Kaijus of Pacific Rim Uprising return

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Prepare for the next generation of monster warfare as Kaijus from Pacific Rim Uprising return as newly minted, Gen 2 collectibles on Wednesday 13th October at 5pm BST | 12pm EDT | 9am PDT.

A new breach has opened up and the monsters of mass destruction have landed on the Polygon blockchain!  The ferocious kaiju crew are on the Marketplace as newly minted, Gen 2 NFTS (non-fungible tokens).

Kaijus old and new are in the NFT Marketplace

Erupting from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, we welcome back Raijin and Hakuja into the Terra Virtua marketplace, and welcome NEW KAIJU Shrikethorn. Increasing in strength and ferocity, each Kaiju is an entirely new species with its own powers and attack patterns, perfectly evolved to do battle with humanity’s greatest defenders. But while no two Kaiju are the same, from electrified jaws, razor-sharp spines and lightning reflexes, they all share a common goal: extinction of the entire human race.

These three not enough? Be prepared for maximum monstrosity with Mega-Kaiju – BRAND NEW to our marketplace. Formed by stitching together three monsters into one with the help of the mechanical Kaiju machines, Ripper Mechs, the Mega-Kaiju is a game changer

Complete a set – get a REWARD!

Each Pacific Rim Uprising kaiju is available in the following NFT rarities and amounts:

5,000 Common 3D – $19.99
3,500 Uncommon 3DA – $29.99
2,500 Special 3DA – $59.99
250 Legendary 3DA – $299.99

PLUS! When you buy Common, Uncommon, Special and Legendary of any kaiju together at the same time, you’ll receive the Mythical 3DA worth $1,499.99 as your REWARD. We have only 50 available. 

Superbly modelled as 3D and 3D-animated NFTs in an incredible level of detail, this exclusive collection will be available in the Marketplace from Wednesday 13th October, 2021 at 5pm BST | 12pm EDT | 9pm PDT. 

Missing a Jaeger from your roster? The Gipsy Avenger NFT collection is available now! 

Our new poster collection - with a MEGA REWARD!

5,000 Shreikthorn  2DA Hero Art – $9.99
5,000 Raijin 2D Hero Art – $9.99
5,000 Harakuja 2D Hero Art – $9.99

2,500 Hakuja Pose 2D – $19.99
2,500 Raijin CAT V 2D – $19.99
2,500 Shreikthorn  Pose 2D – $25.00

PLUS! Collect all six of the posters for Raijin, Harakuja and Shreikthorn to collect this special REWARD Hero Art of Mega-Kaiju! 

The kaiju mission has begun...

This exclusive collection will be available in the Marketplace from Wednesday 13th October, 2021 at 5pm BST | 12pm EDT | 9pm PDT.  Collect them all to earn the Mega-Kaiju reward. 

Edition 1 Legendary Collectibles – Q&A

By moving to Polygon, we can now offer more collectibles, at lower prices for fans. This provides more access and more choice at a range of costs to make it affordable to all. Collectibles start at just $9.99 for posters, $19.99 for 3D Models and $29.99 for 3D Animated Models.

No, the designs are not different. This is to ensure anyone who missed out during our Beta phase doesn’t miss out.

As you know on August 23rd all our remaining first gen Ethereum collectibles were permanently removed. If you have a Gen 1 Edition 1 Legendary collectible, you have one of the first NFTs available on Terra Virtua which is pretty rare. There can only ever be one first and if you’re a collector, this means your item will increase in value as a collectible. 

How can people tell the difference? The metadata on your collectible, both on our marketplace and the Blockchain, will clearly show the Edition difference and platform (Ethereum). There is also a new tag on all the collectibles which clearly marks if it’s Gen 1 or Gen 2.  On top of that, as a thanks for collecting with us at the start, we are rolling out a special feature by Gold embossing all Edition 1 Legendary collectibles. This feature is coming soon. 

We are working on this at the moment and aiming to roll out very soon.  We’ll announce this feature on @TerraVirtuaHQ twitter so make sure you follow us.

No, you will not need to buy your collectible again in order to qualify for the reward. Our team will be adding rewards manually once you have purchased up to a full collection. If you’ve not received your collection reward within two working days, please contact our dev team using this form.  

Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla will return. We’ll announce their return on @TerraVirtuaHQ twitter so make sure you follow us.

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