GamerHash Steps Into the Terra Virtua Metaverse

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Popular platforms partner to offer unique opportunities to fans

NFTs are an incredibly exciting space in the blockchain industry, with celebrities like Eminem, Post Malone, and even the Beatles getting in on the act. There’s no better time to learn more about NFTs, and even consider starting your own collection. 

Terra Virtua is a digital collectibles platform built on sustainable blockchain technology, offering immersive collectible, gaming, and social experiences, through NFTs, and providing a gateway to the metaverse.


Terra Virtua works with major brands like Paramount, Legendary, and Nitro League, and has produced officially licensed NFTs for blockbuster movies such as Top Gun, The Godfather, and Godzilla vs. Kong. It has also created its own range of signature NFTs, a collection of robot characters known as VFLECTs, each with a personality all its own.


Through the GamerHash and Terra Virtua partnership, you can even purchase your own life-size Godzilla, which you can interact with through VR and AR. 


This approach aligns perfectly with the mission of GamerHash – bringing the NFTs closer to the gamers, and introducing them to the fascinating world of blockchain gaming and the web3 digital economy.


Terra Virtua CEO Jawad Ashraf said, “We’re incredibly excited to partner with GamerHash, and bring Terra Virtua to a new community of gamers. The partnership will allow us to provide an insight into the world of NFTs, and collaborate on exclusive opportunities.”

AMA and Q&A Sessions 


To simultaneously introduce the Terra Virtua and GamerHash communities to the world of NFTs, and the possibilities within both ecosystems, we’re organising an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to answer all your questions. 


If you are part of the Terra Virtua and GamerHash social media communities, you’ll know exactly what that means. Competitions, giveaways, and opportunities to get your hands on NFTs, coins, and other cool stuff. 


Alongside the AMA, we’ll also be hosting a Q&A session on the Terra Virtua Discord, with special guests invited by the GamerHash team. Expect something special – we can’t wait to let you know who will be joining us. 


If you’d like to learn more about the Terra Virtua and GamerHash partnership, and get the lowdown on the latest in NFTs, stay tuned to our social media, where we’ll soon be announcing the AMA and Q&A dates.

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