10 Mechagodzilla Facts Every Fan Needs to Know

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Spoiler alert: Mechagodzilla is in the new Godzilla vs. Kong movie (sorry if you legit didn’t know, but we figure the cat is probably well out of the bag and casually cleaning itself by now).

But if you’re not familiar with the old movies where Mechagodzilla made his debut, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. So we’ve got some top facts that every Godzilla vs. Kong fan needs to know about this titanium titan to prove he’s a seriously dope addition to the mix. 

  1. He’s not the first mecha-titan. In fact, mechagodzilla was actually inspired by a robotic doppelganger of Kong in the 1967 film King Kong Escapes. Sadly the robotic Kong didn’t stick around, but the fact it led to Mechagodzilla is good enough for us. Though a fight between Mecha-Kong and Mechagodzilla would definitely be a showstopper!
  2. Mechagodzilla is actually a Godzilla clone. How? We’re not scientists, so we won’t pretend to know exactly how this stuff works, but we do know that there was Godzilla DNA and some foolish aliens/scientists involved. Anyway, mix it all together and you end up with Mechagodzilla, the OG Godzilla clone, way before SpaceGodzilla or Orga came on the scene. 
  3. In almost every movie Mechagodzilla and Godzilla team up. There’s only one film in the Godzilla back-catalogue where the two don’t pair up, and that’s the Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla film from 1974. After that, the two were like a crime-fighting duo in every movie (OK, maybe not crime-fighting, but something like that). Do they team up in Godzilla vs. Kong? Only those who watch will know.
  4. In his first appearance he was dressed as Godzilla. With a fake Godzilla suit on, the titanium beast went on a rampage, trying to give Godzilla a bad name. When Godzilla finally rocked up to confront him, Mechagodzilla dropped his disguise and revealed his true identity and the built-in weaponry hidden inside. Naturally Godzilla was having none of that and dropped the bot with some atomic breath, but that definitely wasn’t the end of him (in that film or the franchise). 
  5. Mechagodzilla makes a cameo in Ready Player One. But, it’s not the original. In the Ready Player One novel, the Mechagodzilla that helps out with the battle is the version from Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. However, in the movie adaptation, it’s a completely new version, custom created for the movie, so we’re not sure whether it’s really cannon or not, but it is super cool. 
  6. He’s had a few different origin stories. As with so many beloved movie icons, Mechagodzilla has been around the block a few times, and his backstory has been tinkered with over the years. In his debut in 1974 it was established that he was created by an alien race called The Simians to be a foil for Godzilla. Yet in the 1990 file Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, the story goes that Mechagodzilla was created by humans in order to fight Godzilla who was messing up Tokyo on a regular basis. Unfortunately in both versions Mechagodzilla gets trounced by the real deal, so it looks like it doesn’t matter much who made him, he’s still no match for the true hero titan. 
  7. Mechagodzilla is in every era of Godzilla movies. While some characters come and go from movie franchises, Mechagodzilla has proven he has serious staying power. After making his debut in 1974, he’s shown up in at least one movie from every Godzilla era (that’s Showa, Millennium, or Heisei for anyone not in the Godzilla know). And, of course, he’s in the newest film, so it seems you really can’t keep a good space-titanium-robot-lizard-titan down. 
  8. Mechagodzilla was the films’ saviour. Although Godzilla is a huge part of modern movie culture, the truth is that the original couple of films in the 1960s weren’t actually that successful in their day. Mechagodzilla was devised and brought into the action to help spice the movies up, and based on how popular both Godzilla & his titanium alter-ego are, we’d say he did a great job. 
  9. Mechagodzilla was supposed to face off against SpaceGodzilla. The original plan was for Mechagodzilla to feature in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, but the idea was ultimately scrapped, so sadly, the titanium titan never got a chance to battle the space version. Luckily Godzilla was more than a match for SpaceGodzilla, but we definitely think it would have been a cool face-off to see all three battling together. 
  10. His tail aint all that. When you think of Godzilla, you think of atomic breath, claws, and a big swooping tail doing huge amounts of damage. But poor old Mechagodzilla doesn’t have the tail to match. He’s got a lot of great weapons to deal some damage, but he doesn’t get the famous tail swoop that the true version does, because being a robot and all, such nimble movements aren’t really possible. In fact, there’s only one version of Mechagodzilla that ever got to use its tail as a weapon – Kiryu, which was built over the bones of the real Godzilla, and therefore had a bit more agility than other versions (this version also has the ghost of Godzilla living within it, which is a whole different issue we don’t have time to get into). The real question is, does MG get a chance to smash with his tail in the new movie?

So, those are our top 10 facts about Mechagodzilla, but we know there are more. If you’ve got an insane fact about the titanium titan, let us know! 

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