What can I buy for… $25 or Less?

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Did you know that we have over 60 amazing collectibles you can buy for $25 or less on the marketplace, from franchises including Pacific Rim Uprising, Top Gun, Pacific Rim the Black, and our own vFlect range.

We love the fact that our marketplace is chock-full of so many amazing collectibles, but we also get that browsing our entire range might take a while. So, we’ve done the legwork for you, and come up with a handy shopping guide for every budget. 

We’re kicking off with our under $25 range, which is perfect if you want to get your non-fungible token (a.k.a NFT) collection started, or you just want to add a bargain to your existing collection. And even if you think you know our marketplace back to front, you might just discover some hidden gems…

Quick note: the availability of products on our marketplace changes quickly, so while all of the below were available at the time of publishing this blog, we can’t guarantee they are when you’re reading this. (Pro tip: if the links below go to a sold out mint number, just search for the item name on the site, as there may be more available).

Let’s go shopping!

vFlect Meteor Family $15 – $20

If you’re a regular on our Discord or Telegram then you know that these are a big deal in the Terra Virtua community. These bad boys ALWAYS sell out, and are massively popular on our secondary marketplace, so are a great option if you’re keen to trade in the future. Of course, they’re also just great fun to play with on our AR app, and enjoy in the Fancave. Either way, adding vFlects to your collection is a wise move indeed. The different colours indicate how rare they are, white is common ($15) and purple is uncommon ($20) (we have other rarities available too, so check out the whole range if you want something a bit more exclusive, also we regularly drop new vFlects, so we might have news ones on the marketplace by the time you read this). 

Meteor I White - $15
Meteor IV White - $15
Meteor X White - $15
Meteor XV White - $15
Meteor CXX White - $15
Meteor I Purple - $20
Meteor IV Purple - $20
Meteor X Purple - $20
Meteor XV Purple - $20
Meteor CXX Purple - $20

Pacific Rim Uprising Artwork $12 – $25

If you are a Pacific Rim fan, man, do we have some stuff for you. We’ve got some absolutely insane artwork, including an amazing selection of 2D Animated posters. They cover all your favs – Obsidian Fury, November Ajax, Gypsy Avenger, Guardian Bravo, Drone Jager, and a few Raijins and Hajukas for good measure. Plus you can get super low mints, and a complete collection!

Saber Athena Hero Art - $12
Titan Redeemer Hero Art - $12
Obsidian Fury Hero Art - $12
Guardian Bravo Hero Art - $12
November Ajax Hero Art - $12
Drone Jager Hero Art - $12
Bracer Pheonix Hero Art - $12
Valor Omega Hero Art - $12
Raijin Hero Art - $12
Gypsy Avenger Hero Art - $15
Moyulan Shatterdome - Hero Art - $25
Hakuja - CAT IV - $15
Raijin - CAT V - $15
Gypsy Avenger Legend Reborn - $15
Obsidian Fury - Assault on Sydney - $12
Obsidian Fury - Fear the Fury - $15
Obsidian Fury - Twinblad Terror - $25
Obsidian Fury - Pose (2DA) - $25
November Ajax - Pose (2DA) - $25
Guardian Bravo - Pose (2DA) - $25
Saber Athena - Pose (2DA) - $25
Valor Omega - Pose (2DA) - $25
Titan Redeemer - Pose (2DA) - $25
Guardian Bravo - Pose (2DA) - $25
Bracer Pheonix - Pose (2DA) - $25

Top Gun Helmets – $25

Do you feel the need…the need for speed? If so, stay safe during your flight with an awesome Top Gun helmet. These are so detailed, and look amazing in the Fancave! Plus they are great fun to play with in AR, and at $25 a piece, it’s a way to own a bit of the movie on a budget. 

Bogey's Helmet - $25
Merlin's Helmet
Hollywood's Helmet - $25
Cougar's Helmet - $25
Sundown's Helmet - $25
Slider's Helmet
Wolfman's Helmet - $25

Lost in Space 3D Figures $20 – $25

The rebooted Lost in Space TV show on Netflix has been a huge success, and if you’re a lover of the series, these figures are for you! They are so detailed, and because they’re 3D you can zoom in on every single detail. We’ve got characters from the show, plus a few monsters for you to enjoy. And at less than $25 they’re a perfect starter for your 3D model collection and a must for any LiS devotee! (We must confess that technically Dr Smith doesn’t count as she’s actually $25.20, but we didn’t want to split up the crew for the sake of $0.20).

Maureen Robinson 3D Figure - $25
Penny Roninson 3D Figure - $25
Dr Smith 3D Figure - $25.20
No Chicken Left Behind 2DA Poster - $25
Pheonic Bot 3D Figure - $20
Amber Creature 3D Figure - $20
Cave Creature 3D Figure - $20
Predator 3D Figure - $20

Pacific Rim the Black Artwork $25

We are so excited that PRTB is getting another series, because the first one was amazing! If you want to own a piece of this brilliant animated series, get your hands on awesome artwork depicting some of the most iconic scenes from the show, and relive the adventure while we all wait for season 2 to drop.  

Need a Hand (S1Ep1 Artwork) - $25
Search for the Power Cell (S1Ep2 Artwork) - $25
Stealth Mode Activated (S1E3 Artwork) - $25
Mei's Memories (S1Ep4 Artwork) - $25
Ghost Pilot (S1Ep5 Artwork) - $25
Blast to the Past (S1Ep5 Artwork) - $25
Shane's Revenge (S1Ep6 Artwork) - $25
Graveyard (S2Ep6 Artwork) - $25
Hunter Vertigo (S1Ep7 Artwork) - $25
Luck Be With You (S1Ep7 Artwork) - $25

So, there you have it, that’s just a small selection of the awesome collectibles available on our marketplace. And all of these are only $25 or less, so the perfect way to make a start on your collection. The best part – more stuff is being added all the time, so definitely keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date with all the latest drops!

Got more money burning a hole in your pocket? Don’t worry, we’ve got buying guides for every budget coming up. Next time we’ll tackle the $25-$50 range, but don’t wait for us, feel free to get browsing and see what takes your fancy!

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