Lost in Space family, friends and foes to the fore in an exclusive digital collectibles series

Lost in Space Collectible NFT series
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Lost in Space fans can feed their passion for the Robinson family and their fight for survival with a unique collection of Digital Collectibles - only on Terra Virtua.

The Robinsons have to be the luckiest family alive! After getting Lost in Space and fighting numerous alien (and human) foe, they barely survived before landing safely on Terra Virtua as unique NFTS (non-fungible tokens).  Here you will find everything for the serious Lost In Space fan, from characters you love to those you love to hate, and all the awesome vehicles and monsters in between.  There are heroes and villains, bots and beasts and beautifully crafted iconic digital posters. Time to explore! 

Lost in Space – available now in the NFT Marketplace

Each Lost in Space collectible is available in a range of NFT rarities, starting at just $9.99 for posters, $19.99 for 3D Models and $29.99 for 3D Animated Models.

PLUS! Check out our Lost in Space Collections. When you complete a Collection, you’ll receive a free NFT as a REWARD! We have only 50 rewards available per collection and you can see if there are any left on the Collections page. 

The Robinson Family

Will Robinson has been Lost in Space with his family – John, Maureen, Penny and Judy.

 When push comes to shove, this semi-dysfunctional family knows how to come together in times of crisis. Like when they are lost, escaping danger, battling bots or simply fighting for survival.

You can keep the family united by collecting all the variants, only on Terra Virtua.

Starting from $19.99

Human and Robot Friends and Foes

Dr. Smith, Don West and the mysterious Phoenix Bot. They keep us guessing whose side they’re on – are they friend or are they foe? And we couldn’t forget Robot – absolutely no danger of that, Will Robinson…

Sometimes good, sometimes bad, always complicated, Lost In Space has plenty of characters who divide opinion. Love them or loathe them, now you can own them in NFT form.

Starting from $19.99.

Lost in Space Vehicles

Lost? In space? You need wheels and wings to get yourself quickly in and out of danger.

Space is a big place and to get from A to B a special kind of vehicle is required.  The Chariot is the go-to ATV for exploring alien worlds, while the Jupiter II is the Robinsons’ very own spaceship for travelling around the galaxy.  And of course, aliens have their own colossal craft too.

All these awesome 3D models are available now in the Marketplace.

Starting from $1,499.99

Lost in Space Posters

Iconic Lost In Space words and images immortalised in poster form. You can find the whole collection of stylized animated posters in the Marketplace.

Don West’s poignant ‘No Chicken Left Behind’ motto, Robot’s trademark ‘Danger’ warning and the mesmerising wireframe structure of the Jupiter II craft are just three of the many collectible posters available.

Striking Lost In Space imagery and quotes can now be yours as unique digital designs. 

Starting from $9.99

It was all going so well for the Robinsons – John, Maureen, Penny, Judy and Will – but on a routine voyage to a distant space colony they find themselves marooned on an unwelcoming planet surrounded by hostiles and threats.

You are invited on a journey in to space! Don't get lost, now...

Some mothers and fathers will go to the moon and back to keep their family together. Meet the Robinsons! Between them, dad – soldier John – and mum – aerospace genius Maureen – can get most things done, but their children are no slouches either. Will may have failed his exams, but he’s the key to their survival in these unknown realms. Judy seems to have endless empathy and the medical nous to get them out of a fair few scrapes. And without Penny’s wit and willingness to get involved their story may have had a very different end.

Now this incredible family is available in NFT form! Superbly modelled as 3D and 3D-animated NFTs in an incredible level of detail, this exclusive collection is available in the Marketplace now.

Once lost, now they're found – in the Marketplace on Terra Virtua!

The Lost in Space series of collectibles starts with the family Robinson, but would not be complete without a certain threesome who always have us guessing, friend or foe?

Space-smuggler, chicken lover and all-round Mr Fix-It, Don may have started looking out for ‘number one’, but he’s a good guy really. And then there’s Dr Smith… She’s got the gift of the gab, but is she the psychiatrist she’d like us to think she is? Word to the wise… if anyone needs some mental-health advice they may be better off speaking to Don’s chicken. The spiky tin can with a universe for a face might sometimes act more human. He’s the Robot with a heart – and a whopping great secret, but he’ll never let Will Robinson down. 

When you’re in space, you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer – your survival depends on it. We’re all in this together, folks!

Start your Lost in Space collection

That’s not all! The series continues with amazing vehicles and out-of-this-world beasts and also includes the ultimate fan favourites – posters. Got to love a good poster!

Edition 1 Legendary Collectibles – Q&A

By moving to Polygon, we can now offer more collectibles, at lower prices for fans. This provides more access and more choice at a range of costs to make it affordable to all. Collectibles start at just $9.99 for posters, $19.99 for 3D Models and $29.99 for 3D Animated Models.

No, the designs are not different. This is to ensure anyone who missed out during our Beta phase doesn’t miss out.

As you know on August 23rd all our remaining first gen Ethereum collectibles were permanently removed. If you have a Gen 1 Edition 1 Legendary collectible, you have one of the first NFTs available on Terra Virtua which is pretty rare. There can only ever be one first and if you’re a collector, this means your item will increase in value as a collectible. 

How can people tell the difference? The metadata on your collectible, both on our marketplace and the Blockchain, will clearly show the Edition difference and platform (Ethereum). There is also a new tag on all the collectibles which clearly marks if it’s Gen 1 or Gen 2.  On top of that, as a thanks for collecting with us at the start, we are rolling out a special feature by Gold embossing all Edition 1 Legendary collectibles. This feature is coming soon. 

We are working on this at the moment and aiming to roll out very soon.  We’ll announce this feature on @TerraVirtuaHQ twitter so make sure you follow us.

No, you will not need to buy your collectible again in order to qualify for the reward. Our team will be adding rewards manually once you have purchased up to a full collection. If you’ve not received your collection reward within two working days, please contact our dev team using this form.  

Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla will return. We’ll announce their return on @TerraVirtuaHQ twitter so make sure you follow us.

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