The World of Top Gun Movie Posters

maverick top gun movie poster
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Referring to Terra Virtua as a Top Gun movie poster alternative is a major understatement because it is so much more than that. Terra Virtua is an online marketplace that deals with the collectibles of the future, virtual collectibles.

In 1986, Top Gun came out in theaters and made a splash due to its incredible cinematography, stunts, and action sequences. Overall, the movie was impressive, and it has since become an iconic movie of the ‘80s. In fact, in 2015, the Library of Congress put the film in the National Film Registry for preservation due to its significance.

It wasn’t just significant due to the action and cinematics, though. Part of what made Top Gun spectacular were the performances of the cast, including Tom Cruise, who starred as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Included were also great one-liners, some of which have permeated American culture to the extent of being used by those who have never seen the movie.

Looking at the influence of Top Gun, with quotes and characters still remembered over 30 years after its release, it is clear how iconic it truly is. With such incredible characters and one-liners, it is worth remembering, and a great way to do that is memorabilia. Particularly, Top Gun movie posters are a great way to remember the iconic film.

The Types of Top Gun Movie Posters

Before getting into the various Top Gun movie posters out there, it is important to know what types of posters there are. Mainly, there are a few categories that come with different rarities and prices, and depending on what you are looking for, it will dictate how difficult it is to find something for yourself.

The first and most common type of Top Gun movie poster is the newly printed — reprinted — posters. They range from things like the official poster used in theaters to unofficial posters that are centered around a quote or character. Official or not, these are the standard posters, with their cost relatively cheap and depending on size.

The next type of poster is vintage posters. These are original prints, those obtained back when the movie came out or around that time. These will be more difficult to find. While you can get the same posters printed new, these might have a cotton back or other identifying features that make it obvious they are from the ‘80s.

Finally, signed Top Gun movie posters also exist. These are mostly vintage posters that received a signature from one of the cast. Such posters are far rarer than the other two types, and they carry a hefty price tag because of it. While it is not difficult to find most posters, you will have to search long and hard for signed Top Gun movie posters.

Top Gun Movie Posters

top gun shades poster

There are a lot of Top Gun movie posters out there, and finding one that you like means getting one that represents what you love about the film. That can be a character, quote, or visual that captures your favorite part of the film. Therefore, to help you learn more about Top Gun movie posters, some examples of what is out there are in order.

The Classic Top Gun Movie Poster

It can be argued that everything Top Gun is classic at this point. It was mentioned earlier that Top Gun is iconic, enough to be considered culturally significant and stored away in the National Film Registry. However, even then, there is one Top Gun movie poster that stands above all others when it comes to significance: the cinematic poster.

The cinematic Top Gun movie poster has it all: a great tagline, a few fighter jets, and the two phenomenal actors that made the movie a hit. Additionally, it has credits to the people and studio that made the movie happen, giving it that official feel. It might even drag you back to that feeling of seeing a poster at the theater.

As for the tagline, “Up there with the best of the best,” it captures the theme of the movie. It is followed by a backdrop of two fighter jets featured in the film and the male and female leads.

Above all else, the main leads are why this poster is such a classic. Cinematic credits and tagline aside, Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis propelled this movie to greatness with superb acting. As Maverick and Charlie, the two actors brought a movie in the sky down to earth and are two characters worth remembering for any fan of the movie.

With such great performances, it is fitting that they be on this Top Gun movie poster that can be considered the classic for those looking to add to their collection. Therefore, whether you appreciate the official feel or the focus on Cruise and McGillis, this poster is a great addition or start for any collector. You might even find a vintage one.

Character-Driven Posters

Character-driven posters are for when you love a movie because of an actor or their performance, and Top Gun movie posters are rich with great characters to choose from. The cinematic poster mentioned above can actually be considered character-driven, with Maverick and Charlie the centerpiece of the entire thing.

However, there are more examples of posters focusing on a single character, with Maverick being the obvious favorite as the lead and hotshot ace pilot of the movie. Among some of the best Maverick posters are him in his various uniform sets, such as his pilot gear, his basic military uniform, and his white dress uniform.

While there are a variety of Maverick posters out there, even those of him with his fellow pilots and co-stars, the others also have their fair share of posters. Of the other pilots, one of the most influential is Goose, Maverick’s partner and an emotional focal point in the movie. One great poster of him is a black and white poster of him in a fighter jet.

