5 (More) Reasons You Should Own Digital Collectibles

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Owning digital collectibles is great for so many reasons, here are just a few of them.

Back in March, we wrote a blog sharing 5 Reasons You Should Own Digital Collectibles. Well, since then, we’re thought of a few more…

1. Play and share with other fans

What’s better than amassing an awesome collection of posters, models, and props from your favourite franchises? Sharing it with your friends, of course (or bragging about it to them, that’s totally cool too, we’re not here to judge). And as NFTs become more popular, you’ll be able to share with friends and fellow collectors. You might even find a whole new community to be part of. 

2. It’s not just for the rich

For every $69 million painting sold by the likes of Beeple, there are hundreds of way more reasonably priced pieces of art, and digital collectibles for those without unlimited budgets. At Terra Virtua, for example, you can get your hands on a fully licensed Kong 3D model for $75, and some absolutely amazing Lost in Space posters for $12. And again, as NFTs become more mainstream, there will be more on offer and more price points, which means everyone can enjoy interacting with their favourite film, sport, artist, or band for a bargain. 

3. You can go big…like really big

If you’re a Godzilla vs Kong fan, then you’ve probably daydreamed about having a life sized Kong or Godzilla model in your home. Unfortunately most homes (even the swankiest mansions) aren’t really able to accommodate these titans. But in the digital world, anything is possible, and with our Terradome, you can be hanging out with a life sized Kong while you have your morning coffee. And there’s more to come. As our partnerships expand, we’ll be adding more and more larger than life NFTs for you to enjoy in the comfort of your Terradome. (Pro tip: no idea what the Terradome is? Have a read of our intro page, which explains all the different virtual environments available at Terra Virtua).

4. Digital collectibles have unlimited potential

As much as we love physical collectibles, we have to admit they do have limitations. A figurine of your favourite comic hero will only have so many poses, that collectible race car toy can’t be sat in, the artwork you have on your walls is static and mute. But in the digital realm, you can do soooo much more with your collection. When you buy a Lost in Space figure you can see a full range of movements, our ATV collection can be parked in your local supermarket car park via AR, and the artwork you buy from our marketplace can have movement, sound, and unlimited layers of meaning. And this is just what we can do now using 3D, AR, and VR in their current forms. Imagine what the future of digital collectibles might look like – we do. Every day. And we are so hyped about the possibilities. From being able to hold and interact with your collection in VR to being able to actually trade and hand over items in the digital world in real time. There’s so much on the horizon, and while we’ll always love physical collectibles (we’re collectors ourselves), we are extremely excited about what the future of NFTs and digital collectibles holds. 

5. You can get up close and personal

Having a collectible item is awesome, but if it’s the kind you can’t take out of the box for fear of decreasing it’s value, you’re not really getting the full collecting experience. Remember when you were a kid, and you had a favourite toy? You’d play with it, and look at every single detail for hours on end. In short, you actually got to enjoy it, and with digital collectibles you get to do the same thing, but without fear of compromising the future value. You can buy a piece of art and get up so close you can see the virtual brush strokes, and appreciate the intense details hidden within. When you buy a Mechagodzilla model you can zoom right in and examine every nut and bolt that makes up the titan. It’s a totally new and exciting way of interacting with your collection, and this is only going to become more immersive as new innovations develop. 

Those are some of our thoughts on why digital collectibles rule, but let us know why you love them by commenting below or sharing the love on social media.

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