How to Make the Most of Your Terra Virtua Account

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Welcome to Terra Virtua! We have got so much awesome stuff for you to get stuck into.

We’ve got a marketplace stuffed full of incredible NFTs (a.k.a non-fungible tokens), an augmented reality app to play with, our Fancave to show them off, a virtual gallery to display all your favourite artwork, the Terradome for the big beasts, and an incredible community to get involved with. 

If you’re new to the platform, you might be wondering where to start, so we’re here to give you a quick rundown of all the brilliant features available, and share our top tips on getting the most from your Terra Virtua account. (Prefer to watch than read? Check out our intro video, which provides a quick overview of what’s on offer).

Tip 1: Sign up for your account

Might seem like a simple step, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss out on our top drops because they haven’t signed up in advance. Some of our NFTs sell out in minutes, so if you want to grab one of our super popular vFlects or the latest Godzilla vs. Kong asset it’s well worth being signed up and logged in ready for them to drop. 

Tip 2: Add a way to pay

Again, this just makes sure you’re ready to click ‘buy’ when you spot something you fall in love with. Also, something not a lot of people realise is that you can also pay with your credit card. So if you’re new to NFTs and crypto, there’s no need to worry about linking wallets if you’re not sure about the process. Just add your regular old credit card and you’re good to go. (Then we can help you add the crypto stuff later if you want). 

Tip 3: Have a browse

There is soooo much incredible stuff on our marketplace. We’ve got artwork from world-renowned artists, as well as up and comers from all corners of the globe. We’ve got fully licensed and exclusive NFTs from hugely popular movie franchises such as Godzilla vs. Kong, Pacific Rim, Sunset Boulevard and Topgun. Plus hit TV shows like Lost in Space and Pacific Rim: The Black. Then we’ve also got our own vFlect range which are super popular, and we’ve got the world’s first NFT-only graphic novel by the hugely talented Nick Percival of Judge Dredd fame. And that’s just what’s on there today! We’re adding new stuff all the time, so having a browse is a must. Use the filters, use the search bar, ask in the communities, and just have a blast exploring all the stuff on offer. (Pro tip: To get you started we’ve come up with some handy buying guides for a budget).

Tip 4: Download the Fancave* to show off your collection

This is the main space where you can display and enjoy your NFTs. Our Fancave is pretty unique; not any other marketplaces offer you a place to interact with your NFTs up close and personal like we do. Inside, you can use your digital collectibles as real game items, watch TV, play pinball and put on some tunes on the record player, while customizing your Fancave with your collectibles. The Terra Virtua Fancave acts as your own digital crib. 

Tip 5: Download the Terradome* for the big stuff

The Fancave is awesome, but when you’ve got big old beasts like Godzilla, Kong or a Jaeger from Pacific Rim in your collection, a loft space ain’t going to cut it. That’s where the Terradome comes in. It’s been built specifically for larger assets like giant robots, creatures and ships and trust us when we say they look even better up close! 

Tip 6: Art lovers need the Art Gallery*

You can display your art in the Fancave, but if you miss the ethereal experience of wandering around an art gallery, then our desktop app is for you. Become a collector of some of the world’s most unique digital artwork from creators across the digital network. From subtle and minimalistic, to all out bizarre, download the Terra Art Gallery to become a true art connoisseur and immerse yourself in digital art in a whole new way.

Tip 7: Take your NFTs into the real world with our AR App**

If you follow us on social media, you may have spotted a few Jaegers, ATV vehicles, and the odd Godzilla roaming about the countryside from time to time, thanks to our awesome augmented reality app. It’s such a fun way to interact with your NFTs out in the real world, and is really easy to use too. Just download the app, connect your account and start bringing your NFTs to life wherever you are. (Pro tip: for some really brilliant examples of our AR App in action, check out this video).

Tip 8: Join our community

We don’t like to brag, but we have THE BEST community in the NFT space. Our #TerraTribe are super supportive of each other, are always coming up with great ideas for how we can grow Terra Virtua, and they are always on hand to offer advice if you have any questions about getting started with NFTs. Plus, we often give our community the heads up when new things are coming. So, if you want to be first in line for our next big drop, or be the first to hear about the latest updates to our platform, then our forums on Discord or Telegram, and our social media pages are the place to be. 

Twitter: @TerraVirtuaHQ 

Instagram: @terravirtua

Facebook: @OfficialTerraVirtua

*Currently our Fancave, Art Gallery and Terradome apps are only available on Windows.

**Our AR App is currently only available on Google Play.

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