Inject Some Horror Into Your Halloween With Dynamite’s Reanimator in This Unique NFT Comic Book Collection

Dynamite Reanimator NFT comic book collection
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Resurrection is the name of the game this Halloween, as we bring back Dynamite's Reanimator for the first time ever in an exclusive collection of NFT comics!
Good. Evil. Such storybook notions are beneath Herbert West. He is a man of science. He is the Reanimator…

This Halloween, Dynamite Entertainment and Terra Virtua treat you to a brand-new set of NFTs, reincarnating the master of the living dead, Dr Herbert West as… the Reanimator. Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead in this gloriously gory tribute to the original stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

Available Now!

Reanimator NFT Volume cover


The Reanimator GENESIS COLLECTION brings you the complete, Dynamite four-book mini-series, written by Keith Davidsen with art by Randy Valiente, in one digital volume. Includes a ‘History of The Reanimator’ introduction, an insightful appendix of Lovecraftian references and a complete cover gallery.

Versions available in the  NFT Marketplace:

Reanimator 2D Volume – 1,000  minted at $29.99
Reanimator 2DA Volume, Director’s Cut – 100 minted at $99.99

Reanimator NFT issue 1 cover

Reanimator – Issue #1

Completing the comic-book set, Reanimator Issue #1 is available as a single-edition NFT. 

Issue #1 – 1,000 minted at $6.99 

Once an ambitious student at Miskatonic University, Dr West had a hankering for returning life to the recently dead. This Halloween, we transport you to an abandoned orphanage in deepest New Orleans to get involved in West’s human experiments – assistant or subject, you decide…!

Herbert West, Reanimator, was first brought to life in a horror story from the pen of H. P. Lovecraft in 1921–1922.

In 2015, Dynamite Entertainment dusted off the mad scientist and reincarnated him in a horrifying four-issue mini-series to popular acclaim. Now all four issues come together once more to be reincarnated in the Reanimator NFT Collection – only on Terra Virtua.

The doctor is back and he’s more animated than ever in the 2DA Director’s Cut

We’re treating you to not one, but three new Reanimator NFTs: the Reanimator GENESIS COLLECTION, the Director’s Cut and a single-comic version of Issue #1.

All three versions have been given the special Terra Virtua touch that comic-book collectors have come to know and love. Read your digital comic as you normally would then switch all the lettering off to view the art in all its detail underneath.

What’s more, add the Director’s Cut to your collection and you can enjoy the 2D-animated cover that comes to life before your eyes! It’s so mesmerizingly good!

But please be warned – our Director’s Cuts are extremely popular as only 100 will ever be minted, worldwide! Previous Dynamite Director’s Cuts have sold out within hours on the day of launch, so if you fancy this special edition in your collection, we advise you to act fast.

The Reanimator Issue #1 takes just the first comic book in the four-book series into its own single NFT edition. At only $6.99, it’s a great way to complete the set or to put your toe into the water of comic-book NFTs.

You have a bad toe, I hear you say? Well, you’re in luck! Dr Herbert West is in and he’s ready to see you now… MWAAAHAHAHAHAH!

‘This comic's got heart even if it's in a dissecting tray.’ – Comic Monsters

Age-rated teen plus

Rated: 16+ 
Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite.  All Rights Reserved. Reanimator ® & © 2021 Dynamite Characters, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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