As important a role as Goose plays, his presence in the film pales in comparison to the one and only Iceman. While Iceman appears an antagonist at the start, opposed to everything that Maverick represents, he is a pivotal character that plays opposite Maverick. He also has the most posters aside from Tom Cruise’s Maverick.

Top Gun Movie Posters Based Around Quotes

Characters can make or break a movie, and everything has their favorite no matter the movie. However, there is more to most movies than characters, and Top Gun is no exception. In this instance, writing is the other thing. A well-written movie is important when you want something memorable.

Fortunately, Top Gun has great writing and amazing one-liners, and many of these memorable lines are immortalized on the Top Gun movie posters out there. Just a few examples are:

  • “If you think, you’re dead.”
  • “I feel the need… the need for speed.”
  • “Because I was inverted.”
  • “That’s right, Iceman. I am dangerous.”


Each of these quotes can be found on posters, and it is likely there are more out there. For many collectors, iconic quotes last longer than anything else, and if that’s the case for you, then you will have plenty of Top Gun movie posters to choose from.

The Importance of Movie Posters

When it comes to movies, there are often a number of things you can collect as memorabilia. In fact, Top Gun’s most famous collectible is Maverick’s helmet, which sold at auction for over half a million dollars. Aside from that, there are numerous items you could search for, such as:

  • Figurines
  • Models
  • Replicas
  • Vintage film

Anything related to the movie can be collected, but none of it has the same feel as a movie poster. None of it feels as connected. And this is particularly so when you consider what really made the movie stand out aside from the characters: the visuals and the one-liners.

Nothing captures one-liners and visuals like a movie poster, and for anyone looking to collect memorabilia, there is no better choice. However, there are a lot of choices out there, and thus a lot of Top Gun movie posters to explore.

Buying Top Gun Movie Posters

It should be clear that there are plenty of Top Gun movie posters out there. Whether you are a fan of the action sequences, the characters, the quotes, or the movie as a whole, there is something that will suit you. However, how do you go about buying these posters? The simple answer to the question is online.

Since there are different types of posters, there are different ways to go about shopping for them. The easiest to get will be the reprinted posters and those that aren’t official or from the time of the movie. On the other end of things, original posters from the ‘80s will be more expensive and difficult to find, and the same goes for signed posters.

You can find reprinted posters all over the place, including sites like Amazon, which will likely have multiple sellers available. Another reliable site is, which has a large selection with different size options and finishes. You can get your posters ready for display in quite a few ways, such as:

  • The classic unframed
  • Mounted on wood
  • Framed in various frames from wood to gold
  • Laminated
  • Custom

There are a lot of reasons to go with a reprint unless you are a hardcore collector interested in originals over everything else. However, if you are looking for originals or signed Top Gun movie posters, you will have to look a little harder. Try websites like and for some rarer items.

Expected Prices for Top Gun Movie Posters

You can expect to find competitive prices for reprints. While it depends on the size and the frame, you might be able to get your hands on a nice poster for around ten dollars. Of course, the larger posters can get a bit more expensive, especially if you frame them, but it won’t be anything outrageous.

As for originals and signed copies of Top Gun movie posters, you can expect to pay higher prices, and they might be all over the place. The price for original collectibles depends on what people are willing to pay for them, so you never know what it might be.

That being said, one of the original cinematic-style posters went for over $700 on one site, and there are many instances of such movie posters being over $500 on sites like

You will likely find similar prices on originals since they are as rare as signed copies after over 30 years.

The New Top Gun Movie Posters

top gun f16 movie poster

While the sequel to Top Gun isn’t out until July 2021, there are already movie posters out for the movie. A lot of these features Tom Cruise, the established star who played and will once again play Maverick, the hotshot pilot everyone loves.

If you are already looking forward to the new posters, you can find some available on Amazon. However, you might find some that have 2020 on them since that was the original release year planned for the sequel.

Custom Movie Posters

You can also find some interesting Top Gun movie posters made by websites or individuals with various Top Gun visuals and quotes. These can be found everywhere, but sites like Etsy feature a lot of products that stray from the mainstream.

Additionally, there are sites out there that let you make your own completely unique movie posters. So, if you love a part of the movie but can’t find the right poster, then you might want to consider having it made just for you.

The Worry With Movie Posters

Top Gun movie posters are the perfect way to display your love for the movie, and they made great pieces when hung on the wall. However, there are some instances where having a physical object to take care of can be a disadvantage.

