10 Kong movie facts you won’t believe!

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In the original 1933 movie,the ape’s size changes multiple times throughout.

1. The ape’s size has changed multiple times.

In the original 1933 movie,the ape’s size changes multiple times throughout. Even though Merian C. Cooper wanted him to be 40-50 feet tall, the animators scaled him down so he only appeared to be around 18 feet on Skull Island. When Kong appeared in NYC he got to 24 feet high. Once licensed by Toho studios he grew in size to 148 feet! Then in the 70’s he was scaled back to 42 feet and Peter Jackson’s remake scaled him further down to around 25 feet. We wonder what he puts on his Tinder profile?

2. Kong, is a pensioner, coming in at 87 years old.

Considering the first time the world was introduced to this mega beast was 1933, that makes Kong 87 years old this year. It’s incredible how Kong has been around for so long and yet is still so prevalent in film today. That is the definition of an icon.

3. The original 1933 King Kong was heavily censored.

There are four scenes within the movie that ended up having to be censored due to quite extreme violence being portrayed by the monster, maybe he was having a bad day. The scenes that were cut were:

  • The Brontosaurus’ killing (biting) of five sailor victims in the swamp (this was cut to three sailors)
  • Kong’s stripping/peeling of Fay Wray’s clothing while holding her unconscious in his palm, and sniffing her
  • Kong’s killing of natives on a scaffold in the village, and the stomping of a native during the attack
  • Kong’s chewing of a New Yorker victim and his drop of a woman from the Empire State Building window after mistaking her for Ann

Naughty Kong!

4. The original print was actually destroyed.

I know you’re asking, how can that be? Even though the original is on Blu-ray, DVD and such, the actual original print was destroyed. It wasn’t uncommon at the time of release for the films to be melted down for the silver nitrate to be extracted. Considering people didn’t have a way to watch the movies at home. Luckily over two years the film was reconstructed with parts of film coming from England, Belgium and France!

5. There are a few missing scenes.

While you may think you know all there is to know about Kong, in the original King Kong there are a few scenes that were cut and never seen by the masses. One scene depicted a fight between Kong and three Triceratops. The most famous missing scene was cut due to horror and screams from the test audience and was cut the next day. This scene, known as the ‘Spider Pit Sequence’ showed giant spiders devouring crew members on Skull Island. Grim!

6. It was Hitler’s favourite movie.

Bit awkward but still. It’s said to have been one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite films. He is said to have watched it several times over and it steadily remained one of his favourite films. I guess considering what the movie depicts, it’s not too much of a shock. Cinema really is universal.

7. Kong is an insane money maker.

The 1933 original movie saw it grossing $90,000 on the opening weekend which at the time made it the highest grossest movie over an opening weekend ever.

8. There have been 8 movies about Kong so far.
  • King Kong (1933)
  • Son of Kong (1933)
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
  • King Kong Escapes (1967)
  • King Kong (1976)
  • King Kong Lives (1986)
  • King Kong (2005) and
  • Kong: Skull Island (2015)
9. Kong ranks in the big lists.

The original 1933 version is ranked number four on the American Film Institute’s list of the greatest Fantasy/Sci-Fi films of all time.

10. Kong might have already beaten Godzilla.

Some will argue the final fight between both beasts was a draw, however, upon closer inspection, this could be false. During the 1962 ‘King Kong vs Godzilla’ we see during the final fight both monsters fall into the ocean, however, only Kong resurfaces. What does this mean? Who will win next? Luckily, there’s not long to wait to find out as Godzilla vs Kong is coming this year and it’s going to be huge!

Which fact surprised you the most from this list? Comment below!

Image: Warner Bros. 

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