Special Staking Event with Bitmax

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Since we launched TVK many of our community, from seed investors to public sale purchasers have asked about our staking product. So we wanted to talk a little more about this, and an exciting launch!

What’s Our Approach to Staking?

We’ve got some great innovations coming online in 2021, including Terra Virtua Prestige and other great products to engage and reward TVK holders.Also, in early 2021 we are going to launch our first DeFi products — so stay tuned for that! However, we wanted to get a simple staking product out to you fast in 2020.

So first, as a special seasonal gift to TVK holders, we are going to launch a TVK staking product in partnership with our friends at Bitmax!

What Does this First Staking Product Look Like?

Staking TVK in 2020 will be exclusively available with our CEX partner Bitmax.

The product is for 6 months initially with:

  • Daily rewards distribution
  • Unbonding period of 14 days
  • Instant Unbonding Penalty of 3%

Staking APR dynamics adjust based on amount staked:

  • Less than 10M being staked: 36%
  • Less than 20M being staked: 18%
  • Over 20M: 9% or lower

Terra Virtua NFT airdrops

The Bitmax x Terra Virtua staking scheme also entitles you to rare, exciting NFTs, which you can hold, or later trade in Terra Virtua. Bitmax will inform you if you have qualified and then you just need to sign up to Terra Virtua, send us the confirmation and your special NFT will be dropped into your account!

  • The top 10 stakers based on average daily staked amount get a special vFlect NFT variation not available for purchase, so with a very high rarity
  • The top staker based on average daily staked amount gets an exclusive NFT from one of our world-class Brands such as Top Gun!

Keep an eye out for more staking and DeFi products which you will be able to participate in directly on the platform!

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