You might not have enough space to hang it without it looking awkward, or there might be other reasons that will make it difficult to hang it. You might simply not want to risk damaging your movie poster if you do not have it framed or are afraid of it getting knocked into. Sometimes, even if you would like to have a poster, it just doesn’t work.

In such situations, or if you simply like collecting in various forms, you can look into alternatives. Specifically, you can look into virtual alternatives. It might sound strange at first, especially if you are looking for a physical object, but it’s not. In fact, it’s an

A Top Gun Movie Poster Alternative - Terra Virtua

top gun vf 1 poster

Referring to Terra Virtua as a Top Gun movie poster alternative is a major understatement because it is so much more than that. Terra Virtua is an online marketplace that deals with the collectibles of the future, virtual collectibles. However, to properly explain why this is an alternative, you will need to understand some specifics.

The Future of Collectibles

A good place to start is with how this is even possible. After all, owning something online might sound crazy, but it’s not. Consider bitcoins and all the other virtual objects people pay for and cherish. Consider games, online economies, and all of the other marketplaces that exist online. Terra Virtua is just the next step for collectibles.

Terra Virtua allows artists to create products, both 2D and 3D, that can be sold to collectors. And this is not an overly saturated market that throws out any quality of the product. Paramount is a partner, and Top Gun merchandise, including virtual posters, is on the site. They cost real money, are worth real money, and hold major value.

Their value is not limited to financial, however. While they will not devalue, which already gives them a leg up against physical Top Gun movie posters, they also have true collectible value. The collectible value comes from various sources, such as:

  • Created with the studio’s approval
  • A limited number of each design
  • The ability to truly own and show off your pieces


With virtual reality only getting better and Terra Virtua having ways to display your collectibles in a 3D environment, it is already a fun way to collect. However, with studio approval and a limited number of each design for each item, you are actually getting something more valuable than most collectibles in the grand scheme of things.

Of course, there are also independent artists, but that only gives you more access to limited edition collectibles.

Some of What You Can Find on Terra Virtua

Just like physical Top Gun movie posters, you can find virtual movie posters. These include posters with lines such as “Because I was inverted” and “I feel the need… the need for speed.” Additionally, there are a number of other items, including beautiful 3D rendered helmets for each of the pilots from the movie.

It is worth exploring what they have and knowing that you are getting something quite unique. There is even likely to be more products coming out in the future, considering how quickly Terra Virtua is growing. Moreover, as mentioned before, this virtual art has some serious value as collectibles and financial assets.

The Value of These Top Gun Movie Poster Alternatives

So, you can get movie posters this way, buying what can even be called trading cards with various quotes on them. While it is not the same thing as a physical copy of the posters available for physical purchase, the items on Terra Virtua actually have a higher overall value.

Virtual collectibles are pieces of virtual artwork, and it is becoming a bigger and bigger thing. Some people even consider it to be the future of fine art collecting. Though there will always be a demand for artwork products by a skilled hand, there are also a lot of virtual creations nowadays, and they have a great deal of appeal.

Moreover, the items on Terra Virtua are treated differently than any other piece of art you may purchase elsewhere. When you buy a 3D piece on Terra Virtua, you own it, so much so that the single copy in your position cannot be exploited because you will have something called a blockchain. You will have a virtual certificate of authenticity of sorts.

How Collecting on Terra Virtua Works

You should use Terra Virtua if you have any interest in collecting. While Top Gun movie posters are great, there are some incredible items available on Terra Virtua, and it is not difficult to get started.

The items on the site operate through a purchase or auction system. Some things you can simply “add to cart,” while others require bidding. The same goes for selling. Therefore, once you find something you like, you place your bid or add it to your cart and make the purchase. It is as simple as that. Once you’re done, it’s yours.

Once you have an item in your collection, you can do various things with it. However, one thing is for certain, which is that the item you have purchased is a piece of art that you own.


While it might seem obvious already, there are a lot of ways to collect items from Top Gun. Movie posters are great, with a number of physical options to choose from. If you are looking to collect movie posters, then you can find them all around the internet. However, if you are interested in something even more valuable, there is Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua, as mentioned, is all digital. There are no physical objects, but the value of the items exceeds most movie posters, and there are some beautiful art pieces on the site. You can even show off your collection to other passionate people, trading and interacting as you look for rarer pieces and those you fancy.

Really, anyone who is a serious collector should use Terra Virtua. If you are considering Top Gun movie posters, you should also take a look at their impressive virtual alternative. Either way, you are going to love what you find. So, go out there, find what you like, and collect.

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