Terra Virtua becomes Marketplace partner for new blockchain-based PTE racing game Nitro League

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Nitro League, the metaverse racing game is coming soon and you can get all your Nitro assets – including tradeable cars – exclusively on the Terra Virtua Marketplace.

Nitro League comes to Terra Virtua 

Today we are excited to share news of our new partnership with Nitro League, a decentralised play-to-earn racing game, bringing together great gameplay, token economies and the metaverse.

Nitro League takes racing game fans in to the future to a world where technology is the best that can ever be imagined. In this play-to-earn community, players can collect Nitro League NFT cars, race them online, upgrade them with rare parts to increase their value – and increase their chances of winning more.

All Nitro League assets, from cars and tracks to garages and more are NFTs that will be tradable on Terra Virtua and, shortly, on Nitro League’s own marketplace, powered by and fully integrated with Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua CTO  and Co-founder Jawad Ashraf commented, “we’re on a mission to become the world’s leading metaverse for all digital collectibles, and I have a strong belief that NFTs and Play-to-earn games will be pivotal to the growth and adoption of the metaverse space moving forwards. With a new level of utility and value the use-case for gamers is clear.  But we are also providing additional value to IP owners, inherently changing the way that fans can engage with their brand and enabling them to further extend their audience base. In this example, brands could sponsor a driver, or mint a rare vehicle that gamers can take across the metaverse, or sell on the secondary market. The potential for brands is growing exponentially.”

Ashraf added, “We are extremely excited about Nitro League. We welcome a play-to-earn game with AAA quality standards, and we love their future evolution towards the immersive metaverse. We have so much to accomplish together. Get ready to see these incredible cars in you Terradome!”

Nitro League CEO Zaynab Tucker commented, “We’re aiming to shake up the gaming market with Nitro League. We are developing a great play-to-earn racing game, attractive to masses, not only to hard-core blockchain gamers. We will accompany our gamers in their financial progression with rewards and education, and will keep the platform open to all partners that can add value to our community, such as Guilds or DeFi service providers. And the whole lot will eventually progress to a fully immersive sports-themed metaverse”.

Zaynab added “We see Terra Virtual as the best partner to help us accomplish our mission. They will not only power our NFT marketplace with the best platform available in the market, but also accompany us in the evolution towards our decentralised immersive metaverse. They are providing tools and technology which will allow us to focus on the game while white labelling their metaverse technology and marketplace. It truly is a win-win ”

Nitro League NFT racing metaverse

The genesis set of Nitro League NFT cars will launch exclusively on Terra Virtua on December 18th

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