Insane movie props you could actually own

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We’re all stuck in, who can blame us for doing a bit of online window shopping, or real shopping for that matter? Especially if you live alone, you may need a full size Xenomorph warrior in the corner of your room, to keep you company, of course. For a lot less money you could nab yourself a full size NFT that you could put into any room using our AR App, but hey, we like to give you options.
All of the below props are unsold from The Prop Store auction house at time of writing.

1. JUDGE DREDD (1995) – Full-Size ABC Warrior Robot With Animatronic, Remote Control Head

Unsold and estimated to sell between £50,000-£100,000, if you had that kind of money you could have your very own animatronic friend to show off to your non animatronic friends. The robot features many scuffs and signs of battle damage that screen match it to the scene where Rico used it to threaten Judge Griffin. This 55 inch tall robot is the perfect addition to any home! If, however, you’re lacking in skrilla we have our very own collection by Nick Percival himself here, so all is not lost!


Image: Prop Store

2. JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (2018) – Diorama Room 15-foot Kosmoceratops Skeleton

If the only crusty old thing in your room is that crochet quilt your nan made you back in ‘83 then maybe you could do with something a bit crustier, a bit older but definitely more awesome! This unsold Kosmoceratops from the 2018 blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is estimated at £50,000-£70,000. A pretty fair price if you own a place big enough for a 15 foot dinosaur sculpture, don’t you think?

Image: Prop Store

3. ALIEN3 (1992) – Xenomorph Warrior Complete Costume Display

If you were as big of a fan of the Alien franchise as we are then owning this would blow your mind. Imagine coming home from work and fist bumping your very own full size Xenomorphe Warrior! Well, you can, for the princely sum of £50,000-£70,000. That’s a small amount to pay for a 79 inch friend who will never leave you!

Image: Prop Store

4.  THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2001) – Witch-King of Angmar’s (Brent McIntyre) Morgul Dagger

It’s indisputable that daggers are cool. A dagger owned by the Witch-King of Angmar from the lord of the rings franchise? Exponentially cooler! It may not be the one ring to rule them all but it is the one dagger that stabbed Frodo. This epic prop will set you back £30,000-£50,000, but even though spending that might make you homeless, carless and hungry, you’ll have a badass dagger to show for it! 


Image: Prop Store

5.JURASSIC WORLD (2015) – Owen Grady’s (Chris Pratt) Screen-Matched Hero “Marlin” Rifle

Okay, okay, so we’ve done Jurassic World twice, but who can blame us? This was Chris Pratt’s actual gun in the movie, he used this! As per the auctioneer’s description “The rifle screen matches through its unique woodgrain to later scenes in the film, including those where Grady, InGen Security, and the raptors track down the Indominus Rex, and the final confrontation with the dinosaurs on the park’s main street.” Now if that isn’t a conversation starter, I don’t know what is. This gun is not only used in the film but in general, it looks epic. So it’s a win win, if you have between £12,000-£15,000 for such items, it is.

Image: Prop Store

So, that’s it. An insane list of epically cool items, if you’re a Gazillionaire! If you’re not, like us common folk, you can have an equally insane experience with our NFTs.

We have Top Gun helmets & posters, Pacific Rim characters and loads more. Full size too! The best part is, they’re usually way cheaper than these props and they’ll never get damaged, old or lost. Makes sense right? 

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