Dynamite Unleash New “Savage Tales” in This Exclusive NFT Comic Book

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Savage Tales features some classic Dynamite characters, and brand-new creative talents from the Kubert School!

Available Now!

Savage Tales One-Shot

Savage Tales is back! This all-new one-shot features four tales of brutality, thrills, and spills – and includes the Dynamite debuts of two up-and-coming artists from the renowned Kubert School!

Red Sonja in “The Executioner’s Sword”, by writer Scott Brian Wilson and artist Al Barrionuevo: Magic mixed with swordcraft makes for horrific unintended consequences, as Red Sonja must defeat an insatiable hunger!

Vampirella in “Horrible People Doing Horrible Things To Horrible People”, by writer Scott Brian Wilson and Kubert School artist Mariano Benitez Chapo: Harkening back to the spirit of the Warren Magazine era, Vampirella serves out a lesson in morality as only she can!

Allan Quatermain in “Missionaries of Madness”, by David Avallone and Will Rio: The legendary hunter stalks the Cthulhu Cult! Can one man with a rifle stand against the coming of the Great Old Ones?

Captain Gullivar Jones in “His War”, by David Avallone and Kubert School artist Hamish Cook: Years after his adventure on Mars, the fabled swashbuckler finds a new and darker war to fight…one that might just lead him back to his own redemption.

Don’t forget our exclusive and limited-edition Chase Variant issue, featuring a stunning 2D animated cover by Liam Sharp! Every issue also includes Virtua’s signature text on/off feature, so you can admire the epic artwork with nothing in the way.

Versions available on our NFT Marketplace:

Chase Variant, 2D animated Liam Sharp cover – 50 minted at $19.99

Arthur Suydam cover – 150 minted at $6.99

Rafael Kayanan cover – 100 minted at $6.99

Your Virtua NFT comics come in a range of versions

Whether you’re a fan of a longer read and prefer our volumes, or enjoy collecting individual issues, you’ll find a Virtua NFT digital comic book that fits the bill!

Our volumes come in two unique versions (a standard digital edition, and a limited-edition Director’s Cut with a 2D animated cover), while our single issues offer you the choice of a standard digital edition, or a special Chase Variant with an awesome 2D animated cover. 

Our Dynamite Director’s Cuts and Chase Variants are immensely popular with collectors and fans. Many have sold out within hours of dropping, and one even sold out within 60 minutes – so grab your favourites while you still can!

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