Terra Virtua Forms Strategic Partnership with Phantasma

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Terra Virtua is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Phantasma. Their market-leading Smart NFT technology combined with elements of the Terra Virtua ecosystem means this partnership will bring a seamless NFT minting experience to artists and more!

Using Self minting to create the best user experience

Terra Virtua has been working towards integrating a technology stack focused on enabling artists to self mint their NFTs. Phantasma’s NFT self minting console uMintwith Smart NFT technology, brings a friction-free NFT minting experience to Terra Virtuans! This aligns with our art ecosystem goals — and partnering with Phantasma to integrate this part of our ecosystem will accelerate the creation of an artist ecosystem within Terra Virtua. This will allow smoother onboarding and a faster way to create, with minimal cost or fuss to new users.

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Smart NFTs on Phantasma Blockchain

Phantasma has already built ERC20 token bridges between Ethereum and Phantasma. Their NFT metadata standard is compatible with both the Ethereum and NEO metadata standard. This will allow seamless transfer and metadata of NFTs once the Phantasma NFT swap bridge is live.

This partnership also allows us to engage the passionate Phantasma community as part of our goal to integrate multiple technologies and communities into our ecosystem.

Terra Virtua are confident in the synergistic benefits of our partnership — combining the best of both companies for the benefit of mainstream consumers and collectors. We have been impressed with the vision of the Phantasma team and are excited to add value to both Terra Virtua and Phantasma.

Learn more about Phantasma

Phantasma (phantasma.info) is a custom built and highly scalable blockchain platform for content distribution, featuring built-in oracles and advanced Smart NFT technology. With its high capacity, native decentralized storage and near free transactions, Phantasma is perfectly suited to provide the technological backbone for the future of gaming, NFTs and digital ownership in its growing ecosystem.

Website: https://phantasma.io
Community websitehttps://phantasma.info/

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