Sci-Fi Legend Barbarella Features in an All-New Festive Adventure for the Very First Time as an NFT

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The Space Siren is now taking over the NFT universe! Join Barbarella on her quest to save Christmas...

Available Now

Barbarella Holiday Special

In an all new Holiday Special, Sci-Fi favourite Barbarella is back – now available as an NFT.

Writer and comic-book royalty Jean-Marc Lofficier (Mobius, Doctor Strange) weaves a tale across the galaxy with Christmas magic and a hint of murder for a special that’s out of this world. 

Barbarella is in a race against time to save the holidays with guest-star, The Guardian of the Republic, but is this one job that’s too big to pull off? Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a bumpy ride. 

Versions available in the Marketplace:

Barbarella Holiday Special – 2D – 1,000 minted at $6.99

Created in 1962 by Jean-Claude Forest for V Magazine and the star of her own book in 1964, Barbarella has been loved by millions across the world and highlighted for her steamy adventures. 

With books, comic books and her portrayal by Jane Fonda in the 1968 cult-classic film, Barbarella has been become a Sci-Fi heroine in her own right, leading Dynamite to snap up the license in 2017 and bring her back to life for new audiences. 

Mike Carey (Hellblazer, X-Men) was taken with revamping our kick-ass space warrior in a 12 part series to celebrate her 50th anniversary. Following this, Barbarella has been taken on by Leah Williams (Mary Jane, X-Factor) and as bestselling author Sarah A Hoyt’s (Darkship, Shifters) comic debut, giving a new generation an introduction to a comic book great.  

Space Seductress, Galaxy Saviour...say hello to Barbarella

Flying around the universe can get a bit lonely, can’t it? Meet Barbarella, a single woman travelling the galaxy to save the innocent, while also meeting eligible suitors along the way – a woman has needs after all! The free-loving, revolutionary siren knows how to get what she wants, whether that’s peace on a warring planet or the man she has her eye on. Never say no to a woman with her own ship. 

Barbarella has a job to do, and this time it's for the man in red himself...

No job is too small for Barbarella, well that’s what she thought before ‘Santa’ came to town (although it’s definitely not the one you’re thinking of).

Called to the aid of galactic entrepreneur Niklaus Von Klaus as his Christmas-themed planet deals with a mysterious murder (not a great advertising point). It’s over to Barbarella to get to the bottom of the case and save Mr Von Klaus and his theme park before the killer strikes again!  

This time she has a companion, and one that isn’t bad to look at. At her side is France’s Hexagon Comics’ super-patriot hero: The Guardian of the Republic. Oui oui indeed! As the duo are set to team up sparks fly, and we’re not talking about the ship malfunctioning. As they set out to investigate some interesting characters including; the dead man’s leased companion, a high priestess devoted to peace, a “business man” with questionable ties, a robotic ruler and a young film holoproduction star and her guardian.

With a long list of suspects and not a lot of time the clock is ticking, will Barbarella be able to save Christmas? And will her and The Guardian be able to sneak under the mistletoe?

Read on to find out…


Barbarella is © 2021 The Estate of Jean-Claude Forest. All rights reserved. Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite Characters LLC. All Rights Reserved. Dynamite (R) Rated: Mature 

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