tokens.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’ve teamed up with Binance NFT Marketplace to bring you the first-ever Metaverse-themed Christmas event as a special holiday gift — let’s end this year on a high note!

To make this Christmas one to remember, Terra Virtua is collaborating with Binance and eight other projects to launch the ‘Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box Collection.’ The collection will feature exclusive limited-edition NFTs from Terra Virtua, Alien Worlds, Chromia, Enjin, GALA, Illuvium, Mines of Dalarnia, My Neighbor Alice and The Sandbox.

Starting December 17th, expect a wide range of exciting activities where you’ll get a chance to win Metaverse Tokens and unlock Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes. Everyone’s welcome to celebrate Christmas with us, so remember to invite your friends to participate—even the non-Binance users!

Official Sale of Cryptmas Metaverse Collection

Starting December 24th at noon (UTC), users can purchase Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes at only 5 BUSD on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

The Mystery Boxes will come in two rarity levels – Super Rare (SR) and Super Super Rare (SSR). The SR edition consists of nine different NFT designs featuring an NFT character or item from one of the nine projects in the Metaverse. The SSR edition consists of only one NFT design and includes all the projects’ NFT characters / items in the Metaverse.

Each user is eligible to purchase a maximum of five Mystery Boxes from the Cryptmas Metaverse Collection. After purchase, the Mystery Boxes can also be listed and resold on Binance NFT’s secondary market. If you want more Cryptmas Mystery Boxes, you can buy them from the secondary market or win them by participating in the following activities.

Rewards and Activities

Find out how you can win your share of $450,000 in Metaverse Tokens and limited edition Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes. Participate in the activities below for your chance to win. The Metaverse tokens include TVK, ALICE, ENJ, ILV, GALA, TLM, CHR, DAR and SAND.

Binance NFT

From December 24th 2021 9am (UTC) to January 7th 2022 9am (UTC), collect Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes and NFTs to take home your share of $140,000 in Metaverse Tokens.

● Collect at least one SSR NFT to share a prize pool of $30,000 Metaverse Tokens. Collect more SSR NFTs and win more tokens from the prize pool.
● Collect four different SR NFTs to share a prize pool of $30,000 Metaverse Tokens.
● Collect the full set of nine different SR NFTs to share a prize pool of $30,000 Metaverse Tokens.
● The top 200 NFT traders will also share a prize pool of $50,000 Metaverse Tokens according to their trading volume.


Ho, ho, hodl! Deposit fiat or buy your favorite cryptocurrencies with credit/debit card to win your share of $70,000 in Metaverse tokens (TVK, ALICE, ENJ, ILV, GALA, TLM, CHR, DAR and SAND). Get your friends to participate, and you’ll unlock an even larger prize pool!

As a bonus, our Santa Elves will be rewarding the most active users with 500 Exclusive Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes. Log in and make a fiat transaction every day to accumulate points for rewards. And remember to collect the Cryptmas Mystery Box NFTs to unlock more Metaverse Tokens on Binance NFT. The sale starts on Christmas Eve!


“In the ten days of Cryptmas, Binance will send to me, ma~ny~ kinds~ of~ gifts!”

Join the Cryptmas Preheat (Dec 17th—20th) and Merry Cryptmas Celebration challenges (Dec 21st—25th) to win your share of $150,000 in token prizes and 2,000 Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes.


Celebrate Cryptmas with Binance Futures and collect your rewards from the #Metaverse! We’re joining Binance NFT to bring the biggest Metaverse celebration of the year. Stand to win up to $50,000 in Metaverse tokens and 500 Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Boxes!

Margin / Loans

Win a chance to spin the wheel and share $50,000 in Metaverse tokens and 500 NFTs! Register now, start trading and experience an unforgettable Xmas experience with Binance Margin & Loans and NFT.

Refer a Friend, Share The Joy & Win a Mystery Box!

Spread the love and invite your friend to participate in the event! You’ll be rewarded with a Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box once your referred friend completes the following tasks:

1. Generate your unique referral link and share it with your friend.
2. Once your friend registers a Binance account and completes any of the Cryptmas Metaverse tasks during the activity period, you will be eligible to receive a Cryptmas Metaverse Mystery Box.

3,000 winners will be randomly selected from all qualified users once the event concludes. The Mystery Boxes will be airdropped to winners before 2021-12-31 11:59 pm (UTC). Winners can check their rewards via Binance NFT Marketplace > User Center > Mystery Box > Collections.

The first-ever Metaverse-themed Christmas event will launch December 17th


Terra Virtua is an entertainment-focused collectibles platform. Using blockchain technology, it provides utility by allowing collectors of digital assets to display and interact with their virtual goods in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and in 3D on PCs. Leveraging the latest in mobile and gaming technologies, their mission is to engage and connect fan-based user communities and turbo-charge fandom. Terra Virtua believes in sustainable growth, recently switching to the environmentally friendly blockchain, Polygon.

An NFT is a digital item created (minted) in a way that makes each and every one unique – so only you will ever own that exact item at the same time. It is made unique via its method of registration and tracking on a cloud-based ledger called the blockchain. These digital items can be minted in editions of varying number, from 1 to thousands, which gives them differing levels of rarity. 

When you buy an NFT on Terra Virtua, they are stored in your Terra Virtua account where you will have a number of given ways to interact with it, depending on how the NFT was created and the rights given to you in the contract which it comes with. In addition, Android users can use our apps to stage their NFTs in their very own Fan Cave, Terradome or Art Gallery, or bring them to life in augmented reality. You can find links to these apps on the Terra Virtua home page

This can happen, especially with our limited edition. NFTs are a fun new way to make collections on the things you are passionate about. Try to buy them when they first drop and you will get them at their original minted price. But when they’re gone, this is where auctions come in. You’ll always have another chance to buy if a current owner of the item you want decides to put it back on the Marketplace by putting it up for auction.

NFTs are a fascinating subject. You can find out lots more about them in our NFT Newbies section here on Terra Virtua.

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